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  1. I'm not really sure why you made that trade (or why you wanted Green all year). AJ Green doesn't really help your team and who really knows when he's even going to come back. The Panthers and Ravens are on bye weeks 7 & 8. Now, instead of playing Jacobs, you have to play Singletary or Jones? I would have much rather kept Jacobs over Green.
  2. Thanks for the reply but I'm still not sure I quite understand. Depending on the players a team plays, they are allowed to play more games than their opponent?
  3. Not sure where to post this so I'll post it here. I joined a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league over the weekend (first time in probably 10 years or so) and I'm a little confused with the match up screens. For my current matchup, it says I am at 0/275 games played but my opponent is at 0/277 games played. Why does my opponent get 2 more games than I do? Looking at other league matchups, other teams have more games as well: 0/288, 0/282, 0/278, 0/289. Shouldn't it be the same for every team?
  4. 12 team standard - Won championship QB - Patrick Mahomes RB - Ezekiel Elliot RB - Jamaal Williams WR - DeAndre Hopkins WR - Michael Thomas TE - Cameron Brate FLEX - Damien Williams D/ST - Panthers K - Mason Crosby 8 team standard (no negative points) - Won championship QB - Ben Roethlisberger RB - Ezekiel Elliot RB - Melvin Gordon III WR - T.Y. Hilton WR - Kenny Galloday TE - Trey Burton FLEX - Damien Williams D/ST - Tennessee K - Adam Vinatieri 10 team .5 PPR - Lost championship QB - Jared Goff RB - Ezekiel Elliot RB - Joe Mixon WR - Michael Thomas WR - JuJu Smith-Schuster TE - Ian Thomas FLEX - Nick Chubb D/ST - Texans K - Ka'imi Fairbairn
  5. Make it to 3 of 4 finals (won 2 of them). Had Zeke on all 3 of my finals teams.
  6. I think I'd go with Kamara, Williams, and McGuire. McGuire is an early game and the Rams are a late game so you won't know the status of Gurley before kickoff. I'm thinking Gurley is going to sit or get a very limited workload so I'd stick with McGuire. If Julio sits, I think I'd go with Baldwin. I'd be looking for Seattle to be playing from behind. McGuire over Baldwin Watson and Hopkins. Help me?
  7. PPR I'd go with Johnson but, since it's standard, I'd go with Carson and Williams. Help me?
  8. Hilton and Woods (hopefully Hilton plays). Help me?
  9. McGuire. Even if Anderson gets the start, who knows how many snaps he'll actually get. Help me?
  10. I'd stay with those three. Help me?
  11. I don't think Gurley is going to play. Even if he does, if the Rams get up early, he may be a very quick pull. I think I'd probably go with Brady. Help me?
  12. It's a really close pick but I'd have to go with Lindsey. Help me?
  13. Out of those four, I'd have to go with Winston. Help me?
  14. If Julio plays, you have to play Julio. Help me?
  15. Standard league, need to start one of these two at my flex: Jamall Williams @ NYJ Damien Williams @ Seattle They keep saying Jamall is going to get a huge workload and he has a decent matchup but Damien still might have to contend with Spencer Ware (although he is listed as doubtful). Any suggestions? Leave a link.
  16. I know Luck hasn't been great lately but after how Carolina stopped New Orleans, I'd go with Luck.
  17. No way I'd play a week 17. It's very possible neither Mahomes or Trubisky will play week 17 (or only play half games).
  18. Cam can barely throw the ball anymore. I'd go with Eli if OBJ plays and Foles if he doesn't.
  19. I've been running with Gore in my flex spot and need a replacement (Sutton, Gabriel, and Rudolph aren't cutting it). I'm trying to decide who the better pick up is. Kalen Ballage or Jamaal Williams. Ballage I think will be as good or even better than Gore was but Williams is the starter now with Jones going on IR. Any suggestions?
  20. The biggest problem here is having 8 teams in the playoffs. Unless it's a 14 or 16 team league, you shouldn't have 8 playoff teams.
  21. Standard scoring, 6 points per TD pass. I am up 39 with: Michael Thomas He has: Cam Newton Christian McCaffrey Curtis Samuel I'm "projected" to win by 2 but I'm not holding my breath.