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  1. westbrook is overrated both in fantasy and real life
  2. unless Doncic can improve his FG%,FT% and to,otherwise I think he will overdraft next season(just like mitchell this season)
  3. Top 40 after the all star break,so underrated
  4. hey, @turner46,do you regret dealt Vuc for Murray?lol
  5. 34+20+5+2+2,what a monster,JV can bring you champion
  6. three straight game 20 pts+ with over 50% fg
  7. I'm glad I don't draft him in this season,although he still provide top 10 per game value but he kill you in h2h
  8. Mcgee>Bryant Mcgee's block ,high fg% and reb are juicy
  9. Yes Lauri Markkanen shut down for rest of season.
  10. Adams----durable and stock machine if you punt ft
  11. Double Double with 4 blks,this dude is underrate
  12. nearly triple double with 4 blks,whiteside?who?
  13. this dude become bust after return from the serious injury
  14. 23+24+4 blks,what a beast when given full time minutes
  15. another double double with 3 3s and 4 blks,this dude can bring you to champion