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  1. After taking 3 big hits in my lineup with D Adams, Conner, and Carson, I was able to come from way behind and win this week because of Cooper. So glad to have this stud on my team. My opponent was not happy! Cooper is looking like a top 10 WR this year, maybe even better than that
  2. With all my RBs playing terrible, I'll be playing a TE in my flex next week. Wallerus and Engram. Benching that fumbler Carson
  3. I cant wait to see what happens when this kid gets a chance. He's going to be dynamite!
  4. Picked up a share of Diontae hoping to be a week early rather than a week too late. I'm a believer. It's amazing how close his measurables are to Antonio Brown.
  5. Just traded Breida for Evan. Thrilled to have Engram on my team! I love the fact that the Giants made the switch at QB. Seems to me in general rookie QB's love their TE's. Getting ready to make the leap into elite status!
  6. I still think he finishes top 10 this year.
  7. Nothing wrong with what he did last night. The TD makes everything alright. Not every week is going to be 100 yards and 2 TD's, but those weeks are coming.
  8. This has to be good news for Kerryon. This kid has a great head on his shoulders and is way too talented to be cooped up for too much longer. He has the talent to be one of the best RB's in the NFL, he just needs the opportunity. The breakout is coming!
  9. I think most people would rank Breida somewhere around 25 in current RB rankings. I can't see anyone ranking him lower than 30. If he's your RB2 you could do better, if he's your RB3 you're doing fine, and if he's your RB4 you're doing great!
  10. 12 team competitive league. Was going to drop him, but now with Mason at the helmet & Moncriefs butterfingers I gotta hang onto him at least 1 more week.
  11. I'm on board this train! I wasn't a fan, but the won me over the 2nd half of last year and looks to be continuing where he left off. I just snagged Henry in a trade and am ready to enjoy this ride! Guy Is a BEAST!!!
  12. I have Ekeler and wouldn't trade him for either of those receivers. I'd have to be very RB heavy and WR needy to consider anything like that
  13. Don't see how Kirk doesnt finish with at least 75 catches in this offense. Anyone that catches the ball that much at least deserves a bench spot in any league with 10 or more teams. Anyone that would consider dropping him after getting 12 targets in week 1 is nuts!