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  1. PPR concerns are warranted, but he could make up for lack of catches in TDs.
  2. I think he's gonna feast with Alshon on the other side keeping teams honest, as long as those hammys hold up. He's still got enough speed to blow by any DB.
  3. The thing is they really haven't had anyone capable of being an everydown back under Pederson, so the claims that the Eagles will never have a runningback capable of RB1 fantasy numbers is somewhat misguided. There will always be some kind of rotation, but I'd be willing to bet that Howard will be a more than serviceable starter for them barring injury.
  4. I would expect Howard to have more than that role.
  5. I was all worried about how I was going to replace Gordon. Thanks for being an idiot, Kareem!
  6. I'm mildly optimistic with Carson and Breida to fall back on, but the climb is definitely much steeper.
  7. No headaces here: if he's playing, I'm playing him
  8. I don't think they're really competing for targets since they fill two different roles. Rodgers spreads the ball around, and you can count on him to find the spots where his guy has an advantage. Some weeks it's Cobb, other weeks it's Allison. They can both be productive in the same game, but if they're going up against a top defense, I'd expect Rodgers to pick his spots more selectively. I have Cobb and Allison is available as a FA. I was all in on playing Cobb this week with the added incentive that my opponent has Rodgers, which gives me the opportunity to neutralize a lot of the damage if I can start the guy that catches most of his TD passes. My initial thoughts were that Cobb has the better outlook/safer floor in this game since Rodgers will likely avoid throws to the outside and downfield against LA's elite secondary, and instead try to exploit soft spots in the middle of the defense to keep the chains moving, run the clock, and calm down LA's pass rush with a lot of short and intermediate passes. That would figure to benefit Cobb, but I did some research since I don't know much about how their players stack up this year, and it seems that LA guards the slot pretty well with the services of Robey-Coleman. I'm not sure where he ranks in terms of completion %, but he seems to be considered one of the best nickel CBs in NFL. On top of that, the injury to Talib means that an over-the-hill Sam Shields will be starting opposite of Peters. Considering this, the Packers might pick on Shields and test the Rams downfield, and if LA's d-line is winning in the trenches, Rodgers will likely be scrambling a lot and turn some broken plays into long gains. I'm in a tough spot: Cobb feels like a safe play, but Allison's upside is more tempting than usual this week. Could someone with a better handle on these teams' situations and tendencies confirm whether I'm looking at this the right way or overlooking something?
  9. Does anyone know how slot receivers fare against the Rams? I'm wondering whether I should fire up Cobb at WR3 or go grab Allison off the FA list.
  10. You'd hope so, but this is Marvin Lewis we're talking about...
  11. So, what are the takeaways from last night? The receiver position is just so volatile overall. I don't know whether to be down on this guy or just chalk it up to a regular blip on the radar. This was supposed to be a good matchup, but I never totally bought into that defense being total pushovers, especially at home in prime time.
  12. His production was definitely hurt by the fact that this game was over before it began. I got just over 6 points out of him, which is fine, especially considering the circumstances, but I was hoping for closer to 10. More than anything, I'm irritated that I didn't pick up Denver's defense this week and decided to stream Indy instead.