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  1. Hope Arians spent the bye week self scouting and hands Jones the keys. He's stubborn though so I wouldn't hold my breath. Sunday will be telling. If the same split then I imagine the situation remains the same ROS unless Barber gets hurt.
  2. Christian Kirk might be my favorite buy low, especially in PPR leagues. Injured past 3 weeks, inevitable that he starts scoring TD's with the volume he was seeing, Larry Fitz has historically fallen off 2nd half of season and is already showing signs of it. With the pace that Arizona plays with, he's a great target.
  4. No. The volume is still there for Mixon and it would take a Carson injury for Penny to possibly match it. No problem with selling Mixon, but this is not the deal to do so.
  5. I still have interest in the potential but I think he's pretty safe to drop. I doubt owners will pick him up when he's already played this week and had that output.
  6. Quotes from Shanahan below. Definitely worth snagging if dropped or holding for the time being. "He's had a full week of practice, and he's had a real good week of practice," Shanahan said. "Dante had a little bit of a setback with his injury. He got some practice in last week, but we knew he was going to be limited in the game."We definitely planned on playing him more than two plays, so that was something I was disappointed with after the game, that we as a coaching staff didn't get him in more. That's kind of how the game played out, but that definitely wasn't the plan going in."You'll see him a lot more this week. He had a full, healthy week — to me, one of his best weeks, and we need him. Dante's one of our better players. I know he's had some ups and downs throughout this offseason, but we believe in Dante, and even though he's had some setbacks, we're counting on him to come around."He's putting in the work in practice, and he's been getting better each day, getting back to a little bit more where he left off last year. Once he does that, I know he's only going to get better."
  7. I believe in the talent but so long Darwin...
  8. Why not now? Baltimore is a tough matchup next week but his situation is ideal for fantasy points. The rushing yards should give him a nice floor. Playing from behind often. Arizona played the fastest of anyone in week 1, and he can sling it. I don't see why anyone would be hesitant, especially after yesterday. He was awful and they went down big and he came back to put up the numbers.
  9. That PI hurt my soul. Would've been 70 yards to the house.
  10. I've played him most of the season and I'm really struggling with tonight. My other options aren't even good but I think I'm going to bench him. They've been lining him up in the slot a lot so im really nervous that I may get burned by sitting him since Ramsey doesn't travel there. And Thursday games are usually pretty weird.
  11. Well never thought I would consider playing or even rostering this guy in the playoffs but here I am. Desperate times, desperate measures etc. He's in the best spot possible this week against the Eagles. Going against a good run d? Check Going against the worst secondary? Check At home? Check Coming on lately? Check The targets have been there the past 2-3 weeks and almost had a HUGE game if Dak throws a good ball to him last Thursday. Anyone else like this spot?
  12. Well this sucks. Lot of people are going to have to rely on him in the playoffs after that output.
  13. The safest option is Adams. But I think Corey Davis goes off if you need the upside.
  14. I hear you and you're technically right, but you're not looking at the circumstances and seeing if they are still relevant now in the current situation. He got hurt in the 1st half during the game in Week 8, and that was the driver behind the low output, along with Peterson running well. The re-injury is obviously a real possibility still, but the risk one has to be willing to take when playing him. And Week 3 against GB was a game script issue. They ran the ball all over GB and were up from the start. I think it's safe to say that the Redskins are a lot worse now with all the OL issues and Peterson has regressed. Personally, I think it's more likely that they probably won't be running the ball on anyone or have a big lead the rest of the way like they did in this game, which bodes well for Thompson. Rest of the time he's either played well or has been inactive. I still think there is a lot to like here and the game flow should work in his favor the ROS.