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  1. His pre-rank in yahoo is around 4X now,definitely undervalued because he finished inside top 30 value in total last two seasons His reb may take a small hit because wb join the team but FG%,pts,blks should remain similar
  2. JJJ already shown that he has better offensive skill set than Ibaka in rookie season
  3. Any thoughts on teague this season? Last season he bother with ankle and knee injury and has a forgettable season.He is in contract year now and Rose,T.Jones both gone.His pre-rank is around #90-#100 now.Do you think he will bounce back this season?
  4. he is second round per game value in 17-18 season,but he never return top 30 in total game value
  5. I have the same thought,let someone overpay for him and they will regret it at the end of season
  6. hmm....I don't think Horford will available in 6th round
  7. Horford is more useful in roto than H2H,his stats not hurting you in any category,but also not elite in any category He is 33 years old and in 76ers now (too many mouths to feed in 76ers), his workload will decrease and the load management in playoff time So I will avoid him in H2H
  8. his main value is block and fg%(but in low attempt),he reminds me few season ago noel was pre-rank at second round and many people got hyped and trapped I'm not saying Mitch is another Noel but Mitch pre-rank seems too high for me,NYK frontcourt is deeper than last season,Portis and Gibson also can play small ball center
  9. and don't forget brunson,he is impressive at the end of last season
  10. even in his full time starter year and had huge usage,he still only rank around 100,Schroder is overrated in fantasy
  11. Mitchell and Levert 2-3 round pick?smh