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  1. No - the fumble was taken away upon review. The lack of production is on Nagy playcalling and Tribusky not throwing to Cohen. I told people once Tribusky came back that Cohen was going to be dicey flex play. He luckily scored a TD last week to camouflage the minimal usage. Tribusky never looks at Cohen on checkdowns or short passes. Never - he throws to Miller or Robinson. This leaves Cohen very prone to duds like this if he doesn't break a long play which is very rare in general. Nagy is good but they don't use a lot of plays to get Cohen in space(which is where he is most effective). Most of his work is behind the line of scrimmage. When Cohen is in there - they try to slam him between tackles for some reason which he isn't suited for.
  2. this reeks of a Coutee/Fournette situation where a guy logs limited practices all week and somehow gets the green light plays and puts up a dude due to re-inury Reid must know if Spencer can't practice fully on tweaked hammy that resting him another is the best recourse. TY hurt his hamstring but returned to full practice the following game week and was fine. Guess we just have to wait for a questionable or doubtful designation.
  3. Agreed, my point is thought if he keeps logging limited practices and doesn't look great on Saturday walk through or Sunday pregame warm ups why would AR force him into a lineup for limited work w/ a medium to high risk of re-injury if he has D will to fill in? If Reid is smart , he would simply give Ware an extra week to be safe but it sounds like they might force this issue muddying the situation for fantasy owners.
  4. Fair but if Reid thinks he's still banged up/compromised i doubt he'll make him active if he can't shoulder half or most of the load. As we saw last week, Williams is a good substitute , so why risk Ware's health when both Williams' proved they can carry load if need be?
  5. found this excerpt in this article that might be relevant to this RB discussion, Below are quotes from Andy Reid on RB situation: The biggest help on that side of the ball might be Ware and Erving getting back. Ware hurt his shoulder and hamstring a couple of weeks ago against Baltimore, and he was inactive for the game against the Chargers. Combine that with the release of Kareem Hunt earlier this season and the Chiefs were down to journeyman Damien Williams, Darrel Williams and Charcandrick West. Damien Williams wound up flashing the most promise, running for 49 yards and two touchdowns while showing some ability in the passing game. In fact, he performed so well that Reid indicated he would likely share some of the load with Ware, who had been the Chiefs' clear-cut No. 1. "I mean, will it be equal? I don't know about that. We'll just see how it all shakes down," Reid said. "Again, I told the guys if they're available we'll find a way to use you the best we can, so be ready and alert for it. We'll see how it all shakes out there."
  6. Outside of the inexplicable Jamaal Williams opening series over Aaron Jones type scenario two weeks ago, i feel like with all the fantasy analysts and beat writers on this sire, we will have a good idea who between Ware and WIlliams (if Ware is active ) will shoulder the load and/or start. Either way I think Williams gets between 9-13 touches which isn't a ton less than what he got on that 30 point night (he got 16)
  7. Any one owning Ware/ Williams should def try grabbing Mike Davis as an alternative option. If Penny is out, Davis will be a safe PPR option vs KC if you want to avoid a possible KC timeshare. I figure all 3 have the same probability of running in a goal line. goal line carry/pass.
  8. Probably both. I own both and think if Ware can't get in one full practice before Sunday that he is a mild risk for in game re-injury.
  9. yea this a messy situation - guess those of us owning both Ware and Williams should wait till Sunday morning /afternoon beat reports. THEN plug in whichever one 'inside 'word says is starting. Methinks Reid would not rush Ware back not give him the majority of the work or 50-50. Whoever the reporters say is starting, I'm starting. Both have some TD potential either way.
  10. Nope - we'll probably get a good idea on this situation by Saturday night or Sunday morning. Even if its closer to a 60-40 split , that's still around 20 touches in this high scoring offense. They can both be productive. The starting RB and backup have both been useful since Hunt went down. If Ware practices(and gets in one full session) all week and is active, methinks that Reid will give him 60-65 percent of workload as he did before.
  11. Sorry to say but Brees is a little overrated look at his stats over the last month. That is directly affecting Thomas. Brees has been awful on the road every game this year ( except against the Bengals ). Teams are now bracketing Thomas and forcing other players to beat them consistently. Brees is shying away from forcing passes down the field. All of MT semi-downfield passes of 15 yards were negated by penalties last night
  12. I'm doing same but we are still going to have to wait right up to 1pm kickoff for updates on situations and make our move. J Will and the Miami back play at 1 pm so best case Ware is ruled out before Sunday or early Sunday. If we don't know by 12:50 , I think Jamaal Williams is a safe bet.
  13. yea I'm guessing most of us have D Will and Ware so if we hear news we can do a swap out if Ware is out. I hope Ware gets ruled out b4 Sunday to make this easier.
  14. Huh lacks the heart - hmmmm! Is that an observable metric - heart? You clearly have personal issues with Cam - did you bet on that game?