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  1. Divisional Round Predictions

    Colts Rams Pats Saints Alot of coin flips here. Would love to see rivers take it home, he deserves it - but i just think patriots experience comes in to play here. Colts and chiefs the obvious shootout of the group, both offenses can put up points. Chiefs strongest component on defense is on the dline, vs the oline of colts which is their strength on O - effectivley negating each other. Can colts contain mahomes? Would be smart to drain the game with mack and keep the ball out of mahomes hands like baltimore did. Could be whoever has the ball last in this one. Rams should take care of business against the cowboys, although goff off the bye has been horrible aside from two cupcake confidence booster matchups to end the season. Rams allowing the highest YPC on defense which could lead to another zeke show, but ultimatley i believe goff puts it together like early season goff and the cowboys just wont be able to matchup with all the rams weapons. Betting against the eagles here, which probably isnt smart but i think eagles would have to shock the world to make it through the saints at home (sound familiar?). The saints wont let the eagles escape if nick foles makes the same mistakes he did against the bears. And although this eagles defense has been over performing, i still have my doubts about that secondary. A qb like brees should find a way to slice that inexperienced secondary.
  2. RW Forum Playoff Challenge 2016

    Hey dolphins! We actually did one in a chat group weve got going, just kept it off RW this time around out of convienience. Sorry we missed you, we will have to get you involved next year!
  3. Where Legends Are Born

    I should have my own first rounder and rolling twenties first rounder i believe. My 2nd is gone for the doug martin trade (oops) I should have my 3rd. And rolling twenties. From your list it appear i have no picks? I should have 1.04/1.11/3.04/3.11
  4. We are the Champions!

    @Bartos @JHM_13 @RMJ_12 @vikingapocalypse Winners of a few collective rotoworld based leagues, congrats my brothers!
  5. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    Congratz on the championship @Bartos, well done!
  6. 2018 Rotoworld Gridiron League

    @RMJ_12 congrats on the win big guy! Took care of business against my over-achieving squad! 1st place: @RMJ_12 2nd place: @vikingapocalypse Reg season winner: @McCandless23 Great season boys, Hope to see you all back next year!
  7. Where Legends Are Born

    Congratz @JMak ! Great year, that trade early was huge for you!
  8. Odell Beckham Jr. 2018 Outlook

    Slow? He ran a 4.48 40 time. Short? Possibly, but he also has a 41 inch vert which was the highest of wrs in his draft year. His all-pro teammate is only 1 inch taller. Small? Hes the same weight as greats like AB and Odell yet 1 inch smaller. Lets compare the two, Odell 1st round pick 5'11/198 4.43 40 time 38.5 vert 9 ft 6' broad 7 reps of 225 114 SPARQ Shepard 2nd round pick 5'10/194 4.48 40 time 41' vert 10 ft 3' broad 20 reps of 225 118 SPARQ Compare these numbers to any reciever. He may not be odell (not many are) but you'll find he deserves a bit more respect. Receivers of this quality are not a "dime a dozen." Hes been very reliable and productive when relied upon.
  9. Jay Ajayi 2018 Outlook

    Feel like this was more of seeing how his injury (i heard it was a foot?) Was going to react early. Shaking the rust off a bit after not practicing for the past couple weeks. I think the eagles started realizing he was the best option out there. Very pleased to see him grasp that RZ role and do well with it. Volume is definatley going to cause some headaches, cause i dont think clement or sproles are going anywhere, but i think his role only grows from here.
  10. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    Mike wallace Mike gisecki @ToO_BaD
  11. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    Damnit blake .. lol beat me to it
  12. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    Ill take John Kelly and Courtland Sutton. Back @ToO_BaD
  13. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    D.j moore Jared goff @ToO_BaD
  14. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    Taobball takes corey davis @Bartos