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  1. Guys, we got three that haven't paid. I've emailed and messaged a heads up,but looks like if I receive no response in the next 45 minutes I'll need two people to fill to have this draft tonight
  2. two more ppl needed- draft tonight @ 9:30 EST bump 25$ 10 team league, category scoring 6X6, 3 keepers heading into next year payout through LS- majority vote
  3. bump, 3 more needed- 7 confirmed
  4. Invites sent to the 2 guys above who left their emails.
  5. nah, just settled on a lower # as we were trying to throw it together. Wasn't trying to do a crazy high stakes league so we could get people to fill and draft
  6. bump drafting this evening, need one more person. I have two people invited that have not accepted- let me know if you're interested and in the interest of getting this filled, we may be able to work something out. Draft tonight @ 930pm EST, 25$ LS due before draft 6x6 category scoring via ESPN
  7. We need about 3, once I get to work I'm going to finalize who has submitted so far and bump this thread to try and find people.
  8. Invite sent for the league, I'll send him the LS one tm
  9. Yup, that'll work. I'll try and get some more people tomorrow during the day. We have about half a league so we should be able to fill it tm.
  10. Don't think it's happening tonight fellas. For those that signed up and are in the league, we have four people confirmed with multiple invites out. If you want, we can try this again tomorrow and grab some more people.
  11. There's 7 invites out, so we need 3. 2 of the people (1 from reddit, 1 from here) need to confirm their invites.
  12. I got one from Reddit, I think we need 3 @ this point. You said roto- I did h2h (missed your original reply). does it matter to you?
  13. Yes- snake, randomized order will be done once we fill via fantasy football nerd. May have to push this to later in the week to those that have joined, doubt we're going to fill it by 9:30. As of right now we have five signed up with two other invites out and would still need 3 people.