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  1. They knew about it prior to signing him
  2. I was going to touch on favre, but @devaster laid it out pretty good. I dont think anybody looks at jerry rice any differently for trying to continue his career till the age of 42 (!). Guy was a legend and owns every record in the book, and is still looked at as a 49er. Emmitt is still a huge icon in dallas, and i would argue that he isnt looked on any less favorably then aikman or irvin. The fact that these guys continued to play till their late ages doesnt hurt their portfolio, but proves the kind of talent they had to stay in the game alot longer then most. The lions have had some stars retire with them like Calvin and sanders but they both retired so early! That dampers a legacy, if anything its almost like they couldnt take losing anymore, or lost their love for the game. Sanders retirement almost set a city ablaze. The backlash was huge from fans, rumors circulated, ownership was shocked. It set them back. He didnt even retire in person. Even calvin johnsons retirement was somewhat of a surprise. But maybe im just a bitter vikings fan 😉
  3. Lol youll soon find out why there is no thread. Bumped to college I wouldnt say hes flying under the radar. His tape screams top back, fluid with his cuts, master of the "bait and cut," usually getting defenders to read the wrong hole. Hes a good pass catcher, tho i will say i saw more drops then i thought i would. He seemed to turn it on in the redzone/clutch situations. Time and time again, he seemed to single handedly keep florida in the game or win the game. That being said, theres multiple off field incidents, involving multiple arrests - tho he was aquitted - , a bb gun incident and mistreatment to animals. Going along with ball security issues and a poor combine, theres a few reasons to be concerned with cook at the next level. I love cook as a runner and think he has great vision, but i would say his bust risk is slightly higher then others.
  4. And ill be an NFL hall of fame quarterback
  5. In 2013, this wouldve been the most premier FA class ever available. Its seems crazy doesnt it? Especially for a current generation of fans that watched these guys careers from the beginning. But as @Winky has stated, alot of these guys are just past their prime, have regressed over the past couple years, havent been able to stay healthy, etc. Its sad to see, but its officially a changing of the gaurd.
  6. J.Mixon L.Fournette C.Davis M.Williams D.Cook Z.Jones J.Ross C.McCaffrey E.Engram S.Perine Alot of it will be based on where they end up, but as pure talents i like them in this order.
  7. I really think the vikings still address RB in draft, especially with the surgery and reported interest in the draft class of rbs, tho they apparently knew this when signing him. Murray is technically a 1 year rental with an option to continue. Im most excited for his pass blocking, and he is certainly a capable runner, but i dont feel hes the answer, and from my take on it i dont think the vikings do either. I could see very little dedication to murray if he falters, especially if we have an intruiging rookie and mckinnon, but asiata was plodded out there down after down mainly based on how good he was in pass pro, which was essential to our shoddy line. Its clear that pass pro is very important to the vikes, and given jerick deficiencies and a rookies assumed difficulties, i think murray will see quite a bit of time out there.
  8. I think you mixed that up, refuting the idea that cordarelle patterson was* draftable in those rounds, but i get what your saying. And i agree there. But the statement was based of not drafting him at all.
  9. Well he said drafted in general, not which round he was going. But thanks for your input. Regardless it was just a stat to show that cordarelle caught 58% of the passes thrown his way that year. You can poke holes in catch rate or drop rate or whatever you want, the point was cordarelle was not a crazy person to think about drafting that year, and nothing shouted stone hands. Certain top wrs have lead the league in drop rates. 77 targets may be a small share, but it was all we had to go off at the time. The hype may have been unwarranted, but he was certainly draftable that year. Do you refute that?
  10. 9 total tds, return threat, rushing threat, 2000+ all purpose yards, 58% catch rate his rookie season which is comparable to the 2016 seasons of: OBJ (59%) Evans (55%) Hilton (58%) etc. Sure, a good amount of passes were near the L.O.S im sure, but it was not crazy to think about drafting him the following year. Its the same reasons were thinking of drafting tyreek. Tyreek may be a better, faster WR, but for the majority of the season he was used exactly as patterson was his rookie year.
  11. Welcome to the forums. Things change drastically from now until draft time, but this is a fantasy football forum and rankings or "ADP" is a big part of that, especially in the offseason. They're just conversations to help us, as owners, get the best value come draft day. No one can say how drafts will go really, but its the same reasons we have hundreds of rankings sites and sources. We all just want to establish value, and where we could be comfortable taking said player. In this case, an 8th for murray seems comfortable, but as you said - depending on the draft or other players opinions, an RB needy team could take him sooner, or he could fall further. Its a nice collective source for opinions to help mold your own. In a perfect world we want to be prepared and be able to plan every move, unfortunately things never go as planned - but its the offseason, and weve got nothing better to talk about. So jump in and join us!
  12. An underrated part of Oline play is continuity. The vikings barely went 2 weeks this year starting the same olinemen. At LT we went from kalil, to clemmings, to jake long, then back to clemmings. LG went from boone to sirles, C went from berger to easton. RG went from fusco, to berger, to whatever capable body. RT went from smith, to sirles, to clemmings, to beavers. Im sure im even missing some but It was an absoloute mess. I think we had somewhere near 8-9 different starting lineups. In comparison to 2015, The group of kalil, fusco, berger, harris and clemming started EVERY game together that season.
  13. Main reason asiata kept plodding out there is because he is great in pass protection. He had decent hands out of the backfield, but with our shoddy line and jericks deficiencies in pass pro he was unfortunately necessary. I wouldnt take it as a non-belief in mckinnon, more his inablity to block. I agree with most of the rest of your post tho. I think the vikings view jerick mckinnon as their "kenyan drake," like he was used with peterson, and want to pair him with a power back -- tho i personally view his ceiling higher then that. Hes definatley more that - elusive, speedy, make you miss- kinda back. Getting him in space is dangerous. But breaking tackles isnt his forte, hence the 1 year rental on Murray(who is also good in pass pro)and i believe the possibility of drafting maybe a perine, or connor etc. Alot of interest in mixon, but i fear he will end up becoming to rich for the vikings.
  14. It was in reference to their draft selection and what was available at their first and second round choices. In massive need of a corner now, and henry wouldve done fine behind that line. Ramsey may act like a baby or a sore loser but at least thats passion for the game. Alot different then zeke having problems with substance abuse since his time in college and doing idiotic stunts in public view.
  15. Agree, but i still like what mckinnon brings. I think if your playing ppr, or just want to take a flier, mckinnon is a good bet to be suprisingly useful. I think mckinnons prospects grow from this signing actually, hes a great change of pace and like @Winky said, i could see less committment to Latavius, giving more opportunities to mckinnon. The good news is, if they still attack rb in the mid rounds (seeing as this is a one year experiment deal) mckinnon will most likely always have a role. As of right now, especially in ppr, he may be the only vikings backfield share i want. ( and even that is minimal)