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  1. Traded Aaron Jones and Parker for Julio and M Sanders on Saturday Kinda regretting it now, glad I got that 3 TD game from Jones Sunday before it goes through My reasoning was I really like Howard ROS with his schedule and Jones is living off TD and receptions, and I just don't know how much that can continue with Adams back, because Williams isn't going away. Roster is now (PPR) QB - Stafford WR - Julio WR - Godwin RB - Zeke RB - Howard TE - Waller/Ertz Flex - Moore K - Butker DST - Pit Bench - McLaurin, Pollard, McKissic, Sanders, D Jones Gonna have to play QB Russian roulette ROS with Stafford's status
  2. absolutely, don't trust Goff ROS and you won't miss those guys
  3. maybe made a mistake, but just traded A Jones for J Jones Howard is now my RB2 the rest of the season after his bye and I have Sanders for the handcuff. I don't actually hate having him there, but I'd like to try to get another option I sent the James Conner owner an offer this morning with no reply yet and the deadline to complete a trade is midnight, so think that possibility is dead Now I'm thinking about offering Waller for Montgomery straight up or Mixon+Kirk I may be giving up tad more value with Waller, but I figure it's worth it since I have Ertz, right?
  4. Am I crazy to think Moore MIGHT be a better play than Allen? Allen hasn't had 70 yards since his week 3 monster game, and with Gordon and Henry back, many more weapons on that offense. Allen still has his bye while Moore has one of the more favorable schedule for receivers left
  5. I'd be receiving the Conner side. Have another trade I was offered I'm letting sit (trading Aaron Jones for Julio) so I want to try and get another back secured before I accept it to eventually replace him. I have Ertz so I'm not too worried about losing Waller and I currently have Stafford, but his schedule worries me a little and Brady would be a nice alternative plan if he struggles (he also has Winston). Conner projections and value seem to differ from site to site, so that has me a little skeptical about him. I guess this all depends if you think if Conner comes back Week 12 at the latest and if he does, will Samuels take a lot of snaps away from him? QB - Stafford RB - Zeke RB - Jones WR - Godwin WR - Moore TE - Waller Flex - Parker BN - Ertz, Jordan Howard, Herndon, McLaurin, Pollard McKissic After set of trades QB - Stafford/Brady RB - Zeke RB - Conner/Howard WR- Jones WR - Godwin TE - Ertz Flex - Moore
  6. So what's the consensus on how long he will be out for? Thinking about moving my RB2 then buy low on this guy, but I can't wait too long for him. Twitter searches don't have any concrete estimates of a timeframe. Him not practicing these last two days make me think he may be out longer than we think.
  7. Agree with Brown and Murray Think Murray has a better chance for a score
  8. Is McKissic available? If so, I think he's a decent emergency in a PPR league If not, I wouldn't waste the priority and just roll with Shady. Always a chance he clears, too.
  9. I like either Thomas or Doyle Slight lead to Demaryius
  10. I've never done a keeper before so I don't think help in that aspect, but to help secure a league win this year absolutely.
  11. 12 team, 1 PPR QB - Stafford RB - Zeke, Jones, Howard, McKissic, Pollard WR - Godwin, McLaurin, Moore, Parker TE - Ertz, Waller, Herndon K - Butker DST - Pittsburgh
  12. Can't believe I'm actually typing this. But I'd go with Devante
  13. I think it's Gordon and Walton. I think Josh Gordon is done. Couldn't get it done with Brady and will be the 3rd option in Seattle. There is a reason they were the only ones to put a claim in when he was waived.
  14. Trey Edmunds didn't practice so his status may be in some doubt. Even better news for Samuels. Since its .5 PPR I think Samuels is the safe play for Mr Checkdown in Pitt. But I don't think you could go wrong with RoJo either. Small edge to Samuels due to PPR for me