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  1. I would start Winston. He has an easier path to success. Cam potentially will be limited on designed plays and RAM with Talib is pretty stout overall defense.
  2. I would go with Pettis. He has upside without the need of an injury.
  3. Winston. It's not that close for me.
  4. I would go Nuk because your RBs are solid. No point in risking the holdout.
  5. easy accept. Tevin Coleman is a solid flex but he's splitting with Breida. I would try to flip Bell for a better WR though.
  6. I don't think you really need Hooper with HH.
  7. Your team hinges on your RBs. LF isn't a pillar of health, so if he goes down, you have to rely on Derrick Henry, who is currently injured. Otherwise, your team is pretty solid.
  8. The only solution I see long term is replacing the dude for someone better. (Easier said than done) As for the veto part, I don't see collusion, just a horrible trade. The reason I think you have to replace this owner is, even if you manage to veto this one, it'll just keep happening because he clearly doesn't know as much as the current league. If you choose to keep the owner, I think you gotta let the trade through.
  9. I either get Engram in the 50s or wait for Vance/Walker/Mark Andrews. As for QBs, I just wait as long as possible since the position is so deep. I've just waited until the later rounds for Winston/Goff/JimmyG. (Depends on how many people are in your league)
  10. Ayton because he's more well rounded. For Capela, you tend to punt FT.
  11. If you are winning and making playoffs, than keep Embiid. If you're fringe playoff, I would gamble with the upside of AD and Love.