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  1. I bet he spent most of the offseason with his family in serbia and his mom was dishing out those tasty cevapcici and sausages again 🙂
  2. Most people here dont think Bam will get 30 minutes. So that alone would put Bryant ahead of him. But If both will have the same playing time Bam will give you a lot more steals and a few more assists while Bryant should be ahead in 3s, Blocks and points. I value steals and assists a lot esp from a big. So that would put Bam ahead of Bryant for me. But only If their playing time is the same for both.
  3. Does anybody know when the pro leagues will be available?
  4. I think hes obsessed with injuries in general. his rankings are always based on how durable players were in the past.
  5. Last season Bam and Whiteside averaged 23.3 minutes per game. I didnt watch many Heat games but I dont think they shared the floor together. So that makes 46.6 minutes if you add up their playing time. Almost a full game with a guy at the 5 who cant space the floor/shoot 3s. Sure Olynyk gonna get some run at C but I doubt it will be a 50/50 split. Bam should avg 30 minutes and if you get him in the 7th round thats a steal.
  6. GM Daryl Morey when asked about load management for Russell Westbrook and James Harden: “Yeah, it always is (part of the strategy). We try not to label it....Yeah, it’ll be a very put together plan by our staff throughout the season to have our guys peak in April.”
  7. He was ranked 47th last season in only 20 minutes per game as a rookie on a terrible team. I think his floor is pretty high actually. The Knicks got a lot of bigs in free agency and I was sceptical about his outlook because of that but I think he will get his minutes. Fizdale likes big line ups so I guess Morris will play SF most of the time. Randle is their starting PF backed up by Gibson. So I think the only true competition for Robinson at C is Portis. I think 25-30 minutes and 3rd round value should be possible.
  8. wow, over the last 2 month of last season he was the no1 fantasy player if you punt ft%
  9. He finished last season strong as he was ranked 6th over the last 3 month. Definitely worth a late 1st round pick for punt ft teams. But is he only good for punt ft builds? Since I only play roto and dont intend to punt a cat Im not sure if I should target him. He shot 59% last season on 5.1 attempts. If you consider this punt ft then Lebron/ 66.5% on 7.6 attempts, Gobert/63.6% on 6.4 attempts and even Giannis/ 72.9% on 9.5 attempts are all pretty much punt free throw guys due to their higher volume in ft attempts. If you draft Drummond in the late 1st and add 2 high volume ft shooter with good % later in your draft like f.e. Kemba, Booker, Trae Young, Lavine or Lou Will, your ft% is already at almost 80%. So I think its possible to build around Drummond without punting free throws but its also tricky to find the right guys without losing too much value avoiding players who arent good ft shooters. Whats your opinion? Is it too tough to build around him without punting ft%?
  10. I prefer Kemba over Jrue Holiday this season. Hes an iron man and I think its easier to build around him as a ft anchor and maybe he can get his fg% to 45% in Boston. Gonna target Kemba in the 2nd round for sure.
  11. The Rotoworld guys are really high on him this year. They recommend drafting him in the late first round (Gallagher ranks him 9th overall). I get that AD is gone now but how will the additions of Ball, Ingram, Reddick, Favors and especially Zion affact his usage and stats. Dont you expect a drop in his counting stats, especially points? 2nd round ok but I wont pick him in the 1st...