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  1. yeah thats why the coach is a dumb a**...MG should compliment Ekeler....Ekeler better receiver out of backfield and is more elusive....
  2. could 2 for 1 but i think you missing the fact that in the last game williams played he out touched jones again...both of these guys are goign to have a role...yeah jones is more dynamic...i owned him last year....but williams is def better for the tough yards and with AR as his qb there should be plenty of rushing lanes to let him plodd along lol
  3. If you are getting more of the carries then yeah he will look better because out of 15 he busted a couple of good runs when the line opened up some lanes....otherwise he is a plodder...leave ekeler in and leave the tough 1 - 2 yards for the plodder
  4. your not going to get anything for him because people value jones as the back to own...he is on a good team that wants to run the ball and he catches passes....for an rb 2 or flex he is gold in my opinion
  5. yup to the bench he goes this week...i already have rivers and henry at TE.....i already have enough stock in LA...ill wait until things shape up...hopefully the chargers smarten up and trade MG...he sucks
  6. yeah i can agree to that but still...i dont know how to trade him...everyone is going to look at that schedule and say the same thing...so your never going to get the value especially if he continues to put up good numbers
  7. CBS is another joke because last week they were all saying they are worried about freeman and he doesnt look good.....yeah it was a rough schedule but when he found space he blew it big....steal for a 3rd round pick
  8. trade him for what? really he is the sole guy on this team getting passes and runs...they will always be behind with that defense...pure ppr gold
  9. So glad i took the gamble!! I turned the game off at half time because it was ugly but now i am hyped as hell!!
  10. could even be grade 1 but they are not taking any chances but i looked it up on google as well....best to hold if you can because nobody is going to give you anything worth a dam now
  11. if DJ plays you may wana hold anyway if you can...seems like an injury that can be reaggrevated...no idea for sure
  12. it could be because if MG gets hurt or they go away from him or even keep it a split your giving up big production with ekeler...we really have no idea when DA comes back but if he came back next week it may look like an overpay
  13. thats an interesting one...not terrible..
  14. I think the context of serious injury means that the injury can become something really serious if he doesn't take care of it. This is true. He still could have a minor version of this