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  1. BP 2018 midseason top 50 dynasty league prospects
  2. Story/Ohtani for Correa? WHIR

    I would probably make the offer but you already have 5 great keepers...
  3. Freeman for me
  4. Trading jd martinez

    Martinez and Freeman will be pretty close you clearly win by adding two top closers...i say go for it...and keep Baez as your 9th rounder
  5. 5x5 Roto Redraft...who wins? A: Kluber, Moustakas, Thames B: Goldschmidt, Cesar Hernandez
  6. Snell for Machado?

    this is really easy...take Machado
  7. Correa or Machado, Keeper league. WHIR

    Correa for me in a keeper league...
  8. Trade help! WHIR

    Don‘t think Junis will help you much...i would keep Hernandez or try to get a better pitcher than Junis for him
  9. Who to drop? WHIR!

    I would keep Zimmer (if healthy again) and Panik
  10. i`d probably go with Bader and Reyes over Kemp...but it`s close...could be also Bader and Kemp Thanks for your help with mine
  11. Thinking about adding Byron Buxton but would have to spend most of my FAAB to get him. Originally i wanted to wait to spend the money on Bo Bichette (still not in the ESPN database). It`s a 20 team league, roto, 6x6, h2h...we keep 10 players My keepers right now would be Goldschmidt, Altuve, Correa, T.Turner, Devers, Betts, Bellinger, Soto, Acuna, Vlad, Eloy Jimenez, Kyle Tucker....yeah already more than 10 So what am i gonna do...get Buxton while hoping he turns things around and helps me this year (probably not a keeper) or waiting for Bichette (and trying to find a way to keep him) Any help is highly appreciated
  12. It`s a $5 league...just playing for fun and i already have a great team. We only have 3OF spots (Betts, Belllinger and Acuna/Soto) + i grabbed Vlad a year ago. i really like to see how he develops on MY team I think it really depends on the league you`re in...if he i`s a fun league for me
  13. In my 10 keeper league (20 teams) someone offered me Stanton for Vladito...i declined
  14. Gleyber Trade Offer!! WHIR

    I‘d take Arenado
  15. Albies trade

    Yeah i just rejected the’s 14 teams (with MI-spot) so its tough to find a good 2b/ss replacement...