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  1. You can draft him if you want to punt win
  2. very good FG%(near 50%) and low to,also give you around 1.1-1.2 stls and 0.6 blks
  3. But Heats already has similar type stretch 4/5---Kelly Olynyk
  4. People always got fool by his triple double in past few seasons,personally I don't think he is a very good player(both in real life and fantasy).Low pts,3s,poor FT% ,his main contribution is assists and stls only
  5. They still have Labissiere can play both 4 and 5
  6. yup.he is more useful in roto because of his efficiency and low to
  7. 12 team yahoo H2H 9 cat redraft,people spent a lot with first rounders,so I went with balance team
  8. WTF oladipo only$5 in money league
  9. Ibaka is definitely undervalued in yahoo,he is durable and consistently rank inside top 70 in 9 cat in his career Given Marc is near 35 and played FIBA in summer,I think Nurse will manage Marc playing time and will give him some load management during the regular season.Kawhi gone and this is Ibaka contract year also boost his value
  10. I think only KAT or maybe Vuc or Jokic can hit >1 3ptm and still over 50 FG %(KD and LBJ can but they are not C)
  11. yup,I never understand why people hype him so much in fantasy,he never put up inside top 100 value in his career so far even playing big minutes(just like wiggins)
  12. I think if you draft lowry,make sure you also draft vanvleet in later round as insurance
  13. Kelly Oubre Jr. (right wrist tendinitis). No timetable on his return as well. He'll also be re-evaluated in 7-10 days.