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  1. Id try for the hopkins.. I wouldn't trade Golladay as he can be a decent WR2 with tate gone.
  2. Id go for it, you look set at RB but given cook has a higher risk of injury you be better off trading up. But as stated by rickydragon , i wouldnt try too hard and would def look to trade a RB for a nice WR2 with upside
  3. Tarik Cohen or Adrian Peterson .5ppr WHIP Post link , 100% will give my halfcent.
  4. Adrian peterson Isaiah crowell Kenyon drake Tyler boyd
  5. still or allen stills would be my choice now as if you need an emergency WR they are easier to grab on the waivers than RB
  6. Tarek Cohen John Brown Mike Williams TJ Yeldon (if Fournette is out) Tyler Boyd
  7. I am in the same boat with Conner VS Henry. I feel sometimes we over think things .. If your underdog in the match I say go Conner, if you think you should win , go Miller.