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  1. Thanks for mine. I would do it too, you’re covered at QB and Boys should be solid. Get Darnold isle you can for bye weeks too but wouldn’t require it.
  2. Thanks for mine. I would drop cam for Allen too. Cam has looked terrible and has been hurt. Allen will have down throwing games but will make up for it with rushing.
  3. Thanks for mine. I think I would do this trade. bell is the best player in the deal. Hard to know what CHI is going to do with Monty, Winston hasn’t looked great so far, and I think Adams is over achieving a bit
  4. Hard to say without seeing other rosters, maybe just make a small trade for Brown so you have Gurleys handcuff. Maybe Hyde for Brown. You could also use a TE. Maybe buy low on Hockenson?
  5. Yep, 1st deal. Can’t roll with Jones or Rudolph at QB and who knows if Gurley will last and if you don’t have his handcuff.... check out mine
  6. I would move Boyd for Kittle too. Little will get his sooner or later, too good of a target. The Bengals just look like a bad team right now, and once Kupp gets his legs under him and he and Goff get on the same page he should be good to go. Check out mine
  7. I would drop Jones for McLaurin and then Robinson in that order. McLaurin is one of the only options for the Skins and Robinson May be hit/miss but has been upside. Check out mine
  8. Tough one.... I like the idea of CMC and Zeke but Cam is hurt again and not sure that pass game can keep a defense honest. Juju is a wild card too with rudolph at the helm. Shop is probably the best player in this deal and good to have depth this early. I don’t think o would do this. Check out mine:
  9. Do this trade in a PPR? I give: Kamara, McLaurin, Newton I get: M. Mack, A. Cooper, L Jackson Started 0-2...worth give up Kamara for the QB upgrade and perceived WR upgrade? Jackson gonna keep it up? My Roster: QB: Goff, Newton RB: Kamara, Ekeler, Gordon, Singletary, Cohen, Thompson, M. Brown WR: Adams, Thielen, McLaurin TE: Kittle, Waller
  10. Thanks for mine! I would go Chark as well. Rookie QB liked him and he produced. HOU will score so JAX will have to throw. Monty and Hardman just didn’t get enough work week one to trust them, Williams is hurt, and without break a long TD Murray would have underwhelmed.
  11. Who to start in a PPR flex that allows for TE’s Singletary @ Giants Thompson vs. Cowboys Waller vs. Chiefs
  12. This one is pretty close. I will say Boyd as I think he will get more targets. Even when Green comes back, he isn't the target hog that Julio is and I think ATL will want to establish the run a bit more. Mixon being banged up will have Dalton throwing more too. Roll with Boyd Check out mine:
  13. Yep, Allen for me too. Big play WR in Brown and uses his feet. If SF locks down Ross then Dalton is screwed. Check out mine
  14. Yeah, don't give up Godwin. Edleman is good but so many options on NE week to week