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  1. ESPN and CBS have yanked this guy now because of the one rainout since Boyd is now lined up to be ready to start Sunday @CWS. I literally added him just because he was lined up for @CWS & KC. Anybody have idea when he'll start next?
  2. He's been pitching a lot better. i watched a lot of today and he was hitting his spot alot. that little slider to LH batters was very effective getting swings and misses. i think you gotta still give him until the middle of may or late may. this red sox team is going to get real hot soon.
  3. eyes are out. but i am still skeptical. i've liked his K rates the last 2-3 years
  4. HR and 2 SB's tonight. Trade him guys! He started cold!! 🤭
  5. Career .770 OPS in the minors. The guy seems like weak trash.
  6. No. He's never hit outside of the mile high air. His fly balls that land in row 2-3 in Colorado are fly outs 5 steps in from the warning track in any other park. I would not expect nearly as many total bases / extra base hits being outside of Coors now. limits his value because he's not a high BB's/OBP% guy.
  7. Remember he doesn't have Coors anymore. Probably should temper your expectations.... 2018 Home: .941 OPS, 222 AB's Road: .663 OPS, 241 AB's 2017 Home: .923 OPS, 229 AB's Road: .606 OPS, 241 AB's 2016 Home: .966 OPS, 291 AB's Road: .744 OPS 293 AB's
  8. Is it weird I literally thought about taking advantage of a 1-2 week hot streak in my CI spot if/when he got his first hit and then bailing right after? The baseball gods usually pour on a nice streak here to get back to recent career norms of .180-.200 avg. lol
  9. Dude was straight line 30 hr 90 rbi 775-825 OPS every single season before the injury plagued year last year. He hurts batting avg leagues but has alot higher value in OPS leagues
  10. This guy went like 6 ip 3 er or less every single start in August September last yesr with a Yankee uniform on. How the hell do they just U-Turn and act like he needs fixing and no longer have confidence? That seems ridiculous. It really is.
  11. Yea but for those QS leagues it really kills value. i'm in a QS + W league so at least i can get half of the available stats there but still....
  12. I agree 1,000%. Like I can't imagine how I would feel from Yonny's perspective. He goes out and throws a 2-hit GEM through 7 IP. Thinks his career really has a shot and goin' off now after he established who he was with them last year. And this Kevin Cash keeps giving him the shaft? Makes absolutely no sense. Just messing with this kids head now.
  13. "Rays will send out Opener Ryne Stanek + Bulk Guy Yonny Chirinos tomorrow against RHP Jeff “Not a fan of the Opener” Samardzija. First pitch is at 4:05 PM EST." -- God this pisses me off. I'd be so pissed if I was Chirinos. Just getting the SHAFT for a miraculous start to the year.
  14. For those that don't know he almost hit his 2nd oppo taco HR of the day today but the ball was caught on the warning track against the wall almost in deep right CF in the 9th. He just missed it. Dude is locked in.
  15. lol the overreactions in this thread are hilarious. eventually Lindor will be back in this lineup and it'll be just fine. Maybe not to level of last year but still good enough for this guy to put up elite stats.