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  1. Alex Collins 2018 Outlook

    with him sitting for preseason week 2 and no injury concerns that I've heard of that leads me to speculate they want to feature Collins in a bellcow role this year. Wouldn't mind having him as my RB2 and if I can somehow nab him as my RB3, even better
  2. Jay Ajayi 2018 Outlook

    right around 15 touches a game sounds right
  3. Will Fuller 2018 Outlook

    If DeShaun plays anywhere close to the way he played last year, than Fuller might be the steal of the draft. Hopkins can't catch all those TD's so someone else is going to have to. Watson and Fuller clearly had great rapport last season. Then again last year was a small sample size and he may be nothing more than a Devery Henderson type deep threat. However with a healthy Watson 4.5 catches a game with a high ypc seems to be a reasonable expectation. 16 games at 4.5 catches per game = 72 catches at 16ypc = 1,152 yards. Hmmmmm......we may have something here with this forgotten man.

    Behind Erick Dickerson's single season rushing yards record by 1 yard, Adrian Peterson breaks the record in week 17 on a 2 yard carry into the end zone to win the game as time expires and puts the Redskins in the final playoff spot. It ends up being the last carry of his career because he suffers a torn ACL & MCL as he stretches over the goal line.
  5. Trey Burton 2018 Outlook

    I'm going on record as saying Burton will lead the Bears in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving TD's
  6. Allen Robinson 2018 Outlook

    This is not a list in order, just 45 guys that should for sure be picked ahead of ARob 1. Gurley 2. Bell 3. Zeke 4. Da. Johnson 5. M Gordon 6. Saquon 7. Fournette 8. Kamara 9. K Hunt 10. CMC 11. J Howard 12. D Freeman 13. Mixon 14. A Collins 15. R Freeman 16. L Miller 17. Drake 18. Marshawn 19. McKinnon 20. D Henry 21. Antonio 22. DeAndre 23. Odell 24. Julio 25. K Allen 26. M. Thomas 27. D Adams 28. AJ Green 29. M Evans 30. Baldwin 31. Amari 32. Fitzgerald 33. Smith-Schuster 34. TY Hilton 35. Diggs 36. Thielen 37. Tyreek 38. M Jones 39. E Sanders 40. Hogan 41. Goodwin 42. J Gordon 43. Gronkowski 44. Kelce 45. Ertz I'd take any of those guys over a 1 year wonder WR coming off of a torn ACL learning a new offense & playing with a quarterback that was really bad last year. I could be wrong, but no thanks, count me out. I definitely can see why the hype is there, but way too many things have to go perfect for him to get me to justify taking him over anyone listed above.
  7. Allen Robinson 2018 Outlook

    I can't see why anyone would have this guy in their top 45 picks. top 50 is at least debatable. somewhere between picks 46-60 seem about right.
  8. Adrian Peterson 2018 Outlook

    after round 12, I'll take a shot on him to. I doubt he does much, but I do have a glimmer of hope, and that's about all you can expect when you're filling out your roster at the end of a draft.
  9. Peyton Barber 2018 Outlook

    Major sleeper here. Peyton is going to be providing a lot of fantasy teams with a quality RB for a late round pick.
  10. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Must have been some bad tea
  11. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    It helps to be paying attention to what is going on. The writing is on the wall. Read the tea leaves. It's not hard to see.
  12. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    I dont think I'm higher on him than a good portion of the rotoworld forum contributors, but here is why. CMC's guaranteed to catch a ton of passes and by the looks of things he's going to be the bellcow just like the coaches promised. 300 touches is a lock for CMC as well, and I think he'll be closer to 350. The one thing I haven't seen or heard is what Carolina is going to do at the goal line, so in a standard league I might lean more towards Howard, but it is close.
  13. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    I'm really starting to like Howard more and more. He's moved up about 5 spots on my draft board. After the 1st 10 RB's are taken there doesn't seem to be a safer pick that offers more upside than Howard. Top 10: Gurley, Bell, Zeke, Da Johnson, M Gordon, Kamara, Fournette, Barkley, McCaffrey, Hunt. After that you're picking amongst guys like McCoy, Freeman, Cook, Mixon, McKinnon, and Howard. McCoy is getting old and will be playing for the worst offense he's had in years. Freeman is a safe pick, but IMO with Coleman in the mix doesn't offer the huge upside that he once did. Cook doesn't have much of a track record, he's coming off a torn ACL and will be sharing carries more than most people want to believe. I really like Mixon this season, but he hasn't proven anything yet and could be a potential disappointment at his current ADP. McKinnon will be sharing duties with someone. I've never thought he had the build to handle a full workload for 16 games, and he's already hurt. Howard has proven for 2 years that he can handle a heavy workload. Coach is on record saying he believes Howard is a 3 down back, the offense should be much improved, and all he has for competition is Tarik and Cunningham. Tarik will definitely have a role in the team, but what they want to do with him shouldn't take away from Howard. Cunningham is a nice COP complimentary back, by he's no threat. 300 touches should be a lock for Howard with the potential for 350. With the new offense he's as likely as almost anyone to reach double digit TDs. 1400 yards from scrimmage and 10 TDs is a fairly safe prognostication. Please give me some of that in the 2nd round.
  14. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    Hoping to nab him in the 2nd round of our rookie draft for dynasty. Will be targeting him in the late rounds for my redraft. This guy is going to be a star in the NFL, the only question is when.

    nah. Ajayi finishes with around 1,000 yards from scrimmage but only scores 4 TD's leaving excited Ajayi owners everywhere cursing Corey Clement as Clement also finishes with around 1,000 yards from scrimmage while catching more passes and scoring 10 TD's, 8 of which come from within 10 yards.