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  1. Ayton because he's more well rounded. For Capela, you tend to punt FT.
  2. If you are winning and making playoffs, than keep Embiid. If you're fringe playoff, I would gamble with the upside of AD and Love.
  3. Blocks alone, I would side with MRob.
  4. I like Huerter more because if Cavs play TT and Love after ASB, Cedi's production would dip. Huerter on the other hand doesn't have to compete with anyone. (Unless they randomly start playing Baze again)
  5. Have you tried AD 1 for 1 with any of the top25 players to see if any owners gambling one upside? As for that offer, I think you're selling too low. Barring that last game(blowout and just a bad game), AD's 25-30min game floor games are still pretty solid.
  6. I would do it. 8 man is all about best player.
  7. If you can, take it and run. Drum is top6 player in Punt FT 3 TO.
  8. Kemba Jrich is too little. I wouldn't worry about the hamstring because of his track record. Trading LBJ at this point, you're going to lose value because he's hurt.
  9. It really depends what you consider veto. I personally only veto if you think those two people are colluding.
  10. Yeah because in that offense, a lot of fantasy goodness.
  11. I like Will Barton in a vacuum if you don't factor injury.
  12. yeah i rather drop Gay than White. White is top20 during his hot streak. It'll prob regress but might as well ride it out.
  13. You get a pretty big bump in AST with Lowry side.
  14. It's too little for KD because 8-12 team, it's more about best player rather than depth. It's more so KD + best wire player vs your Sabonis Middleton.
  15. Harris > Millsap > Levert > rest. I have Harris highest because his estimated return on BBM is a lot sooner.
  16. I'm intrigued as well. My main concern is how the warriors rotate their small ball. Even without DJones, not sure how locked in the minutes are.
  17. Curry side. Love's injury keeps having setbacks. Whiteside has knee concerns but he's playing now and seems to be out of the doghouse.