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  1. like many German Marquez owners, I benched him at Yankee Stadium only to watch him dominate. So frustrating given he had been playing like garbage on the home and road for the past 5-6 weeks.
  2. yeah he's probably playing a little hurt. His power has been almost non existent since that injury! Maybe he'll be better after all star break.
  3. yeah after the walks it seemed like they were gonna ride him till he got obliterated. He's looked awful. Of course the relivier gives up a HR. Clevinger 7 ER runs. I wont start him again until he looks decent.
  4. Clevinger and Snell trying to single handles cost me the ERA lead this past week. Clevinger isn't right - has been obliterated last two starts of IL. He's a bench until further notice - he has zero control right now!
  5. Since you posted this - dude's been en fuego. Please go over to mookie's!
  6. reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated. Dude has been mashing for over a month now and has been flying under the radar. His stats have seem to normalized. His hot streaks are pretty epic and go for long stretches, Grab him if he's available.
  7. I'm not sure everyone was. But the gap between him and Trout shouldn't be this wide. Maybe Mookie needs to be dropped a draft round next year to factor in his yearly volatility and lack of consistency. This is trending to be worse than 2017 because at least then he was stealing bases and would sprinkle in a few monstrous games to buoy your team. Dude is only above average in one category - runs. All his other cats are average or subpar. He has stopped stealing bases for the past few weeks and his BA is cratering.
  8. exactly he's looked shaky in 2 of his last 3 starts. And after yesterday Coors explosion i think this is a fairly easy sit. Sure he will get you strikeouts but this game could be a whip killer.
  9. You'd def take Lindor and not think twice about it. I mean Mookie looks putrid right now. this cold streak is bordering on comical. His average is in the 260's now.
  10. 0-5 and counting. There's no way he goes hitless in the double header. Can he? This is officially looking worse than 2017. This guy looks like dog s--- right now. Maybe he's catching that JoRam virus.
  11. welp, that was painful to our ERA and WHIPs!
  12. He's not even worth a bench stash? Def not starting vs Houston next week.
  13. did anyone see the game? seemed like he was serving up HR derby pitches to marlins hitters! At least he faired better than his bullpen.
  14. I think we're going to see this guy realize his top 12-15 player potential. If he hadn't missed those 11 games , he'd probably have 50 Rbi+ already.