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  1. Not familiar with the terms... care to enlighten me? 😎
  2. I haven't heard anything in any the other channels I monitor... even if he did confuse Darrel and Damien, I don't see the logic in that move! Keep an eye on EE... and if you have an IR slot open, consider a claim for him!
  3. I need OBJ to get more than 37 points (PPR) but less than 45 (non-PPR). Going against your own player(s)... one of the downsides to playing in more than one league, as I am sure many of y'all know!
  4. I would bench AP. Good luck! (thanks for the help on mine)
  5. I vote Thompson as well. And Maher in the dome. (thanks for the help on mine!)
  6. Hey! My opponent has Evan Engram. I have Jared Goff or Daniel Jones. 6 points per TD in any form. Obviously, Goff has way more NFL experience and it seems less likely to get a complete dud from him than Danny Dimes (such a small sample size and all). But... going against EE, maybe I can play "keep up" if he scores a boatload of TD's? Will help in return, drop your link when you reply! Thanks!
  7. I see your auction draft has passed... are you still looking for a replacement to manage the team? If so, please PM me with the roster, I am more than likely interested. Thanks!
  8. Anybody else worried about Mitchell Trubisky not playing on Thursday? If that is the case, how much do we downgrade Arob?
  9. I need 47 combined from Mahomes, Gurley and Kelce. I'm trying not to be overly confident, but seems very do-able, amiright?
  10. Ingram and Kerryon for sure. I'm probably in the minority here, but I think Boyd (and Dalton) have a nice bounce-back week, and Lindsay has to compete with Freeman (likely) coming back.
  11. Need to start 3. I am thinking this is the right order...? But MVS seems to be moving up, and Watkins is dealing with foot injury. Amari Cooper @ Atl Corey Davis @ Ind Sammy Watkins @ Lar MVS @ Sea A. Robinson II vs Min
  12. Keep an eye on Michael Clark - WR, GB. Tall (6'6") but still pretty fast. Could've had a much bigger day last weekend, but couldn't haul in a target in RZ. Let's see what he can do this weekend at Detroit. Might be a good stash in deep leagues.