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  1. roto, 10 team, W, QS, S, K, WHIP, ERA Leading in ERA, WHIP and Ks by a wide margin, 2nd and pretty close to 1st in S, W and QS Looking for thoughts ASAP, Rosters lock for the week today(fri) at 2:15 options include: Madsen Strop Alexander(directly replacing Jansen on LAD) Smith Leclerc Hand Osuna Hader/Knebel/Jefferies other? use a starter? (Montgomery, Cahill, Borucki) WHIR
  2. Id try a deal for Muncy, I'd rather keep Folty though, maybe Happ or Flaherty. Id take Nimmo if he could be had for cheap but I'm not 1 to ask about the value of prospects...
  3. Which trade to pick???

    If you think Vlad is going to be drafted in the first 5 rounds id do the Vlad deal, but he hasn't even played in the majors yet.... id lean towards goldy
  4. Cole for Sanchez?

    10 team roto. - AVG, R, RBI, HR, XBH, SB - ERA, WHIP, W,QS, S, - Currently near the bottom in every offensive stat(except Steals), in 1st or 2nd in every pitching stat I offered Cole to the Sanchez owner straight up(Its been so hard to trade away my excess pitching, I figured this would get rejected) and it was accepted pretty quickly. Sig might be outdated: C: Cervelli 1: Abreu 2: Caesar Hernandez 3: Gennett SS: Didi OF: Bellinger, Ozuna, Schwarber U: Tim Anderson: Jake Bauers B: Merrifield, Gallo SP: Scherzer, Severino, Cole, Snell(Its hard to take advantage of 2 start weeks when I have this logjam, and it is starting to cost me my lead on wins and QS) RP: Kimbrel, Jansen B: Kuechel, Skaggs, Dereck Rodriguez, Anibal Sanchez Thoughts on acquiring Gary Sanchez? I know he has been a bit disappointing so far but he should turn it around, right?
  5. My league runs Friday - Thursday -10tm roto - QS, W, ERA, WHIP, K, S Massive lead on ERA, WHIP, and Ks. Decent lead on QS. So my focus is trying to gain back some ground on wins choosing between CC Sabathia(NYY) - (@TB and @PHI) - older but has a good team behind him or Andrew Heaney(LAA) - (v.Tor and @Bos) - Boston looks scary but they are less than stellar against lefties
  6. Counter offer, no brainer? 100% WHIR

    Take Goldy, not a big fan of Turner and Yu isn’t right this season.
  7. Should I make this trade?

    It’s pretty even I think, I’d do it based on team need for sure
  8. Severino or Bregman? WHIR

    Thoughts on trying to add Soto and/or Kris Bryant to the Bregman side? Receiving Bregman and Bryant or(and?) Soto for Severino?
  9. Choose 6 SP *WHIR**

    Kershaw Darvish Syndergaard Nola Flaherty Keuchel
  10. Which SP tomorrow? whir

    Gibson for right now, don't care for the matchup tho... I'm high on German for ROS I'm pretty sure he is pitching much better than his ERA suggests and that his ratios will come around. Plus he gets Ks and with a good team behind him should win a fair amount of games
  11. Team in sig; 10 team roto, - R, RBI, HR, XBH, SB, AVG and ERA, WHIP, W, QS, S K first place in all pitching stats except Saves(tied for 2nd) bottom 3 in all Batting stays except SB(4th) I give Severino and receive Bregman, thoughts? I know Severino is a stud but I am in a desperate need for some offense. And nobody is buying on Snell or Cole. I’d hate to lose Sevy but I really don’t mind at the end of the day(I think his style lends to more injury risk). I can’t seem to get good value on my guys. Idk much about Bregman, he seems useful. But worth it? I put my entire pitching staff on the block. I have such a good lead on most pitching stats I don’t mind overpaying a little but my best offers over the last couple weeks have been awful. Im new to baseball but WHIR as best as I can
  12. Aquire JD?

    so you would be comfortable countering with Cole and Bellinger for JD?

    idk if the significant drop in average with Sanchez is worth the upgrade in power. since you have JT at C and this is basically swapping utility players I'd probably just keep Baez.
  14. Aquire JD?

    10 team Roto - AVG, R, RBI, HR, SB, XBH - W, QS, ERA, WHIP, K, S - Team in sig, should be mostly accurate Pitching is dominate all around(3rd in Saves, 1st in other 5 cats), Hitting is trash, I could use help anywhere. Been trying to trade a pitcher(Max, Sevy, Cole, Snell) to upgrade batting. Was offered JD Martinez and Strasburg for Cole, Scherzer and Bellinger was not looking to get rid of 2 was thinking of countering with Cole and Belly for just JD. Would this be acceptable on either end of the trade? I'm not very experienced with trading and don't want to rip myself off or offend the other owner... WHIR as best as I can