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  1. Ya I wont call him a bomber but even if he makes just about one 3/gm I'll be happy with his do it all stats. The assists will be one of the critical stats because honestly, after watching him, I cant tell if he is a "lucky 1-3 as/g" type or "solid 3-4/gm" type. In fact to me his whole game has no identity... he's not a defender quite like Kawhi, he's not really a shot blocker, but he has the potential top stay top 50 or so. The way my team is setup, I kinda need assist but otherwise his just being solid is totally fine with me if he can maintain those %.... that FT % is a huge bonus if thats for real. Up and down on some stats, but I think its way too early to determine what this guy will do... IMO he is approaching that age of breakout/big improvement/figuring out how to play in the NBA time, and I wont be surprised if the numbers keep trending up and he is a top 50 mainstay. Funny comparison... looks great but I am sure you can do this all day with a youngin and vet... not sure if they actually do amount to anything but we'll see... if he turns out to be another Kawhi, thats gonna be some good $$$ for me the next 2 years in this keeper league.
  2. Picked him up for TJ Warren (Phoenix, ugh)...... When you watch HJ he seems like a quality player... there are many NBA starters that are worse offensively, and he can actually play D, so not sure why they cant put him out there at least 28-30+.... the percentages are also good..... we'll see, maybe he'll earn it and hopefully he's in good physical shape.
  3. 10 All worthless.... I respond and give great advice a couple of times a day, and I ask something and I get one lame response... price for dealing with humans.