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  1. Just some more information. We just completed our 3rd season.
  2. I am looking for 1-3 new managers. We have a 20 team league with a great group of active guys. There are 3 teams open right now. It is a salary cap league and we use real life contracts and also contracts from auctions. The link to the pro boards is below. Please email me at if you are interested or have any questions. 25 man rosters 35 minor league rosters Franchise League The open teams are the Seattle Mariners, Baltimore Orioles, and California Angels. California Angels need a little work but have a winning team with the right moves. They have Stanton, Posey, Arrieta, Khris Davis, Fulmer plus more plus a very good minor league system. Seattle Mariners have some young players with some veterans. Chapman, Votto, Carlos Martinez and more. Plus some young players like Devers, Ohtani, and Hoskins. Baltimore Orioles is a rebuild team. They have Baez, Roark, Rosario plus more. But this team would need a manager that would love a challenge.
  3. Looking for one replacement to a free dynasty league in its 3rd year. The available team is the New York Mets. The team is in a rebuild and needs some work. But it has the 2nd overall pick in the upcoming rookie draft. So it be a good start. Please click on the league and check it out. Please email me at for more information. League Homepage Team: New York Mets
  4. I am the commissioner of the Franchise League. It is an established league going in on our 4th year. A lot of the members have been there ever since it was created. It is a salary cap league with the salary cap raising $3M per year. We go by real life contracts and we have players that are auctioned if they become free agents. It is a great group of guys and we are looking for one owner to take over the Oakland Athletics. This team needs some work to it and if you are loving a challenge and wanting to rebuild a team this is the team for you. This team has the 2nd overall pick in the upcoming rookie draft. So you will have a good starting point. Please take a look at the website below and let me know if you are interested. My my email address is Franchise League Page