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  1. Dennis Smith Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    run dont walk in 8 cat leagues?
  2. he played through it. so i guess not.
  3. next 3 games: 10 minutes per game #fizdaled
  4. 12 minutes today. have fun guys. Im out.
  5. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    he averaged 1.1 blocks last year and 1.6 in his latest year in college. So 1 block should be possible. He just have to stay healthy. Thats a bigger concern imo.
  6. Demarcus Cousins 2018-2019 Season Outlook The Warriors typically don’t drop the curtain bisecting their practice facility unless a rehabbing player is nearing a return date. seems like he is really close...
  7. Probably one salty writer who picked up Cedi Osman instead of Smart some weeks ago.
  8. fantasy owners are looking for more stats and not more #WinningPlays. He's not worth owning in most formats right now. Rotoworld keeps hating this guy although hes ranked 39th in the last 30
  9. Rodions Kurucs 2018-2018

    Will the return of Levert later in the season kill his fantasy value?
  10. Demarcus Cousins 2018-2019 Season Outlook Once Cousins is ready to make his Warriors debut—and team sources say that day is less than a month away—how they deploy him will be one of the most interesting dilemmas that Kerr has faced at the helm of the NBA's reigning superteam. Sources say the Warriors are planning to start Cousins, a move that would give them that feared five-All-Star lineup. It would also stroke Cousins' ego, as he may not take well to coming off the bench.
  11. Smart has more value in reality than fantasy unless your league counts #WinningPlays. there's no reason to add Smart based off this game and his winning plays