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  1. Where Legends Are Born

    Vikingapocalypse trades 2018 2nd/ 2019 2nd AHERNSHOTME2 ( @ArmchairGM) trades Doug Martin
  2. 2017 Rotoworld Forum Experts Money League

    You too buddy. Your team still performed well just a shame we had to play each other lol
  3. 2017 Rotoworld Forum Experts Money League

    Close call this week @Winky, i was sweating watching allison run down the field
  4. Where Legends Are Born

    CJA on the block for the right price. Looking for good youth
  5. Giorgio Tavecchio 2017 Season Outlook

    Lol 3 pages on a kicker, i love it Tavecchio gonna be in that justin tucker range next year. BOOK IT 😂
  6. Sam Bradford 2017 Season Outlook


    Lol. I wasnt really relying on him or maclin, so it wouldve been a nice bonus for him to be playing. Now he can come back next year when the jaguars get a new qb and light the world on fire. 1500/16
  8. pick 1....ppr

    Crazy as it sounds powell is probably in for alot of dump offs. I like him this week. Fournette if you dont want to get too cute.
  9. Pick 2: Benjamin, Diggs, Hopkins (WHIR)

    Benjamin and diggs for me
  10. Should I drop Winston for a QB for this week?

    Id probably just drop duke or white. Duke is the king of preseason hype, but nothing suggests hes going to be a crazy upside play or more then an emergency fill in. In a ten team, i am not to worried about duke or white, especially given your depth at RB. If you want to drop winston, its not that crazy, but i like winston season long much better then what im sure youll find on the waiver. If u dont mind playing musical qbs and possibly letting someone have winston you can consider it. But id do as i stated above.
  11. Start Zay Jones over Beckham? WHIR

    I think you have too. Even if beckham plays hes not going to be 100%. AP is a good fallback option.
  12. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    You know what a prediction means, right? & two years ago? You mean before the 2015 season? Where he went on to lead the league in rushing with 1700 yards from scrimmage ? Yeah your right, he had nothing left
  13. Rate my team whir

    Not bad bhawks. Good to see you around again. Strong starting lineup. I dont love sammy as your only depth option at wr, but its a nice risk/reward. For going wr, wr you ended up with two pretty decent backs and pretty good depth. Not my personal targets, but a damn fine team.
  14. 2017 Rotoworld Forum Experts Money League

    Qb: Jameis Winston Rb: CJ Anderson Rb: Adrian Peterson Wr: Mike Evans Wr: Doug Baldwin Te: Austin Hooper Fl: Terrelle Pryor Fl: Pierre Garcon D/ST New York Giants BENCH Bradford Kamara, Prosise, Hill Golladay, Beasley, Perriman, Samuel Analysis Qb was a fairly easy target for me. Im usually a late qb guy, but we got to a point in the draft that i didnt love anyone during that portion of picks, so i got my guy to stack with my WR. With how many weapons winston now carries, in a high scoring division, and another year under his belt, i think hes in line for a great season with plenty of opportunity. There may be some mistakes, but i dont think it will outweigh the good. Bradford is a quality backup Wrs are the obvious strength of my team. The way the draft went, i just saw more value in going wr heavy. I didnt want to reach this year, i did far too much of that last year. I generally went BPA. Love the starting 4 of Evans, Baldwin, Pryor and Garcon. Got a nice fill in with beasley and some upside with golladay, perriman and samuel. Im overly happy with this group of wrs. I will most likely be starting 4 every week i can. As long as CJA stays healthy, i think hes going to supply me with a cheap rb1. Adrian peterson has the best situation of his career, the only question is how the workload will be divided, and if hes still got "it." Since my rbs became relativley thin by going wr heavy, i just wanted guys with roles that wouldnt go away. I think i got that with kamara and prosise. If AP or ingram goes down, kamara probably fills that "hightower role," along with the "cadet" role he will come into the season with. Hill just seemed like a value where i got him, and if he can supply me with rb2ish numbers for a couple weeks ill be pretty happy. Only grabbed one TE, as ive said before if i dont get the one or two guys i really like, i generally wait. Especially in a league this size. But im still very happy with hooper. He was my late round target, and he seems to be involved quite a bit. My playoff challenge hero back to bring me to glory. Generally pleased. May play some musical rbs but im looking forward too it. My door is always open for buisness as well.
  15. 2017 Rotoworld Forum Experts Money League

    17.01 - JHM - Adam Vinatieri 17.02 - Bartos - Kendall Wright 17.03 - Impreza178 - Charles Clay 17.04 - Mr. Blonde - Caleb Sturgis 17.05 - Wink - Kenyan Drake 17.06 -VikingApocalypse - Curtis Samuel 17.07 - Packdog - Alfred blue 17.08 - PeteKrum - C.j Fedoribcqweyrhd 17.09 - Sh*tOutofLuck - Tyler Lockett 17.10 - Lord Varys - Michael floyd 17.11 - ToO_Bad - Phillip Dorsett 17.12 - 96mnc - @96mnc 17.13 - Iron-Cock - 17.14 - Predator -