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  1. RW Forum Playoff Challenge 2016

    Great stuff boys, its an honor to win with such a talented group. Thanks @Impreza178 and @Bartos for keeping things running smoothly. And congratz on your big win last night bartos! Fly eagles fly Da real mvp
  2. 2018 WR Class

    I think suttons ceiling is high. He has some rawness to him, but he attacks the ball. He has great body control, and a great ability to adjust to the ball in the air. Speed seems to be the question, but i think he will surprise. When hes good, he reminds me of A.J green - smooth ,fluid movements. Of course, these are highlight tapes, but it really highlights his potential. Ability to go up in traffic, side-line catches, speed, seperation, one handed catches, ability to track the ball and adjust:
  3. Adrian Peterson 2018 Season Outlook

    They already have their own old washed-up rb 😂
  4. Kirk Cousins 2018 Season Outlook

    While retaining bridgewater on his current contract would be great, i dont exactly feel it takes us out of the quarterback market. He hasnt completed a pass in over 2 years besides in practice. My biggest fear is he will have bradford-like knee issues throughout his career. Ideally id love a situation where he isnt pushed to start, but im still intruiged by him.
  5. 2018 WR Class

    Chark is very interesting, his speed and length are almost martavis bryant - like. He had some trouble with drops, and id like to see him attack the ball rather then let it come into his body. But i have a feeling he is going to test extremely well at the combine. I feel chark is a late riser, on upside alone, similar to penny for RBs. Wether he deserves it or not remaims to be seen, but i really like his measurables.
  6. Kirk Cousins 2018 Season Outlook

    Not that i wouldnt welcome cousins to be a vikings, he is a great qb, but i fear he would come at too steep a price. Vikings need to resign: Diggs Hunter (Essential with griffens age) Barr (only productive OLB, 3 time pro bowler) Waynes (Our only productive CB aside from rhodes, and newman possibly out the door) Kendricks (stud young MLB) Its going to be tough to retain alot of talent, especially if we dump 25mil into cousins. Our best bet is to probably draft or go for a cheaper option, would probably help us keep this defense together longer. At the same time, kirk could be the peice to capitalize on a Super bowl contender. When we finally hire an OC, i think he will have alot to do with this choice.
  7. 2018 RB Class

    He did, but ballage had similar rushing stats. He looked great on the catch and run tho. There was alot to love with the senior bowl tape. I dont have him ranked 6th for nothing. His upside is tremendous. My opinion with prospects is to find what they dont do well. It could be the difference in choosing one guy over another. What they do well is already well documented and on display. When you watch some of these highlight tapes, you wonder why they arent all superstars. But we've talked before. We both are in agreement that penny has a pretty damn good chance at being productive at the next level, given the right situation.
  8. 2018 WR Class

    Agree with petekrum. I had christian kirk a little lower in my rankings as well. Miller seems criminally low. James washington at 10 doesnt bother me as much as the rest. Comp thats been thrown around is "anquan boldin" with Washington's thicker frame. I like him but i think he will have limitations at the next level. Id love to see how he is going to use his frame to box out the bigger corners at the next level. I think gallup is a little high too. Id have ridley alot higher. Hes probably the most pro-ready receiver in this draft. His ability to get of the line is explosive, i found him able to get inside or outside the coverage almost at free will. His size may leave you wanting more but i think he has the easiest transition. Jaleel scott seems a little high too, not a wr that gains a ton of seperation. His stature it great at 6'6 but reports out of senior bowl were him looking very "heavy footed" and may only be a redzone type weapon at the next level. I can understand your rankings based on the things you listed. Size seemed to have a big factor in your rankings. Overall, not a bad list. More upside based. Its a good list of names id probably just have them in a slightly different order.
  9. 2018 RB Class

    I feel like the hype around penny is huge, and when he tests at combine hes going to become that late draft rise IMO - being taken over the likes of walton, adams, maybe even kerryon. People are going to fall in love with his measureables. I have a few concerns tho. Level of competition, vision, and ability to ad-lib in a short time. Did anyone else notice the ridiculously huge holes when watching his tape? Especially on his bigger plays. Even at the senior bowl i thought the oline play was impressive(hence my thought that this feels like a very deep oline class). There were times when i thought (and im no scout or rb, much harder in real time) there was a cut-back lane he couldve taken advantage of as well, or bounced outside when the inside was closed. He seemed to just let dead plays die. These are just concerns, as most in here have already glossed over what he excels at. I still have penny ranked rather high, just wondering if anyone else has noticed these things as well. As of now, i have him ranked 6. Based on alot of upside. But i am considering moving kerryon over him, and possibly further down as i dive deeper into watching these guys. I have speed and durability question about kerryon tho.
  10. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Season Outlook

    Good to see you around, 96. Fully agree. I see somebody who shows the flashes of a great qb, while showing inconsistencies. I DO see most of his issues as things that can be coached and fixed, but it will rely on his ability to soak in information and his commitment level to becoming better rather then relying on the athleticism that allowed him to excel in college. Love the nice young weapons, dont mind the coaching staff--defensive play needs to improve but overall i like the current situation for his growth.
  11. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Season Outlook

    Is the sentiment being expressed here that mahomes is a run-first qb? That he is closer to kap and rg3, then aaron rodgers or wentz? I find that kind of crazy. Hes is not just a qb with a big arm and mobility. Ball placement, touch, pocket navigation were all things i saw on tape when studying. He was up and down at times. But i mean..5000+ yards , 40+ passing tds and 200+ yards rushing his final season. Mahomes mobility is an extra luxury, not what he relies on. Not to mention some of his highlight tapes are WOW throws that maybe only aaron rodgers could make otherwise imo. On the move, back foot, play extension. Im by no means calling him aaron rodgers, its a college highlight tape - everyone looks like a superstar, but he is much closer in style to rodgers then an rg3.
  12. Blake Bortles 2018 Season Outlook

    Looks like that answers that question All but garauntees arobs departure, if it wasnt expected already.
  13. Blake Bortles 2018 Season Outlook

    With how strapped they are for cash, it almost becomes bortles or anyone else. Tough decision to make, imo. I didnt necessarily think it was his fault they lost in the playoff. He made the right decisions, albeit while not being asked to do a whole lot, but when the pressure was on he played admirably. One good season, one horrible season, and one mediocre average season. I dont know if hes the answer, but i dont know it the book as been written on bortles yet. If he goes, someone will take a chance on him. Jags are a young team, but with enough vets and upcoming contracts to consider this a "window" for being a super bowl contender. They have a tough decision ahead.
  14. Dalvin Cook 2018 Season Outlook

    Yeah the eagles played out of their minds. I give the credit to them and their coaching staff. They made the thing that was our best feature look like the worst. It was just a bad day at the office for that D. They seemed to pick on our slot corner too (newman/alexander.) That 4th down deep out on alexander in the 4th quarter was huge. I also think it was newman covering on the jeffrey TD. I like alexander, but definatley a spot to look for improvement as well. Agree on everson never being the same. He was an absolute machine before the injury. To hills credit, iirc he playef alot of games at tackle this year with reiff out of the lineup, and did fairly well. With Elflein out i think they were more worried about center, putting berger there. They had done something similar in the week leading up to the playoffs. They like sirles as their plug and play linemen, decent at all things, not great at anything. I dont think our line was prepared to handle that philly front. As much as it improved, it was still a function of getting the ball out quick and being better at run blocking then pass blocking. It is still an area of weakness in my eyes, especially with berger out the door.
  15. 2018 RB Class

    Anyone got a hot take on Mark walton? Hearing his name here and there. His tape has some nice moments. Nice lateral agility. Good vision. Elusive. But he didnt look very fast on tape. I didnt think he was very explosive either i.e burst off the line or acceleration. More quick then fast. Not the biggest but not the smallest. Interested if anyone watched him on a regular basis