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  1. Better watch your back
  2. I hope so brotha. Should we take a head count? @Savatage79 @Tyler Durden @mmcc1029 @96mnc @dewaser @JHM_13 @candygram4mongo @disasterisk
  3. Ah i see i think i get that part of it. So no limit on the taxi squad, but maybe just a 3 or 4 round draft to limit the amount of devys coming in. However you manage those devys is up to you. Devys can be used in trades anyway you please. All devys remain on taxi squads until they become NFL drafted/eligible(even during trades correct?), in which case they automatically move to your active roster forcing a cut. Sound about right? @BlakeP42
  4. Im in the same boat, just learning about it. You bring up a good point. I think with devys you might be grabbing guys with even 2 years or 3 years left before eligibility. So i think there will always be room to do a rookie draft. But yes, if all the hyped up 2018 prospects get drafted this year, the rookie draft would become less appealing next year. Maybe we should shorten it? Maybe 3 devy players?
  5. Just trying to get things rolling blake. Not trying to step on any toes. Been quiet around here with the draft season approaching. Figured this wouldve been a faster method, anyone could voice an opinion if they strongly disagreed. Theres obvious discussions to be had regarding the taxi squad and devy draft, it was just a summary and preliminary settings. As you were, cap'n
  6. Well lets see if we can lock in the settings and then we can get rolling Please reply with concerns if you feel very strongly about anything, but heres what i propose we lock in: 12 team .5 PPR No IDP Traditional Waivers One Big Division 6 playoff teams with byes 4 PT QB TDS 25$ a year with 2 year pre pay. Paypal with Prez holding money ESPN platform 2 I.R spots QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, FLEX, FLEX 18 man roster with 5 (?) devy taxi squad with this quote from winky: Drafted DEVYS go to a taxi squad until that owner is ready to move them to his active roster (forcing a cut)... if our DEVY draft is 4 rounds, then a 4 man taxi squad...only players drafted can be on the taxi squad... also once a DEVY is moved to the active roster they cannot return to the taxi squad. Devy squad is made up of players not yet eligible for the NFL draft Max 4 QB From different teams Commish veto, sure we can all voice concerns if need be. Last playoff spot for highest remaining point total No return yards DEF and K included Did i miss anything? @petekrum @Impreza178 @Bartos @Lord_Varys @mrblonde1984 @Iron-cock @JHM_13 @Winky @Packdog @BlakeP42 @96mnc
  7. Lol i thought i recognized that titan-friendly tone. Here i was thinking i was going to have to debate with myself Welcome back
  8. Its that, or its @ChasinDatPaper incognito
  9. You noob
  10. 8 actually doesnt sound too unrealistic Win vs bears, lions, bills, dolphins, jets, vikings, split all division games Lose vs packers, NE, seattle, cowboys, split all division games. 9-7 This is just a scenario i could realistically see happening, but i would bet they squeak out a few more wins personally. Maybe a sweep of carolina. Close one between seattle.
  11. Not close. Just treadwell pumping him up and doing individual drills at OTAs. Great to see, but got a long way to go yet. My guess is he starts on the PUP, and id actually be suprised if he comes off of it. Bradford will be the 2017 starter.
  12. I dont necessarily agree on hills outlook going forward (maybe just a bitter vikings fan who was fooled by a similar gadget type player) but this was good analysis into his potential share. A good arguement can be had for both sides, with good reasoning. With how fantasy football works, hell probably end up somewhere in the middle. Regardless, im with you on ADP. Hes not someone im actively targetting at that price.
  13. X3. Completely agree. Was not very impressed when i watched him play, regardless if he scored 0 or 5 tds. Every giants RB not named vereen looked sluggish last season. I actually agree and thought vereen looked like the best back when he played. Maybe only by comparison, but he had much more burst and had the added benefit of catching. The giants barely did anything to supplant him, so maybe theyre seeing something im not, but it would surprise me if he ran away with this starting gig.
  14. Seems like people are turning a corner regarding APs value. It truly has the potential for a great situation the more i think about it. A team that primarily runs the ball from center, hes not going to see many stacked boxes with the threat of brees and the passing attack, to go along with a great offensive line, and elite talent. The two big variables here is how much the saints like to use a passing back, and Ingram. Will it become to obvious when AP is in that it will be a run? Do they give carries to other backs just to keep diversity? It worked well for the patriots but remains to be seen if another team could be as efficient. How much carries is ingram going to get? Is he just a cuff? Or is ingram the new hightower to AP in Ingrams role? Without these questions, wed be looking at a great situation
  15. He was playing over hogan near the end of the year so maybe his path to relevancy might be shorter then that. I could see a scenario where cooks and mitchell are outside and edelman is in the slot. Still, just being on the field wont be enoigh to be relevant. I think in a best case scenario (which could include injuries) youd hope for lafell type production. They do each bring something different to the table.