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  1. Nyheim Hines 2018 Outlook

    Just - A - Guy
  2. 1ppr TE: Gronk as possible decoy vs Reed in possible shootout I know, stop thinking play Gronk WHIR
  3. Which side whir

    Agreed, Mixon side
  4. I’d consider dropping Anderson too, that offense just isn’t good enough and with so much love going to Enunwa, plus Kearse coming back soon and Pryor, etc... he’ll have his occasional big plays but seems to be trending down... I’d hold Crowder for a minute... contract year, supposed to be good so he should turn it around, I’d give him a couple more weeks
  5. You need the RB help, so I have no issues adding Riddick and that’s probably the way to go. I think Ridley had the most overall upside of the group
  6. I’m on mobile site so I can’t see the sig but I’d drop KB in a heartbeat, of the group, adding Ridley
  7. 12 team 1pt PPR - team in sig Was offered the following: receive: Fitzgerald rid of: Drake I initially turned it down and countered with Dion Lewis(kinda happy he rejected that). Not thrilled with the Cards offense but maybe I should reconsider? Thoughts? WHIR
  8. Which K to stream today?

    McManus 100%
  9. Pick 2 PPR

    Last minute thoughts?
  10. Yes, I meant impatiently. I do like both backs, I think they have shown something in preseason and camp. But I’d be ok dropping either because at the same time both teams have shown every year not to be trustworthy with playing time with their backs. As a cowboys fan I hate him but Reed is a top TE when healthy, I know that isn’t very often but still he is better than most WR when he is out there without restrictions. Smith loves his TE(see: prime Vernon Davis, Travis Kelce) and he has a similar type again with Reed. I would start him over Hilton, imo, without a second thought. Would I invest a lot of draft capital into Reed? Heck no, he is made of glass and needs to prove he can stay healthy, but that being said, he is a beast when he isn’t limited, and his isn’t currently so I would ride that wave until it crashes.
  11. Reed... Jordan? I’d pick him up and play him til he gets injured again. I’d impatiently drop Michel

    I don’t think either is a bad choice, but I’d play Coleman

    Not a Drake fan but I’d go with him over Davis. Davis needs to show something outside of his 1 big game and I’m not seeing it.
  14. Brees or Deshaun to start..?

    I’d always start Brees at home(road games, ok, you can make a case to go somewhere else). Also, not buying on Cleveland D, last week was a weather disaster in Cleveland and Big Ben is statistically not very good on the road(though somehow his skill players don’t usually suffer). Watson might take a few games to get his legs back underneath him. Easy Breesy
  15. As far as the trade, injuries happen, unfortunately it just so happened to come up a few hours after you made a significant roster move. It’s happened to me before and I’m sure plenty of others and you’d be naive to think it couldn’t happen again Freeman should be back soon, so Coleman will go back to his usual 1B role. And by that time Melvin Gordon will be due for his annual boo boo. And then you have stud RB in Ekler waiting in the wings. Not the end of the world, he should calm down