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  1. Maybe top 25 for JJJ specifically would be too bold? Can easily see him putting up similar numbers to Turner
  2. JJJ and WCJ break out and crack the top 30-40 Kenny Hustle hustles his way into the top 100 Dejounte Murray averages 15-5-6 with 2 steals a game Lonzo shoots 65% + at the FT line Isaiah Thomas cracks top 100 Bam cracks top 50-60 Nate Robinson finally makes it back to the NBA 🤣
  3. Lotta walks today but managed to hold his ground.
  4. Homer number 6 of the season tonight
  5. Hamels throw 106 pitches on Friday but has an easier matchup against the Marlins. Wheeler has a tough matchup against the Phillies tomorrow. Leaning towards Hamels but worried he is due for a bad game since he was overworked on Friday.
  6. His improvement from his first game in Memphis to now was very fun to watch. Went from strictly taking spot on threes to doing a little bit of everything. Also crazy to think entering year 5 he hasn't even played 70 games. The vibe I am getting with him stat wise is a better Aminu, Looking forward to Bruno having yet another offseason to improve his game/body, he can get better at rim, improve his handles, and simply get more experience in the NBA. Agree with the above on he was one to watch during the offseason/preseason to see if he gets more competition, also JB is a frustrating coach in terms of consistently with minutes. Another thing to watch for.
  7. I am in a 6 team league with a maximum amount of pitchers (SP) set at 4. There is one team in the league that streams his fourth pitcher and it seems the other 4 GMs are pretty happy with the pitchers they have. I have Snell, Corbin, Marquez, and Morton as my pitchers and am pretty committed to the first 2. Luis Castillo has been available and I have been pretty tempted of picking him up but so far I am in no rush as this is my first year following baseball consistently. I do want to stream pitchers towards the end of the year and know its VERY early to be stressing about that now, but I always want to plan. Should I wait a couple and months and see who is worth keeping or should I be okay with steaming pitchers in close matchups (Max of 7 moves per week). Marquez I know started really bad last year, and plays in a tough home park, but I really like what he did in the second half of the season. Morton I do not know much about but he seems pretty consistent and has a flexible schedule for me since I already have Snell. the following is my scoring format for pitchers Innings Pitched (IP) 3 Hits Allowed (H) -1 Earned Runs (ER) -2 Strikeouts (K) 1 No Hitters (NH) 6 Perfect Games (PG) 10 Wins (W) 1 Losses (L) -5 Saves (SV) 5 Blown Saves (BS) -5 Pitcher Team Win (PTW) 1 Pitcher Team Loss (PTL) -1
  8. I have a question about whether or not I should have a backup DH on my team. I am in a smaller 6 team league with some friends for reference. This is also my first year getting into baseball so bear with me if i sound like a total newcomer (I am). Unfortunately my league is set up weird with max positions for all positions, plus we have DH which is annoying since ESPN doesn't have many DH even listed. I need advice on whether or not I should hold onto Ji-Man Choi for my back up DH spot ( I have J.D. Martinez as my DH), or just have JD Martinez the whole season and hope he doesn't get hurt. I dropped Kendrys Morales after the draft and didn't realize how scarce the DH position is (rookie mistake) and he immediately got picked up. The only available (and best rated) DFs left by owned percentage is Tyler White, Daniel Palka, Albert Pujols (lol), Yandy Diaz, Curtis Grandson, and Robbie Grossman. The DHs available who are under IL are Shohei Ohtani, Salvador Perez (looks like he's out for season), Mark Trumbo, Steve Pearce, probably not gonna even look at them unless you guys know something I don't. According to my points format Choi was actually the 7th best DH on points per game with the current eligible DH's. I'm not counting on him doing the same thing (especially cause this doesn't take into potential small sample sizes), but I that is something that intrigues me a bit. Also I have to drop a 1B if I were to pick up Tyler White because of the stupid max positions rule. Any help is appreciated and please let me know if I am overthinking this DH position.
  9. We need at least 2-6 more owners for a free points league I am in . I included the positions and scoring format (points H2H) for the league below. Draft is at 4PM PST.
  10. 4x4 line if you are okay with low volume scoring , lower percentage (he takes mainly 3s though so thats a positive even if he's around 40%), then kenny hustle is the man. he's had a large enough sample size imo to get a feel for his game
  11. 11 Points, 7 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 3 steals, 1 turnover, 4/10 shooting, 3/7 from 3 point land in 34 minutes. Another great 9 cat line
  12. IT is exactly the type of player denver need whenever their offense gets cold, I have seen multiple games this year when Denver simply gets blown out because no one is able to create their own shot. This write was necessary because almost everytime IT is brought up he gets ****ted on and devalued. If you watched IT last year you would think this man will never be good again (ok maybe exaggerative but people lost all hope and still probably think he's done). Not sure why you calling me out on writing out my opinion of IT on his season thread... dude barely played last year. People probably are curious if he looks closer to last years forum or the SAC/BOS form (not 30 PPG Boston obviously, but he was good the other seasons in BOS)
  13. Isaiah is probably getting anywhere between 12-20 minutes until his minute restriction is lifted (even so probably 16-20 MPG is expected) or someone else gets hurt (again). He is probably best suited for deeper leagues ROS but I will give some analysis of what I saw from IT tonight. Could be useful information to look back on for next year. Game Notes: IT was not shy triggering open shots, a good sign for someone who struggled last season on his 3 point shooting.IT played alongside Morris almost the whole game, a good fit because Morris moves the ball very well and will hit the timely shots.Harris is another good wing to play with alongside IT due to his Defense and floor spacing. Also because Gary Harris is Gary Harris and gels with anyone.Paul Millsap is probably going to be on the court every time IT is in, another great fit due to his defensive+ offensive versatility.IT showed some some of pre injury explosiveness, got to the line on some nice determined drives.I was slightly concerned in the beginning of the game because at one point IT missed 2 straight mid range shots, both short of the rim. This was a problem last year as he never had a consistent rhythm and was short on a lot of his jumpers last year. IT responded by having a fantastic game behind the arc, and even making a couple vintage pull up threes . Good signAgain, IT obviously has his limitations on defense but this team provides good help defense and great spacing. This is the time of team that can use an IT or a Lou Williams to their best strengths.
  14. So even with Frank out , NYK decided to put Allen on the inactive list. He is on a two way deal so that is a factor as their is a limit of NBA days they can play. A shame because Allen actually looks like a player. I do acknowledge that NYK is giving the young guys a shot so it makes sense but sucks for Kadeem.
  15. Yeah unless he has a string of bad games nothing really to worry about. 33 minutes is great sign for a bad game and the last dud he put up he still got 30 + minutes. Gentry trusts this guy because he is unselfish and makes the right play. Also I noticed about 2 or 3 layups missed that would of given him some more assists so unless you actually watched the game its foolish to cut bait just yet.