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  1. i hope ur saying this with confidence lol my luck this weekend has been bad as hell...i feel like there was a demon that sucked out all the offense this weekend
  2. i doubt we hear anything before the games but im keeping my fingers crossed
  3. could it be a bruise? i mean what else could he have done to it?i doubt its serious...i picked up clement but i think he is going to be fine
  4. i read today they could use him on punt returns and 3rd down...could pick him up and see..with adams emergence its a big ???
  5. i like him alot but am not starting him over edelman or josh adams who have defined quality roles that will put up a consistent level of points with a higher floor....wish i could get him in somewhere
  6. for anyone who likes clarity...i do my due diligence...
  7. i mean so what do we make of this? i am still rolling him out...how can you not at this point? i need to win this week and am already down big due to zeke an the saints d smh
  8. u watching the same colts team we all are watching? thats all they do is pass...
  9. guy just had a 7 catch game on like 9 or 10 targets.....3-4? hell nooo....last week he caught screens and was put in many diff situations besides just being a deep threat
  10. yes but nobody wants to hear he is resting because of his groin...but very happy right now
  11. so there is word sproles may be practicing this week........ .. .. .
  12. he is a patient runner...but i admit he kinda plods along but does find the hole....not explosive but he has breakaway speed once he breaks through.....i hope he has an awesome game this week so i can punch my ticket to the playoffs