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  1. 09.17.2017 - Cardinals @ Colts

    hows Palmer look? Can't watch this one
  2. Axe the Elf, Week 2 Edition

    Alright Axe ole buddy, lets see your input on this one if you don't mind : what's the better roster setup this week (I went RB heavy in the draft), so my rb combo is Bell/Fournette with Dalvin Cook in the flex spot. I was planning on leaving Cook in at flex (we have two flex spots) Pick two WRs of Parker/Benjamin/ Tyrell Williams/Zay Jones / Allen Hurns for the 1/2 receiver spot Then at flex I can either go with Cohen, Rawls, or one of the wide receivers not in the 1/2 spot above for the final spot. I realize this may be a bit confusing, nevertheless curious to your take if it makes sense edit: bonus questions- would you rather have hurns or lee? both were available, who do you think is the receiver that will benefit more?
  3. Gronk/Benjamin for Julio/Woodhead/Ebron-WHIR!

    Appreciate the input. May go back and try for one of his WR2s..I'd love to land Julio but we'll see. I believe I was replaced when I opted out for the season when he was renewing the league- I have a lot of international travel this fall and had to cut back on my league #s unfortunately
  4. I'd be getting the Julio side- thoughts? Edit- Kelvin Benjamin, not Travis .5 PPR. Right now I'm loaded at RB, and could use Julio but love me some Gronk. WHIR!
  5. Got it man. Thanks..bummer I missed out on that one. Expansion draft same time as the normal draft?
  6. Never got that invite man- guessing it's full?
  7. New ESPN free 12-team keeper league

  8. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    needs more gifs
  9. Jarvis Landry 2017 Season Outlook

    so in the instance this is true/pans out similar to Rice and Landry ends up missing time...boost to Parker? grab Stills late as a flier? I hate Cutler, but someone's gotta benefit here if this is actually the case.
  10. I'll take letang it burns- william.bush624@ gmail
  11. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    I'll take Tarik Cohen @$1000 bounty OTC (sorry- don't know the RW name)
  12. Allen Robinson 2017 Season Outlook

    https://instagram.com/p/BX6m6rwhxn2/ Bortles...yeesh. Arob was there, but that pass was garbage.
  13. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    I'll take Samaje Perine @$1000bounty
  14. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    I'm joiquing off (not really) but yeah im open for trades as well