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  1. Well he hit leadoff today. Beni was rested but it does show the level of confidence in him, especially against lefties
  2. bit frustrating but 1.00 WHIP is nothing to scoff at.
  3. his 20/20 potential hasn't disappeared just because his Ks and BABIP started regressing to what was expected. Sure the shine is off him now with that bad streak but you're still looking at a 20/20 guy here. If you expected him to hit .300 it's on you
  4. 50% of last performance was blameable on a trash defence. gonna roll him out there today
  5. he did quite ok. that rook at 3B cost him two infield singles, not sure wtf that dude was doin lol
  6. Wilmer Flores tomorrow is as close as it gets to a 'stars align' one day stream. Coors - check Faces a s---y left handed pitcher in poor as fk form - check Mashes LHPs - check
  7. When does the eligibility kick in? Still doesn't have it on yahoo atm
  8. whats the weather situation in atlanta? chance of PPD?
  9. 10-15 hr with 10-15 steals with decent BA seems pretty useful in the current state of the league
  10. I'm feeling pretty smug about this call lol
  11. I think I would have to disagree there, even if Montas was a 'streamer' level of pitcher, his upcoming schedule would certainly warrant being streamed in all but the houston game. And I believe he has a chance to be better than a streamer level of pitcher.
  12. Erm just take a look at his upcoming schedule, I find it hard to drop him after seeing it. houston, texas, toronto, pittsburgh, cleveland, detroit, angels... um yes please
  13. Looks like the white sox exhausted their lefty relievers yesterday lol. more righties for meadows and lowe to mash plz
  14. I agree with the take on Alonso from Pitcherlist: "Pete Alonso gets a bump this week. I’ve watched a decent amount of his at-bats and, while he definitely has lots of swing-and-miss in his game, he really knows how to work a count and the pitches he does make contact with get absolutely crushed. He’s swatted four homers over his last three games and though there may be an adjustment period on the horizon, I see at least a 30-homer floor here." They have him ranked as a top 100 hitter. If you drafted him for the hype you're probably not gonna sell for a top 80-100 bat, but I see his value in that range, top 60-100 depending on who you're dealing with.