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  1. Sent you a invite, please pay asap. One spot left, but one other guy in the league who said he would pay but still hasn't
  2. 12 for sure. But wanna give more people a opportunity that can pay asap since the league is full at 12 now.
  3. https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/140672/settings Sent you a invite, accept if the league settings meet your taste
  4. Check your emails john and helmet. The invites should be in there. Had to increase it to a 14 team league, so first 12 paid are in!
  5. Sent y'all invites. Two more spots left y'all! Draft tomorrow night ! Put down your email for a invite to get in with us
  6. It will be 12 teams, 9 cats, draft will be 10 pm est. Payouts: 1st place $400, 2nd place $150, 3rd place $50 Put down your emails fellas if you want a invite. Have 7 now, looking for another five guys!
  7. Hey since your league just started you want to combine leagues? Ours will be this mon. night. It's almost the same settings, auction, $50 12 team, h2h, 9 cats. Save you the hassle of recruiting members. We already have 7, looking for 5 more.
  8. I'm looking for 2 more managers for a 9 cat, 20 team auction league. Payouts are: 50/50 split 1st place $650 (Top 4 Regular Season Finishers) 2nd place $450 3rd place $250 4th place $150 1st place $650 (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place Playoff Finishers) 2nd place $450 3rd place $250 4th place $150 Draft date: Oct.7, 1:30 pm est. Drop your email for a invite or message me for any other inquiries about this league. Thanks
  9. Your profile has no yahoo experience at all. We're looking for managers with some fantasy experience. No offense man