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  1. This is the way the offensive snap count and sc% broke out the first two weeks. It's gonna be tough for him to produce as long as Uzomah is there. They are both probably low end TE2 to unownable unless one gets hurt. Uzomah 96 65% Eifert 57 39% Sample 22 15%
  2. This. I didn't watch the game but I just kind of assumed usage was limited because of the nature of the injury. I was surprised he even came back.
  3. Holding until the AB situation gets resolved. She's meeting with the NFL today. Hoping some closure to the situation will shake out of that.
  4. Unfortunately defenses will be game planning for this as well.
  5. Wick threw 2 innings and 24 pitches last night. Thoughts on his availability ? Just wondering if I'm wasting a roster spot by rolling him out tonight.
  6. I just didn't account for Mike Davis. I thought he'd be purely a back up. Mike Davis. Dammit.
  7. Pederson's been coaching PHI since 2016. Prior to Sanders Pederson hadn't spent higher than a 4th rnd pick on a RB. If there was a time to break the committee I'd think he'd want to do it with "his guy". I think it starts out.. Howard 45% Sanders 40% Sproles/Clement 15% But as long as Sanders produces I think he'll get a larger and larger share as the season goes on. I'll guess he's getting 65-75% by midyear.
  8. I tend to agree. I think he slides into Coleman's role getting 1/3 of the snaps and has some standalone flex value. I also don't think Freeman holds up. I don't know much about Ollison. He could certainly change things.
  9. The article has some details about his usage ROS.... https://dodgerblue.com/dodgers-news-julio-urias-replacing-kenta-maeda-in-rotation-for-start-tuesday-against-rockies/2019/09/03/ Still not built up as a normal starter, he only pitched into the third inning and allowed three runs (two earned) on six hits. Urias is projected to go 45 pitches or three innings on Tuesday, and will stretch out over the remainder of the regular season. “Right now we know that he can pitch out of the ‘pen, so there’s also the factor of building him up and getting the pitch count up,” Roberts explained. “To go three (innings) and 45 (pitches), and then to see Julio make another start after that, that’s a four (innings) and 60 (pitches) and then we’ll know more once we go from there. “We’ve talked about all year long with Julio. There’s a line between building him up and having a good jumping off point for next year. With all that’s transpired we still have an opportunity to build him up.”
  10. I think ideally they're going to lean on the running game just to keep a 42 year old Brady as fresh as possible for the playoffs. They're not going to want to drop him back 40+ times a game unless they have to.
  11. Haha, I like him more than most. A lot of targets open up with AB gone and Moncrief has had plenty of chances before and doesn't do much. I don't want to get off topic but my point is yes, give me a young, talented guy with an opportunity over DT who is pretty clearly not going to be featured regularly in this offense. And don't forget this offense is changing. I don't think the passing yards are going to be there like they have in past years. Brady is going outside the top 12 for a reason.
  12. The risk is dropping my WR4. I'll roll the dice with James Washington, Christian Kirk, Corey Davis, etc guys I know are going to have a roll and aren't on the downside of their career over DT (assuming he makes the team). Maybe this is just a salary cap game and he is playing week one. But do you really think they're going to let a feature player dangle over a couple million ? No, because he's not going to be a feature player.
  13. People drafting Williams that high were nuts. The guy was a career backup up until the end of last season, now he's a top 25 pick ? That said, now that his price is sinking like a stone now is the time I actually want to take a longer look at him, particularly in PPR. I'll take a share of this backfield for a mid round pick. I still think he's likely to lead the backfield in touches even with McCoy there. As long as he does something with his touches he's going to get opportunities. He'll have no leash though. Definitely a murky situation especially with Thompson lingering. This is why you don't draft a JAG early just because he's in a good system.
  14. I think this will be one of those guys on the Pats that has 3 huge games a year dictated by matchups and then next to nothing for 13.