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  1. 2018 Rotoworld Gridiron League

    Feel free to PM me emails if u dont want to post here
  2. 2018 Rotoworld Gridiron League

    @timexsocialclub @Impreza178 @JHM_13 @Tyler Durden @mmcc1029 + brother (forget his tag) @BlakeP42 Need some emails to set the new league up in yahoo. Its tradition that weve been starting his draft a little early, i was thinking perhaps Sat, Aug 4th as a start date. Any objections or opinions? With mark and dolphins out, ill be looking for 2 new owners. Ill send a message out to some leaguemates, but if anyone has someone theyd like to invite let me know!
  3. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    Thanks for putting this together. In and paid.
  4. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    Theres alot of things that go into it. The lines play over the past two years has been atrocious. Even if improved last year it was still mediocre at best. Alot of people forget how raw he was coming into the league, he was an option qb at georgia southern really. So hes been learning the position and developing his vision and the nuances of playing rb, especially vision. He ocassionally misses lanes - but also massivley improved between the tackles last year. Ive feel as though ive seen improvement from him every year to the eye test. He was always a good pass catcher but was still developing as an rb. He also runs harder then he should sometimes, reminds me of percy harvin. Little guy who will try to run his shoulder through u even if he fails. Makes me think he gonna end up injured sometimes but always pops back up. But he does forced quite a few missed tackles, almost 40 on 150 attempts. He ended up as 2017 PFFs 8th highest graded rb, well above average in blocking, receiving and running. And to be honest, ypc is a pretty overblown stat imo. If one play goes wrong or your hit in the backfield before u can even make a move it kills your whole ypc. Oline play is a huge part of it too. I prefer the eye test and he is one shifty athletic freak thats really coming into his own. Some 2017 YPC: Zeke 4.1 Bell 4.0 Mcoy 4.0 Fournette 3.9 And some lesser volume guys Coleman 4.0 Mckinnon 3.8 CMC 3.7 Mixon 3.5 Volume aside , just feel like alot is being made over .3 of a yard per carry. Landing spot with shanny was the best possible location IMO. His outside zone scheme along with his past usage of backs like this (or rbs in general) add alot to this hype. Really think his value will come in the receiving game too. I like shannys quotes when it comes to mckinnon..he doesnt believe the stats match the tape. He watched mckinnon tape and got "lost" watching him and thinking about all the things he could do with him and how much he popped off the screen. Sounds like he fell in love. Will not act like it doesnt come with risk, may actually be the riskiest pick in the first 3 rounds - but i believe in the talent and situation personally.
  5. Dynasty Bowl

    So when the draft ends - its wide open FA?
  6. Dynasty Bowl

    So are waivers faab? What is the budget
  7. Dynasty Bowl

    Confirmed 3rd Round 25. Winky - Antonio Calloway, WR, CLE26. Ironcock - DJ Chark, WR, JAX27. Sportsguy (to Misfit Toys) - Chase Edmonds, RB, ARI28. Southern Steeler - @southernSteeler29. El Chingon 30. Jmadtown 31. Texan AD 32. Hard1 33.Misfit Toys (to sportsguy) 34. Kingfish 35. Very Bad Man 36. Luck Dynasty
  8. Dynasty Bowl

    So you guys flip the 3rd round? So ill be 3.09 instead of .04?
  9. Dynasty Bowl

    Trade alert - Hard1 sends David Njoku Vikes sends 2.04 @hard1 you are OTC 2nd Round 13. Luck Dynasty - Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN 14. Very Bad Man - Christian Kirk WR ARI 15. Kingfish - Anthony Miller, WR, CHI16. Misfit Toys (to hard1) - OTC17. hard1 - OTC18. Texan AD (to hard1) - OTC19. Jmadtown @Jmadtown On deck20. El Chingon 21. Southern Steeler 22. Sportsguy 23. Ironcock 24. Winky
  10. Dynasty Bowl

    Pick coming soon just tied up here at work. Will entertain offers if interested
  11. Dynasty Bowl

    1st Round 1. Luck Dynasty - Saquon Barkley, RB, NYG2. Very Bad Man - Derrius Guice, RB, WAS3. Kingfish - Rashaad Penny, RB, SEA4. Misfit Toys - Nick Chubb, RB, CLE5. hard1 - Ronald Jones II, RB, TB6. Texan AD (to hard1) - Royce Freeman, RB, DEN7. Jmadtown - Calvin Ridley, WR, ATL8. El Chingon - Sony Michel, RB, NE9. Southern Steeler - Kerryon Johnson, RB, DET10. Sportsguy - D.J Moore, WR, CAR11. Ironcock - Jordan Wilkins, RB, IND12. Winky (to hard1) - Michael Gallup, WR, DAL2nd Round 13. Luck Dynasty @mbroo5880i14. Very Bad Man 15. Kingfish 16. Misfit Toys 17. hard1 18. Texan AD (to hard1) 19. Jmadtown 20. El Chingon 21. Southern Steeler 22. Sportsguy 23. Ironcock 24. Winky
  12. 2017 Rotoworld Forum Experts Money League

    Ive always thought of the experts and our dyno as "our" league to vote and make decisions on. We dont always like the people we are in leagues with but dont think its right to just kick him out and keep it away from everyone else. Would be nice to hear some reasoning behind it. I have no quarrels with prez or iron, but i am invested in these leagues and enjoy prez as an owner. Just seems kinda sudden and harsh. I agree with ben that i have been apart of many leagues with IC and have yet to see this behaviour. I know the whole "treasurer" incident had been brought up again recently and probably flared up old feelings. But there was nothing going on "behind the scenes" from what i understand. I think most of us enjoy prez as an owner and his witty banter and we are just looking for some explanation. Who elses draft picks are we going to treat like gold if prez leaves?
  13. Dynasty Bowl

    Watkins OTB. Wouldnt mind another first this year but fielding all offers.
  14. Dynasty Bowl

    Thanks guys, glad to be a part of it! Seems like a really solid group here
  15. Dynasty Bowl

    Thanks for the invite fellas, looking forward to competing with you. Now lets get this thing rolling, 1.04 Nick Chubb, RB, Browns 1st Round 1. Luck Dynasty - Saquon Barkley, RB, NYG2. Very Bad Man - Derrius Guice, RB, Skins3. Kingfish - Rashaad Penny, RB, SEA 4. Misfit Toys - Nick Chubb, RB, CLE5. hard1 - @hard16. Texan AD (to hard1) 7. Jmadtown 8. El Chingon 9. Southern Steeler 10. Sportsguy 11. Ironcock 12.Hard 1 (via trade WInky) Also, as per usual with new owners taking over teams - i have some guys i like and some guys im not in love with on my roster. Feel free to send inquiries.