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  1. Quinn’s made of glass though, so we’ll see.
  2. I read an article one of the Athletic interviewed Nick Williams in and while he’s definately sad and knows he’s the odd man out , he at least knows this is for the greater good and wasn’t super butthurt. Basically was like this is a sport, this happens and I’ll try and keep my head up. Honestly I’d keep him as a bench bat unless you can guarantee something solid in return; if Cutch needs some breathers you can platoon him in and some depth would probably be a good thing for us. I know we need arms at this point so if he can be traded for SP, great, if not let’s just hold onto him a bit. As a side note, my shower thought: People in general have no patience and baseball is the slowest sport, probably IMO the least popular here in the city (Birds - Sixers - Flyers- Phil’s) and a lot of the city (rightfully so) are getting caught up in the Bryce Hype. You could probably argue it’s more popular than the Flyers but our hockey fans are really, really dedicated and I feel like a lot of people casually watch the Phils but don’t understand the sport much at all and get bored quickly if they’re not seeing consistent action. I really hope they exercise some patience and don’t expect him to be hitting bombs every AB and start to get upset and turns sour as he adjusts. I heard one caller on WIP yesterday say we wasted money and this was an embarrassment of a deal and they asked him who he would rather spend it on and he was like “I don’t know man, those free agent pitchers - we should of got them”. They asked him to name them and he couldn’t. Point is, people don’t know what’s going on as much in the baseball world and just see we paid Harper boatloads of $ and expect instantaneous results. I think those expected results will come in time, but we’ll see. This city has a perceived personality of being a**holes if you’re not delivering (will agree we’re a rough but passionate bunch) - and while I think he will eventually pan out to what we think he will, I think we (Philly) need to have realistic expecatarions and just be pumped we managed to land a superstar (finally) for the rest of his career. For awhile, especially during the Bron saga, there was a feeling we were an undesired location compared to the big cities, still think that’s the case but this definitely helps our cause. End of rant, sorry for the novel response, this is awesome and I can’t wait for this era of Phillies baseball. Presser, on Saturday followed by the jerseys release, Show 19 cover officially has Bryce in a Phils uniform...life’s good. NL East is going to be fun to watch this year.
  3. At the end of the day - if Klentek and Middleton gave it their best and we ponied up the cash - I can live with it. I’m of the mindset that it’s pretty obvious he wants to be on the west coast and that’s fine. I get the appeal and that we’re not a desireable city or a first choice to these FA’s. if the dust settles and it comes to light that the FO was just cheap, especially after passing on Machado - that’s another story.
  4. https://twitter.com/extrabaggs/status/1100854734410272769?s=20 Didn’t embed but - beat writer : “The sense in the Giants clubhouse today is that they have a very legitimate shot of welcoming Bryce Harper this weekend.” not sure if this is more Boras talk or moving towards legitimate. second edit: as a Phil’s fan..just end this. Please. My psyche can only take so much.
  5. 350/10, get it done Middleton. at this point there’s so many contradicting tweets/updates, I don’t think anyone knows what’s actually going on. There’s another that just popped up 5 minutes ago regarding some dudes dad who’s close to the Padres said Manny signing was the deciding factor etc. that’s being passed around as news right now. asking because I don’t know much about the financials- would this screw the Pads over for the next couple years? They’d have a ton of money tied up in Myers, Hosmer, Manny and Bryce for a good bit, right? Or is this something they can afford to do with little issue?
  6. From ABs Twitter/Insta: Edit: and now this - According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Brown sent the tweet after he formally requested a trade. However, the Steelers have not yet agreed to a swap and have not agreed to release the 30-year-old.
  7. @The 7th Beatles - your meme/gif game is on point, thanks for the dedication throughout the season.
  8. I’m rolling with Elijah - can’t believe it’s come to this, but if his usage isn’t there at all and he gets like 3-4 pts I’ll have a bad time. I know it’s a good matchup but with such a low floor, I’m gunna look elsewhere with Fournette being an unknown. They have no reason to run him hard today, the jags are hot trash. Potentials there for a blowup game which, knowing how FF works, he’ll have since I’m benching him.
  9. Thanks for the help with mine - if Julio’s a go, I go with Julio. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for the response on mine. I agree with the above, I would leave it as you have it set.
  11. Thanks for the help with mine. I would definitely roll with Jeffrey. I think I’d go McQuire/Lockett personlly- McQuire much for reasons you mentioned in my post and Anderson’s burned me with his boom or bust, additionally I try and avoid putting too many eggs in one teams offense unless it’s like KC or LA. The Wilson/Lockett stack could pay off this week. Hope this helps!
  12. Who would you play today? My my other two rbs are Chubb and D Will, and I don’t think I’m benching either, so it comes down to one of these two. leave your link!