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  1. Kyle Hendricks 2018 Outllook

    same he's just so inconsistent and so hard to trust this year. And his run support is usually s--- when he pitches so he almost never gets 'ugly' wins. A bunch of no decisions or losses.
  2. Willson Contreras 2018 Outlook

    he sits way too much for an 'elite' catcher!!! And he has the best OPS against Martinez on the Cubs and this is the game they choose to sit him as the poster above said. Makes zero sense. This dude basically has 2 1 week hot streaks this year. And his numbers are still underwhelming. Not quite a draft bust but def overvalued by many going into draft day.
  3. that's actually a pretty balanced trade. I think you slightly win since you get Correa and a low end SP1 and a closer handcuff for the primary.
  4. Potential Blockbuster Trade! WHIR!

    Get Mookie - best player. Do that deal!
  5. Kike Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    it won't be. you're right!
  6. Kike Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    Taylor's elite defense and ability to play everywhere competently saves him . I think he still plays 80-90 of the games. This deal definitely hurts Kiki the most I'm guessing.
  7. Kike Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    no your right - his productivity was fading a bit the past couple of weeks after a great June then he was sitting against righties from time to time. Machado all but relegates him to reserve player.
  8. try to acquire Muncy if possible Help with mine:
  9. clevinger or archer ROS

    clevinger! Help with mine:
  10. Hicks or Myers ROS? (WHIR)

    Hicks Help with mine:
  11. Which Side

    Side B Help with mine:
  12. I just offered my Sale for Javier Baez and Jon Lester - do I win the deal? My roster is in the signature!
  13. Chris Taylor 2018 Outlook

    geesh I forgot about Puig - this team is about to have a glut of multiple position players very soon. Someone is getting benched. I think only confirmed everyday players are Bellinger, Kemp and Machado.
  14. Chris Taylor 2018 Outlook

    I've seen no updates on the new roster alignment. Since Machado will primarily play 3rd and SS won't that directly affect the PT of Taylor, Turner and Muncy? I've seen no one bring this up but won't one or two of them starting being the odd men out?
  15. Jesse Winker 2018 Outlook

    time to scoop him while you can - hitting cleanup everyday in that lineup should lend it self to OF3 level productivity.