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  1. Albies trade

    Yeah i just rejected the’s 14 teams (with MI-spot) so its tough to find a good 2b/ss replacement...
  2. Albies trade

    My Albies for his Gio Gonzalez and Nola? 5x5 roto redraft My pitching is pretty weak but my only other 2b would be Owings
  3. interested if still available
  4. My Carlos Martinez for his Segura? 14 teams, 5x5 roto i lost C.Seager so Segura could help... Whir
  5. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    I‘m in a 10 keeper H2H roto...already have Goldschmidt, Altuve, Devers, Correa, Bellinger, Betts, Trea Turner, Acuna, Robles, Eloy, Vlad, Kyle Tucker....After reading this thread i couldn‘t resist to add Soto :-)
  6. interested in a 12 Team baseball league...please send please
  7. Hi all, I just set up a Live Rotisserie Auction league hosted on Fantrax. 12 teams, Standard 5x5 scoring, daily lineup changes, no trades, $25 Entry fee due upon joining league, payments made through Fantrax Treasurer. 28 players drafted per team with 22 active slots and 6 bench slots $270 draft budget, Free Agents bidding $100 budget Payouts: 1st $150, 2nd $100, 3rd $50 Draft date Feb 11th 1PM EST (draft lasts ~ 3-4 hours) Roster Configuration: Catcher First Base Second Base Third Base Shortstop Corner Infield Middle Infield 5x Outfield Utility 9 Pitcher 6 bench slots
  8. Christian Yelich 2018 Outlook

    I drafted him at #64 last night...
  9. NFBC Draft and Hold Leagues

    Got the invite but need a password
  10. NFBC Draft and Hold Leagues

    Interested in the first league. Please send a pm with the invitation link
  11. FSRU warning

    I‘m playing at FSRU since 2013 and did not get paid for the first time last season (won 2 leagues). Very disappointed because i like the setup. Guess i have to look elesewhere.
  12. Dahl was dropped im my 10 keeper league so i picked him up...but i already have Goldschmidt, Altuve, Donaldson, Correa, Betts, Bellinger, Votto, Devers, Hamilton and lots of talents like Robles, Acuna, Guerrero, i guess i can’t keep him...but i still like him in keeper/dynasty leagues
  13. 2018 First Rounders Discussion

    40 HR also gives you at least 40 Runs...but you`re right, SB are tough to find...i always find myself in the middle in SB rankings
  14. Don't have much experience playing fantasy football but i decided to join a 12 team dynasty. It's a slow draft and i have the 7th overall pick in the 1st round. Trying to take a more serious approach this time, what would be a good strategy for our initial draft? Also looking for some good dynasty sites with rankings. It's a $75 league so it would be nice to be competitive from the start. H2H, 12 teams, with Playoffs, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2Flex, K, D/ST...PPR...any help is appreciated.
  15. I'd like to join