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  1. I'll have Breesy back in next week against the bucs but his home/road splits are awful for his career and this was a bad matchup as well so I just couldn't bring myself around on playing him. Not sure how I feel about Jackson, don't really trust him, but, my other options are much worse
  2. All tds are 6pts; 1pt per 50 passing yards; .25pts per completion I have a playoff locked up but really need to win to help my friend make the playoffs.(Because if I don’t end up winning, I’d want him to) Brees in a tough road matchup(his home/road splits are quite drastically different) Or Lamar Jackson vs a burnable falcons team Slightly leaning Jackson cuz Brees has put up 3 clunkers in 5 road games and his 2 blowups were vs cupcakes in atl and cincy WHIR
  3. Lewis, Bills are a mess. And Eli, with a beatable matchup on prime time, I expect Odell and Barkley will want to show off in front of the cameras
  4. I like fitz with the new OC... but not over Evans
  5. Doyle, he gets a more consistent target share
  6. I’d go Reed, he’s the best wr on the skins against a bad defense. They’ll probably need to pick up the pace against the bucs so maybe he breaks out. But, yeah, he has been extremely disappointing
  7. I would still go with Dalton as well
  8. I would tough it out until AJ comes back
  9. 12 team - PPR - Have Gronk and Reed and they are frustrating, Doyle was available so I added him as well. Gronk @Ten Reed @TB Doyle vs.Jax need 1 this week and rank for ROS as I don't want to carry 3 TEs. Leaning toward Doyle for this week due to Gronk and Reed being massive disappointments WHIR
  10. Tough call but if I was drafting today I’d take Thielen.
  11. Yes, all bench players are droppable whether they started a game or not
  12. Yes, you can drop players from your bench but adding players is league specific, I believe the default is that players go to waivers at game time but my league places all FA on waivers at 1pm Sunday. So yes you can drop, but definitely double check your settings to make sure you can add players...
  13. 14 team 1ppr, 4pt passing tds(not the team in my sig) need a qb(Winston was benched) fitz was tooken. Only options on the wire are Mayfield(would have to win a claim), Alex Smith, Case Keenum and Osweiler was offered Watson, DeShaun and all I have to do is give up Austin Ekeler. Doubt I would use him much with McCaffery, Chubb and Kerreyon Johnson take it no brainer, right? WHIR