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  1. I believe in you!
  2. Lol you know where to find me!
  3. Brees/ben on the block for any qb needy teams
  4. Confirmed
  5. Will it be an open FA frenzy? Or are waivers submitted first?
  6. Ill take Malik Hooker, S, IND @sportsguy21792 OTC
  7. Lol! How did you even come up with that trade? You just finished paying for it lol crazy
  8. Were just trying to catch some of you big dogs lol Loving it so far, best free league ive ever been apart of. Well done boys thanks for having me.
  9. Is trading really a bad thing ? I love an active league
  10. 1. Don Julio (from IronCocks) - Marshawn Lynch RB OAK 2. Rolling Twenties - Melvin Ingram DL LAC 3. Lambeau Leap - Aaron Donald DL LAR 4. Don Julio - - Rex Burkhead - RB - Patriots 5. Vikingapocalypse (from The Expendables) - Jonathan Williams RB BUF 6. Sasquatch Hunters! - OTC 7. AHERNSHOTME2 8. The Expendables (from Chalupa Batman) 9. Vikingapocalypse - 10. Lambeau Leap (from El Iguanodon) 11. Detroit Diesels 12. No Romo 13. Need Some Wood? 14. Chalupa Batman (from Soulcrusher) I believe this is @merkman_21 otc? Someone help me out if not.
  11. Vikingapocalypse sends Emmanuel sanders, c.j prosise, samaje perine, jordan reed Mek Daddy Sends Terelle Pryor, Joe Mixon, FA 1.05 YOLO pick coming soon...
  12. I dont mind raising a stink
  13. It would have drastically changed the value of these 3rd rounders if they included free agents.
  14. So are we waiting for a re-pick then? I dont think the pick should stand, personally.
  15. @Mek Daddy otc