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  1. If this league is with friend's, no. Enemies/big money, yes. If I was in the league, I would be royally pissed if you pulled them. Probably say, "He goes or I go next year."
  2. Back to Back Championships. Thanks Zach. All knowing, hope my comments were part of your decision. Great day of football. I was on pins and needles all evening. I was done and opponent had Kelce and Williams. Won by 8.
  3. I'm liking Woods here. With Gurley down, but maybe not out. Who is going to make that up?
  4. .5 PPR Over the last couple of weeks, I have lost Aaron Jones, Lamar Miller, Cam Newton, and Odell. I had Jones and Miller starting last week and got a combined 1.6 points out of them. Still squeaked out a win with a whopping 87 points. I was averaging about 145. How do I win this championship? 4 Waiver moves per week. What I have done. Dropped Jones, Added Williams. Dropped Mason Crosby, Added Alshon Jeffery. Dropped Washington DEF, Added Eli McGuire. Lineup QB - Cousins WR - Thielen* and Cooks* RB - Kamara * and (J. Williams or McGuire) TE - Ertz* Flex - Jeffery* K - Fairbairn* Def - Jacksonville or KC I feel like the stars are definite starters. What I can do: 1. Stay with what I have. Choose 1 Williams or McGuire 2. With my last WW: a. I could pick up Foles to supplement Ertz and Jeffery. b. Stay with Cousins and pick up Indy's Def v. the Giants. Indy has 2nd highest projection in the league. I know, long read.....BUT this is for the repeat. WHIR.
  5. I am in the same predicament. I lost Jones and Miller last week. I am hurting. I keep reading the same about Jamall. He did nothing in weeks 1-4 without Jones there. Why do we keep thinking he is going to be the savior this week? Anyone else?
  6. Not much love for Foles here. I think they will have to open it up to win this game.
  7. I'm right there with ya. I jumped on Jeffery on waivers this week, but don't have a 2nd TE to sit Ertz(no one on WW that I feel better about). I feel like this is gonna be a high scoring game, if Foles goes down the field early, then Ertz will have a big 2nd half.
  8. If you 2 are about done, can we get back to discussing Ertz?