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  1. Is this sustainable? Solid back of rotation starter moving forward? Apologies on my ignorance when it comes to this guy, the only thing I remember is he used to be on the A's and was considered to be a well-rounded up and coming pitcher. The only negative I can see on his scouting report is that he lacks the build and velocity to ever be a true "ace", and I haven't watched him much this season so I have no idea how he looks now (was looking @ his scouting report from 2012) and of course with the CSGO last night it's going to bring him on multiple people's radar. Figuring it may be best to grab now, ask questions later but was wondering if anyone could provide a little more insight that knows a bit about him.
  2. Thank you both, I ended up declining based on this feedback and elsewhere and it seems like Cutch was the best I'd be able to get. Appreciate the input.
  3. Just got an offer for my Harper- would be getting Rizzo and Cutch. It's a keeper league and I've had Harper forever, but I could use the 1b help as I already have Mookie and Trea Turner in the OF. Is this enough for Harper? Category Scoring, with one of them being OBP. C: Gattis 1B: Bellinger 2B: C Hernandez 3B: Rendon SS: Machado IF: Correa IF: Alonso/ Pujols OF: Betts, Trea Turner, Gomez, A.Hicks, Harper, Marwin Gonzalez and then Haniger on the DL. Leave your link if you need some help!
  4. Partying until 4 am the night before per BR before his no show. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2708630-matt-harvey-visited-at-home-by-mets-security-prior-to-suspension Matt Harvey gives zero f***s, apperantly
  5. @ the phillies game and Velasquez is just throwing meatballs for this nationals team.
  6. 12 team cat h2h including OBP and strikeouts for batters as categories. 5 keepers. my pitchers are dropping like flies. Had an offer of my Sano for his Cmart come through yesterday, team below: c: Hedges 1B: Bellinger 2B: C. Hernandez 3B: Rendon SS/3B: Machado SS: Correa 1b/3b: Miguel Gonzalez OF: Betts, Harper, Turner, Sano, Peralta, Gomez, Souza and then Hainger on the DL SP: Archer, Cole, Bundy, McCullers, Teiggs, Rameriez, Berrios, Miley, Cahill DL: Paxton, Rich Hill leave your link, thank you!
  7. Mixon to the Bengals already got two good backs
  8. That dude is big AF
  9. Interesting pick and not what I expected for SEA. Thought it might be Lamp or Obi
  10. I wanted Bolles to fall to Seattle, but good for him. I hope he makes the best of this opportunity.
  11. 80 games suspension for testing positive for Nadrolone. ill second the above "yikes"
  12. Peralta Souza Amir Garrett Reynolds
  13. Thor got pulled with a blister on his middle finger I believe and his next start is pushed back to Sunday now instead of Saturday. Wasnt watching though, can't confirm just saw a bunch of updates come through.
  14. My bad on being inactive for the last couple weeks of the season, I was out of contention and getting married + on my honeymoon. Looking forward to next year!
  15. thanks the lawd it's that time of year again. does anyone know if MLBTV is doing the whole free game for opening day thing they usually do? I'm looking around on their site and can't see anything. trying to figure out how to stream @ work...I recall last year they showed some games for free opening day/week but can't be sure. edit: let's go Phillies !! (quietly sobs)