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  1. Personally I would play Jon Brown. I think the Patriots run heavy this week.
  2. Well, I would pick up Rees and put him on the IR. Witten is mediocre at best. Fant could be Flacco's favorite target as he can't throw more than 20 yards. Just something to consider. If Herdon is available, he could be a nice replacement.
  3. Yes. Otherwise, I feel like I have a good team. Not a fan of Mixon as well.
  4. I would do it and pick up another wr off the ww such as Quin or Boykins.
  5. I'm kind of for it. I'm not high on Kerryon luggage much this year. CJ Anderson has taken snaps away from him and it's seems they are throwing a lot more than they were last year. I don't mind the trade in a 14 team league? Who would you pick drop? And what TEs are available?
  6. 12 TM, .5 PPR, 4PT TD PASS We play QB, 2RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex, Dst, K I give up Cam, Mixon and MVS I get Wentz, M.Sanders, Tyrell Williams Fantasy pros says it's not in my favor, but I am not sure QB CAM, STAFFORD RB CHUBB, MIXON, SONY, DUKE, RONALD JONES WR GODWIN, MOORE, WATKINS, MVS, CROWDER TE ERTZ, REED(IR) DST GREEN BAY K SLYE WHIR as always
  7. I have Goff, Davind Johnson and Duke Johnson JerkGoff my JOHNSON'S YEAH BOYD MY CHUBB ERTZ MOORE Kupp my chubb
  8. I dropped him for Crowder. Not even looking back.
  9. Same here, actually got him before the season started.
  10. It could be a small fracture. Especially if it's a tibia plateau fracture. It needs time to heal or else the fracture could go down the leg and then it would be worse.
  11. Sorry, Hockerson looks like a stud. He would be 1st. But if you end up with Andrews you will be fine.
  12. I can't see your sig. But Hockerson is the #1 for me followed by McLaurin