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  1. Westbrook and capela for towns and jrich. who wins this trade?? leave your link below and i will give u my input!
  2. 32-31. i guess i'm doing okay. i'm thinking if i need to make a couple moves
  3. What do you guys think about my punt assist team? Some feedback will be greatly appreciated. 12 Team 9 Cat h2h PG: SGA, Jrue SG: Jrich, Butler, Danny Green, T.ross SF: Paul George PF: Vonleh, JJJ, Markkanen, C: Jarret Allen, Capela, Mitchell Robinson
  4. I would stay away from DSJ in roto. Too many categories he’ll bring you down in.
  5. A manager in my league really wants to get rid of kemba and said he’ll trade him for one of my wing players. (kawhi, pg, or butler) Would you guys accept the trade? And who would you trade away? my current team Jrue, Jrich, SGA butler, Dannygreen, Tross Kawhi, pg JJJ, Lauri, vonleh Jarret, Mitchell
  6. I just found out that i got the 12th pick in my draft. I usually end up going with the punt assist build and it looks like i will be doing the same this year. I was thinking oladipo/kawaii or pg/embiid. Then following it up by taking two bigs like ayton/allen? What do you guys think?