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  1. This has got to be one of the top 3 most epic burn posts I've ever read in any forums! ­čśé
  2. Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, he's in this year's DND list together with KD, Klay, and Wall.
  3. I'm on the road....I hear ya. I feel terrible about not being able to format these last couple days. I'm taking Harrison Barnes and Tim Hardaway Jr for my 12th and 13th picks.
  4. I concur with this. Really good analysis, and likely the reason a lot of us passed on him in earlier rounds.
  5. Add me to those with external issues affecting the ability to properly format. I sold my house, and I've been in the middle of emptying a big house over this last week. I need to be fully out of the house by tomorrow, my computer is in a box somewhere, so I only have my phone, thus my inability to properly format. My apologies.
  6. Sorry for the delay. I'm moving this weekend, and been distracted. Put Javale McGee and JJ Reddick in for me please.
  7. Round´╗┐´╗┐ 8 1. TOAA - Domantas Sabonis 2. Stifle Tower - Jarrett Allen 3. Terribleswedes - Ja Morant 4. RDNC - Danny Green 5. Styler -´╗┐ Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 6.´╗┐ Kaboom - Jonathan Isaac 7. COH - Willie Cauley-Stein 8. Simsanityy179 - Jeremy Lamb 9. Trench Mob - Wendell Carter Jr. 10. Superjew -´╗┐ Joe Ingles -´╗┐ Delon Wright 12. Ajax - Bojan Bogdanovic Round´╗┐´╗┐ 9 1. Ajax- Spencer Dinwiddie 2.´╗┐ Unluckyshot - OTC
  8. That's exactly why I passed on Robinson and took Gasol instead. I was torn between the two, and in the end I went for the older, but proven veteran. I do love Robinson's upside, but the Knicks frontcourt depth, combined with the unpredictable Fizdale made me pass on him there.
  9. Indeed! I was hoping he'd slip back to me, but I knew there was no chance of that happening. Incredible value for a 5th round pick.
  10. This is pretty much my take as well. I like the kid a lot, but I'm not willing to draft him that early. Maybe around 6th round I would feel more confident but he will be gone way before that in all drafts, so very likely that I don't own him this year in snake draft leagues....now, auction drafts is another story.
  11. I went with B.Hield and M. Gasol for 4th and 5th mostly because I needed somewhat safe picks here after gambling on Dipo earlier. There was a couple of other players left that I wanted and debated taking here that I felt were guaranteed to deliver good value for this draft position.
  12. Can someone please format me taking B. Hield for my 4th round pick, and M.Gasol for my 5th round pick?