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  1. Trading away AD? WHIR

    Curry side. Love's injury keeps having setbacks. Whiteside has knee concerns but he's playing now and seems to be out of the doghouse.
  2. Rostering two D/STs? (Eagles + Vikings)

    Vikings I think is worth the stash. I'd pass on the Eagles.
  3. 60% Luck 40% Skill. Luck: - Injuries. - high variance plays can swing a bad week to an amazing week. - Broken plays. If a defender trips or bad communication, your RB runs for 80 yd TD. Skill -Drafting. Some people just have good gut feeling decision making when its a coin flip pick between player A and player B. (It's still luck in it but I think it's more skill)
  4. It's not just minutes, it's usage. Tyreke is a usage black hole, regardless where he goes. I don't see Tyreke's play style just randomly changing.This is a valid concern imo.
  5. Fournette/Watkins for Gurley

    Starting 1RB makes this trade pretty lopsided leaning towards Gurley
  6. Lindsay has been surprisingly good, no doubt there but he loses goal line to Freeman. Best case scenario its a RBBC because I don't see Lindsay out right taking the role. If you manage to swap Collin in, I would do that trade.
  7. For your team, I wouldnt make this trade. Collins isn't living up to his preseason usage hype. Small sample but it's worrisome if you trade away your next best RB in Drake. Your WR core is already solid so upgrading MJJ to Keenan doesn't really benefit your team as much because Henry is so game script dependent. The way the Titans are going, doesn't seem like they are going to get much positive game script.
  8. I would stay put. AK > MG | Thielen and Julio are comparable in PPR because of those insane recs. (Julio > Thielen) You're basically giving DMT away for free.
  9. I would wait one more week. DJ's value is at all time low. If he actually gets routes out of the slot like the coach says, his value will only go up.
  10. Which WR rest of season?

    Cole > Gero > Grant > Gin > Dorsett
  11. Zeke. I worry for Oline but the volume should offset it.

    I wouldn't be surprised Gurley DJ or Bell finished first overall. I'd personally take best available WR or RB over Gronk. Gronk is great but his risk of playing 8 games for a second pick is too risky for me.