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  1. Immediately regretted it when I hit the draft button on this guy, but about 11-12 backs were gone and I didn’t have a back yet so I went against my better judgement, was really hoping for a good game so I could off him for something. But nobody was biting before they sure ain’t gonna now
  2. Can we just relegage the dolphins to the ACC... or even the AAC
  3. Really hope they let him get through the 5th cuz his real value is wins, but if he is starting and only going 4ish innings he is effectively useless and will be wasting precious innings towards my innings limit
  4. Was apparently overturned - foul ball
  5. Roto 11 team, first place by quite a bit, Avg, R, RBI, HR, OPS, SB - ERA, WHIP, S, W, K, QS don’t need anything in particular, who gets dropped? B.Lowe Hiura Senzel Riley McNeil Gennett Gallen
  6. Couple guys expected to come off the DL soon, unsure of who needs to go to make room. Really don't want anything to change because my team is rolling right now 11 team roto, daily lineup moves(weekly waivers), innings limit of 1300 on the season, 1st place overall; AVG(2nd), R(1st - easily), RBI(4th - climbing fast), HR(5th-climbing fast), SB(1st -easily), OPS(7th) - W(7th - but only 5wins behind 1st), QS(2nd - top team on pace to go over innings limit(I'm on pace for 50-100 under currently), K(3rd - top 2 teams on pace to go over innings limit), ERA(1st - easily), WHIP(1st- easily), S(1st -easily) C - James McCann 1st Whit Merrifield 2nd - Nick Senzel 3rd - Rafael Devers SS - Dansby Swanson OF - Bryce Harper, Christian Yelich, Starling Marte Util - Austin Riley, Brandon Lowe Bn - Didi Gregorius, Jeff McNeil, Mallex Smith SP - Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, Hyun Jin Ryu (Shane Bieber, Ross Stripling, Zac Gallen) RP - Arorldis Chapman, Kenley Jansen, Roberto Osuna IL - Scooter Gennett, Caleb Smith - (both due back soon)
  7. but was immediately subbed out for a pinch runner
  8. Senzel replaced, takes a foul ball to the face
  9. 11team Roto: Avg, R, RBI, SB, HR and OPS ERA, WHIP, S, QS, W, K Need a drop with Skaggs coming off DL. Middle of the pack in most categories, bottom 2 in HR, and RBI. Strong in Runs, tops in steals. Top 3 in K, WHIP, and QS Drop candidates; Dwight Smith, Mallex Smith, Semien, Swanson, Devers, Sonny Gray, Skaggs himself? Leaning to drop Skaggs Still pretty new to baseball but will attempt to WHIR if I can
  10. 9 homers is great and all, but is it concerning that he only has 1 against teams not named St. Louis?
  11. I'll have Breesy back in next week against the bucs but his home/road splits are awful for his career and this was a bad matchup as well so I just couldn't bring myself around on playing him. Not sure how I feel about Jackson, don't really trust him, but, my other options are much worse
  12. All tds are 6pts; 1pt per 50 passing yards; .25pts per completion I have a playoff locked up but really need to win to help my friend make the playoffs.(Because if I don’t end up winning, I’d want him to) Brees in a tough road matchup(his home/road splits are quite drastically different) Or Lamar Jackson vs a burnable falcons team Slightly leaning Jackson cuz Brees has put up 3 clunkers in 5 road games and his 2 blowups were vs cupcakes in atl and cincy WHIR
  13. Lewis, Bills are a mess. And Eli, with a beatable matchup on prime time, I expect Odell and Barkley will want to show off in front of the cameras