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  1. Aquire JD?

    so you would be comfortable countering with Cole and Bellinger for JD?

    idk if the significant drop in average with Sanchez is worth the upgrade in power. since you have JT at C and this is basically swapping utility players I'd probably just keep Baez.
  3. Aquire JD?

    10 team Roto - AVG, R, RBI, HR, SB, XBH - W, QS, ERA, WHIP, K, S - Team in sig, should be mostly accurate Pitching is dominate all around(3rd in Saves, 1st in other 5 cats), Hitting is trash, I could use help anywhere. Been trying to trade a pitcher(Max, Sevy, Cole, Snell) to upgrade batting. Was offered JD Martinez and Strasburg for Cole, Scherzer and Bellinger was not looking to get rid of 2 was thinking of countering with Cole and Belly for just JD. Would this be acceptable on either end of the trade? I'm not very experienced with trading and don't want to rip myself off or offend the other owner... WHIR as best as I can
  4. Flaherty/Megden for tonight? WHIR!!

    Both are good options, I'd go with Flaherty
  5. Adam Eaton vs. Juan Soto **WHIR**

    Id choose Soto, if we are assuming he stays in the majors, as I would think he should
  6. 10 team roto, - AVG, R, RBI, SB, HR, XBH Dominating pitching, really need some batting help; any cats. Thinking of adding Nimmo, maybe Moreland, can’t decide who to drop between DeShields and Semien. Will try to WHIR as best as I can
  7. Add Aguilar? And/Or others? WHIR

    Re: Polanco, I don’t really follow baseball but this guy caught my eye, oddly enough it wasn’t his stats that got me interested. He is 96% owned on cbs. He was dropped a few weeks ago and has now cleared waivers 3 times, he doesn’t seem like somebody I should target but, 96% ownership? Feels like I’m missing something?
  8. 10 team roto, in sig. Pitching is incredible, really need some batting help(AVG, R, RBI, HR, XBH, SB) trade market is meh Aguilar is available Thames(DL stash?) Gregory Polanco was dropped Conforto? Pillar Ian Happ Jankowski Dustin Fowler Who should I drop? DeShields, Harrison, Taillon, Wacha probably at the top of the cut list
  9. thanks for the input on mine. Honestly I haven't followed baseball in a few years, some of these names are beyond me(Baez?). Sorry lol. Probably no on Baez, Id take the Arenado or Judge for sure, and I like Corbin a bit too.

    thanks for the input on mine, sorry im getting to this late. for what its worth I would've probably leaned towards accepting the trade too.
  11. R, RBI, HR, XBH, SB, AVG - W, QS, S, WHIP, ERA, K -------- 10 team Roto. Crushing it in K, ERA, WHIP, QS. Tied for first in Wins. Middle of the pack in saves. Bottom half in all batting cats except steals Team in my sig. I have been trying to get rid of some pitching and improve my hitting but I cant seem to get anywhere. Only getting 2 offers, Justin Turner for Cleavinger. Leaning no here because he doesn't seem like hes much good to begin with and an injury that tends to linger and effect performance screams 'stay away.' Well at least not for a RP eligible, strikeout machine, starter; but I really need some offense. Marcell Ozuna for Cleavinger. I'm considering this a little, but I don't know much about this guy, seems like he had a major breakout last year but is struggling to get going this year. Seems like he should be able to turn it around. But idk what I'm looking at with this guy. Or I could just hold out and play the wire, thoughts?
  12. 10 team Roto - ERA, WHIP, K, QS, W, S - 4SP, 2RP Pitching is dominating but could use some wins. Options: Snell @Bal Taillon (2) vSF, vCWS or I have an open spot to add: Wacha(2) @SD, vPhi Skaggs(2) vMin, vTB Gausman(2) vTB vPhi Bettis(2) vMil @SF WHIR
  13. Eduardo Nunez 2018 Outlook

    I doubt it’s playing time, he starts almost every game, maybe 1 day a week off, if that
  14. 10 team roto, hitting cats: Avg, R,RBI, HR, SB, XBH top 3 BA and runs, middle of the pack in rbi, hr and xtras. Bottom 3 in Sb but being competitive is well in reach. My pitching is dominant. Who to go with for 3rd OF? Mallex Smith, Kevin Pillar, Scooter Gennett, Eduardo Nunez? Will attempt to WHIR but I’m honestly just kinda winging it.
  15. 2018 Jose Abreu Outlook

    Any word on his illness? Back for this weekend?