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  1. Locked up some nice RB production, aside from the ingram pick lol. Nelson pryor cooks should give a nice starting 3. Luck and rivers solid combo.
  2. Qb Carr($6) Hoyer($1) Watson($1) WR Beckham($37) Evans($36) Hilton($30) Diggs($7) Theilen($2) RB Mccoy($42) Gillislee($10) Riddick($5) Gore($8) L.Murray($3) Sproles($1) TE Bennett ($4) Clay ($1) D/ST Chiefs($2) Chargers ($1) K Baltimore Carolina ($1) Went studs and duds on this one, big chunk on Evans, OBJ, Hilton and Lesean. Ended up with some pretty decent RB depth. Too heavy on vikings lol. Overall not bad, decent first start.
  3. You stated garcons 1000 yard season was with painter, not that it was his best season in indy. You want to add your point you can, but theres no context in which it relates to the conversation i was having about his value of contract vs torrey smiths, especially given that it was wrong. At no point was i arguing garcon will suck with hoyer compared to what he had previously. You may have read the message out of context, but you quoted me. You tried to call me out for something that wasnt even in my post, I will defend my point, as you would in any other thread. Come on now, its a FF forum, were all defensive.
  4. After taking the time to do research, your wrong on this post and the last. His two 1000 yard seasons came with rg3 and kirk cousins last years. Painter was 947. Also, take some of your own advice and read the thread. The conversation was comparing smith and garcon. Has nothing to do with hoyer. It was about the value and contracts they were given back in FA time. Anything else?
  5. I never said it was with manning...It was a statement of what hes been with during his career, no direct correlation to his 1000 yard seasons. I only stated that hes had 2 of them. Followed by a comparison of both players situations. Conversation was long over, but i know you cant help but nitpick, or at least try
  6. Still think smallwood will be the direct backup to blount. Pumphrey to sproles. Hes much to small to carry the load(hes like my size lol), so hopping smallwood on the depth chart seems premature. Different skillsets. I dont hate the signing, a little different from what theyve gone with previously but with matthews inevitable departure, i cant see a reason blount doesnt get most of the early down work.
  7. Lol im absoloutely biased, but i said it that way because im sure the only people who watched bradford game in and game out were vikings fans like myself or analysts doing research. I was shocked at the deal at first, thought they had made a mistake. But after watching him every down, i have hope. I agree on philosophy. I dont think any team intentially tries to be heavy either running or passing, i think the personnel dictates it and i think the vikes have worked around their deficiencies well. Wether it was a strong running game with ap when we had no qb or pass happy last year when we had no rb or oline. If all comes together at least averagely, i see a more balanced offense going forward as well.
  8. Honestly for anyone who really watched bradford throughout the entire season, it was hard not to root for the guy. I came in highly skeptical of bradford and walked away fairly happy with the qb situation. For someone known as injury prone he showed toughness, poise, accuracy and field vision. He took what the defense and oline gave him, wether it was short or long. I already noticed quite the philosophy change with us. We went from running the majority of plays under center in 2015 (546 compared to 428 shotgun) to running a higher majority out of shotgun (654 to 353 under center). We also threw about 100 times more from 15 to 16, and ran about 100 times less from 15-16. Alot of this could be due to personnel obviously, such as petersons influence under center, and our oline this year getting a few more seconds running out of shotgun. Or petersons running ability vs mckinnon or asiata the next year. I wouldnt say they are trying to change to a pass happy, shotgun heavy type team, i think they just work with what they have. If we were creating some yards running the ball im sure they would have stuck with it. They obnoxiously tried to get it going alot last year, but it just wasnt happening. I still think minny could be a place to find an RB fantasy wise, but this year will be telling with shurmur taking over. Im intrigued to see if some success out of the oline will revert us backwards to a more even split or if were trending in a certain direction.
  9. The exact same line took AP to a rushing title the year before (kalil, fusco, berger, harris, clemmings) which is exactly what they came in with + andre and boone. Biggest difference? Not a single change on the line all year. They were already juggling the line by week 2. Health played the biggest factor in the vikings oline play. From 8-9 different combinations, to guys playing out of position, and signing washed up guys off the couch, it was a mess all around. Remmers has played in all 16 the past two seasons, reiff has played in every single game in his 5 year career except 1. Id call both an upgrade just in reliability. Berger has also played in every game for the past 5 years aside from 2 last year. We may see new faces in other spots, including a hyped up rookie in eiflen. Just some continuity will make this line better. I think last year was more of an outlier then the situation going forward. Will they be elite? Probably not, but an average outcome at this point would be a great outcome.
  10. That picture makes me cringe lol but its nice to see him giving it his all. Its telling that we celebrate a month healthy for him, but i do like the location he went. As you stated, hopefully wentz will continue to grow as a passer. The wr corps is a major upgrade overall and along with ertz, it should keep defenses honest in not giving too much attention to jeffrey. Cutler did have a tendency to lock on to his #1 wr, so im not sure if hell ever get the same attention from the qb position, but if he can stay healthy i can potentially see him having a good season before he becomes the hottest commodity of FA next year If he can stay healthy.
  11. Very good in depth take of what i saw as well. I summed up most of his pass pro as a "mild effort" or perhaps getting caught off guard with an incoming rusher. Technique needs work overall. Im hoping we can fix some of his bad habits with ball control. He better be holding it high a tight and working on transferring the ball to the less vulnerable side all camp.
  12. I think its about time we all get off this train
  13. Cassel was very similar? He was a 5 time winning quarterback arguably getting better with age? Cassels situation is not even close to bradys. It is the patriots, so nothing is off the table, but I highly doubt they would trade him away. Hes been one of the main reasons the patriots have been afforded the luxury of retaining players or turning over the roster. Wether its his contract restructuring or the ability to make lesser wrs turn into all pros and carry an offense, etc. I think the cardinals are eventually going to get sick of having old veteran qbs in a 2-3 year window. Theyre going to want that young guy they can build around for years. Is gabbert that guy? Probably not, and hes getting up there in age himself. I think the cardinals have found themselves an upgrade at the backup position and an "oh sh!t" plan b if palmer retires and they dont achieve their offseason qb plans
  14. I dont think diggs ADP was as high as you guys seem to think. The hype wasnt too big around diggs, except after his first two weeks so late drafter probably wouldve paid a premium. Last year i got diggs pretty late in a few leagues. MFL has his ADP for 2016 at 106, putting him around 8th or 9th round in a 12 team. MFL adps get a bit skewed and usually end up slightly higher by a round or so, but he was getting taken right around tavon, kevin white and sterling shepard. If he and theilen both hang around at their current prices, i see little risk and potential upside. Id be a buyer, as biased as it may seem lol.