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  1. Not sure how how the discussion started since I jumped in late, but the post I quoted said they would avoid him early 2nd round. I was responding to that.
  2. Good post. I like your logic but I think Westbrook is still a solid pick at the end of the first in H2H. I consider FG and TO to be inherently streaky categories compared to most others. Often in FG the best and worst teams are separated by maybe 4%? That’s sometimes winnable when your guys are on hot streaks in a 7 day matchup. When picking at the end of the first I find it hard to compete with the teams who have elite players, and it’s easy to end up weak in either points or big man stats. Westbrook presents a solution with his elite counting stats, and there are plenty of shooting bigs to pair with him. Side note, I really like getting Cousins or Porzingis too, gives you a chance to be elite in most of the counting cats come playoff time.
  3. Agreed on your main point that he won’t be playing C, but offensively I anticipate him playing in the post often in LA. His post fade is already pretty unstoppable, it’s far less tiring than bull rushing so he can stay fresh late in games, his passing ability complements the post well, and it will extend his dominance as he ages. In CLE last year he seemed to post up more often than any other time in his career, but thats only anecdotal from watching about 2/3rds of their games. Maybe he can even learn a few moves from Magic/Kobe.
  4. Yeah I agree with most of that, and I enjoyed all those moments as well. I guess it just seems a bit contradictory to say you like and believe in competitiveness wholeheartedly, but also don't think it's that serious to have a team so good that the champion is predetermined. I'll still get enjoyment out of watching the best players in the world play basketball, and I'm not trying to say the NBA is ruined or anything that extreme. I just think there are nuanced levels to said enjoyment, and something is lost when inevitability enters into the equation.
  5. Well yeah no one would call out their own team, people are selfish and defensive. That’s just human nature. For me it’s not just about fairness, but about keeping the NBA entertaining. One of the most basic draws of sports is not knowing the outcome, and while in previous years we kinda assumed it would be Cavs/Warriors in the finals, there was at least some drama and unknown involved. This year though, other teams have no chance. Do you guys enjoy watching Team USA blow out teams by 40 points? Like do you really want to watch that for 82 games plus playoffs? In my experience the novelty of seeing the stars play together wears off quickly and I tune out until they get to the medal games where it’s at least semi competitive.
  6. I was about to tip my cap to Gilbert for a classy response until I saw that report that he said "cant wait until he leaves, because I'll get my team back."