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  1. Thanks for the help. I would go Juju, Morris/Mcfadden, Crowder, Lockett. Martavis is a thing of the past and Juju is the #2. Morris and Mcfadden can easily be used or you can trade them. I just think it is a gamble on who wins out RB1 or do they stay RBBC? Crowder is meh. Seattle WRs are a spin the wheel type of deal. Although their new Tackle from Houston may improve the offense. Just don't know who Wilson will throw to.
  2. I think you could get more for Allen and you are overpaying with the BYE. Maybe shop Martin elsewhere? Id honestly package a RB + WR for a solid WR upgrade. Try targeting Julio if the owner is desperate they may bite. I like Allen ROS but Doug's schedule gets way better and has more value. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/680651-whir-kareem-hunt-and-hilton-for-howard-and-hopkins/
  3. I wouldn't. The only reason I would do this is you are desperate for the win but even then you are selling your team short. Personally, I think Carr shows up in the second half of the season. Unless there are other QB options to stream I wouldn't be comfortable sending him off. McKinnon owns the job but Murray could get a chance if they continue with the hot hand approach. (He would have more value then) Also, Jones isn't worth it with Tate coming back.
  4. I would definitely do it. I'm not sold (even though Jerry said Alf was RB1) that he amounts to anything more than an RB2/3. There is also the chance the Zeke debacle continues. I'd grab Tate and Stills and flip a WR + CJ for an upgrade at RB.
  5. Just got offered this - My Kareem Hunt and TY Hilton for Jordan Howard and Deandre Hopkins With my backs (Gurley and Murray) I don't think it is a huge downgrade from Hunt to Howard. My WRs get a huge bonus. Hopkins is a top 5 WR but maybe Fuller eats into his targets. His playoff schedule is pretty tough but he just torched the Seahawks. I'm a bit iffy getting rid of Hunt because of his value. Thoughts? Team 2 in sig or 12 Man Full-PPR (QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/FLEX/DST/K) QB - Jameis Winston, Drew Brees RB - Kareem hunt, Todd Gurley, LeGarrette Blount, Demarco Murray, Latavious Murray WR - Mike Evans, T.Y Hilton, Sammy Watkins, Sterling Shephard, Sammy Watkins, Corey Coleman TE - Tyler Kroft D ST - Jacksonville Jags K - Greg Zurlein
  6. 1 is pretty big but if you are worried about depth than #2 is the safer bet. Hilton may not have Luck and while I like Alshon's upside Hopkins is the go to.
  7. Thanks for the help. I would go O'Leary. More upside and opportunities with the Bill receiving options being non-existent and the match up. Just a thought, but is Tyler Kroft available? Could be someone took look for as well.
  8. Yes. I would take that trade instantly. I am on the fence with Fitz. This could be another Retro Fitz season but I think Dez has more upside plus you are getting Henry.
  9. I would go with Ajayi. He will give you solid points and could have monster games if the offense starts to click. Not totally sold on Mckinnon. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678020-whir-trade-offers-galore/
  10. Sorry Team 1 in Sig 10 Man Half-PPR (QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/FLEX/DST/K) QB - Tyrod Taylor, Andrew Luck RB - Doug Martin, Demarco Murray, Tevin Coleman, Javorius Allen, LeGarrette Blount, Matt Forte, Darren Mcfadden WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Evans, John Brown, Corey Davis TE - Cameron Brate, Hunter Henry D/ST - Denver Broncos K - Greg Zurlein
  11. My team has been hit with an injury bug. (OBJ, Rodgers, Eifert, ARob) I've got these trade offers and I am trying to sell high on Demarco/Fitz. Trade A: I give Demarco, Fitzgerald, Javorius Allen I receive Derek Carr, Keenan Allen, Adrian Peterson Trade B: I give Fitzgerald and Blount I receive Russel Wilson and Julio Jones along with that I would trade Cameron Brate for Derrick Henry. (I am worried about Demarco). Which would you rather do?