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  1. I have Bell, Henry, and Founette at RB and am stuck with Cook at TE. Offered a straight swap for OJ Howard hoping this is a buy low. This a smart deal?
  2. Russ got me within 0.16, my mike williams vs his ekeler. Cmon mike will!!
  3. McNeil leaves game... FFS ive lost Yonny, Glasnow, Snell, Gary, Hicks, Yandy dont u do this to me
  4. chirinos pulled because of inflammation in his right middle finger
  5. Urquidy really impressive so far did not expect him to be this hood, went with Yarbrough today because hes been on fire and had the better matchup. Yabrough actually got pulled with 75 pitches in 6 innings in a a shutout..
  6. I’ve played fantasy for a long time and have never tried roto leagues. I can see what you mean though, H2H is so damn stressful because you absolutely screwed with injuries. Might try out a roto league to see the feel of it. Guess I grew up accustomed to always facing a team every single week , roto seems like you have to always be on your game since its a season long matchup against everyone.
  7. reread what I said, i said houston has something westbrook hasn’t experienced in a while, multiple shooters. Westbrook hasn’t had multiple shooters for a while not houston.
  8. I would assume both players improve their efficiency shooting the ball now that they don’t have the pressure to shoot 20-24 times a game. I have no idea how the assist numbers for both will change but for certain the turnovers should drop at least 1-1.5 each. I think Westbrook will have more assists than harden due to Houston having sometime he hasn’t really experienced in a while: multiple shooters. Harden should maintain 28-30 points per game and maybe 5-5.5 rebounds a game. Think Westbrook finally averages under 10 rebounds a game maybe in the 8 range, really depends on what does Harden does. Its the scoring for westbrook that will take a sizable dip, but maybe thats a good thing Holy hell this is going to be crazy think these guys will just take turns putting up monster numbers but this is something that is a first in the NBA. 2 ball dominate stat machines..
  9. Maybe top 25 for JJJ specifically would be too bold? Can easily see him putting up similar numbers to Turner
  10. JJJ and WCJ break out and crack the top 30-40 Kenny Hustle hustles his way into the top 100 Dejounte Murray averages 15-5-6 with 2 steals a game Lonzo shoots 65% + at the FT line Isaiah Thomas cracks top 100 Bam cracks top 50-60 Nate Robinson finally makes it back to the NBA 🤣