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  1. How much of an outlier was this season for blount though? 18 TDs is no easy feat, he had never gone over 7 previously. Theres only been 5 players including blount to hit 15 overall since 2011, and even then its names like Mccoy, Foster and D.j. I dont think theres enough of a workload to assume gillislee even whiffs 15 tds.
  2. According to pro football reference, Saints ran out of shotgun 76 times for 398 yards Saints ran under center 327 times for 1342 yards I dont think they run out of shotgun as much as it may seem, tho brees did throw 497 attempts from shotgun compared to 178 under center. But if theyre running the ball, it seems to be mostly under center. Saints oline seemed to bounce back pretty strong this year too, this from an espn article in december, where saints oline ranked #1 : 1. New Orleans Saints The Saints are sixth in offensive DVOA, and the offensive line is a big reason why. It's a bit of a surprising performance from a group of players who aren't too well-known. Left tackle Terron Armstead has missed half the season with injuries, forcing 2015 first-round pick Andrus Peat to rotate between left tackle and left guard. Most observers thought veteran Jahri Evans looked over the hill when he couldn't make the Seattle roster in preseason, but he returned to the Saints and slotted right back into his old right guard spot. Right tackle Zach Strief has developed into a strong run-blocker but has yet to make a Pro Bowl. Center Max Unger, who came over from Seattle in the Jimmy Grahamtrade, completes the starting five. The Saints are dead last in pressure allowed, according to ESPN Stats & Info charting, and they are fifth in adjusted sack rate. Sure, part of the reason the Saints do so well in pass-blocking metrics is that Drew Brees is so good at avoiding sacks and doesn't run into his own pressure. But that doesn't explain why the Saints lead the league in adjusted line yards, or why they've had runners stuffed for a loss or no gain only 14 percent of the time. New Orleans is even tied for the fewest number of penalties by offensive linemen (24).
  3. I was hoping more along the lines of capable, not iconic. A 2015 ronnie hillman/cj anderson type dynamic, or replacing the situation him and hightower had in 2016. Maybe had they gone in on someone like shaun draughn, damien williams, james starks or if they had brought back hightower, etc. All in hindsight, but this just makes it a headache.
  4. Really tho, wether its a 1a/1b or a lead dog/c.o.p between the two, could be one of the leagues best handcuff situation whichever way it goes. But is it essentially a murray/henry situation where if you get one you have to get the other? Neither have been a model of health
  5. I did include smith. Theres huge question marks surrounding him. Theres a chance for anything really. Its also a matter of personal preference. The fact in my eyes is that smith is a huge unknown, but with plenty of risk and downside + a less likely chance he returns to form. Ramsey wouldve been a potential cornerstone for this defense for years. The drop off from zeke to henry is not enough IMO to warrant not grabbing ramsey. Then you could end up with a decent corner from this draft later, grab your LB or pass rusher early, and its essentially the same arguement.
  6. With such a small sample size you really cant say. The first couple weeks you could see zeke adjusting. Henry never got that game to pound out carries and really get a feel for the game. And again, were also talking about the addition of ramsey. This isnt just a zeke vs henry question. Theres a reason zeke went first.
  7. Two different types of players. Zeke is probably more versatile, and was the better prospect no doubt. When it comes to power and trucking, im easily giving it to henry tho. Hes a freak at his size. But its not just comparing zeke and henry..its the addition of ramsey. Sure, smith may come back this year. But who is to say he will ever be a resemblance of his former self? Theyre trying everything to get him right, but if the nerve isnt working he has to learn to play without it. Big question mark.
  8. I didnt say which one was better, just that henry wouldve been great behind that line.
  9. I still believe fully till this day that wouldve been the better picks. Derrick henry would probably be a monster behind that line, and ramsey would make the secondary alot more promising going into this year.
  10. LOL Why wouldnt a team want a running game, or a solid TE? Having a solid presence back there could easily IMPROVE the passing game. That just logically makes no sense. Its not that they dont want it...they just didnt have it. They tried, but an average rookie, an old jennings and an injured vereen werent getting it done, especially behind that o line. There are also many players in the nfl with higher vert then shepard, i mean that year ramsey beat him, a year before byron jones, ameer abdullah, jaelen strong - randoms like shazier, eric berry, virgil green. Shepard is also like...5'10. Not tall by nfl wr standard at all. If anything, on the shorter side.
  11. Interesting development, saw this on nfl memes: "Aaron Hernandez committed suicide because under Massachusetts law, if you die during the appeal of a conviction, the original conviction becomes null and void. This mean he technically never violated the New England Patriots contract, thus his daughter is now entitled to the remainder of the $15 million the patriots owe him." Also, Anyone with a little more knowledge on contract language or contract details know if this would actually happen? Are the patriots on the hook for 15 mil?
  12. Green is 6'4 compared to 6'1 for crabtree. They also weigh the same, making a.j alot skinnier then crabtree given the size difference. Similar size is a stretch
  13. I smell a smoke screen. Alleged victims father came forward and said he never hit her. Strange that it comes out this close to the draft, no? I think its just as plausible that somebody who wants mixon releases this "rumor" to scare off other teams. Incredibly hard to determine whats real or fake news at this point.
  14. A few guys i have a low-key eye on, in no certain order just 1 or 2 guys that come to mind as a little off the radar Rookies RB - James connor, jamaal williams WR - Ardarius stewart, Amba etta-tawo TE - Cole Hikutini, George kittle Active RB - Darius Jackson, Jonathan williams WR - Jaelen Strong, Charles Johnson TE - Mycole Pruitt, Eric Swoope
  15. I would undoubtedly agree your oline is way better, especially after this offseason. A good landing spot for sure. I just hope the vikes can be a sort of a - 2012 seahawks where our defense can keep games close enough to make up for a growing offense. Our o played pretty decent at times, just some continuity on the oline and a dynamic back like mixon could do wonders.