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  1. Thanks guys, but 1 WR is mandatory as stated in the OP
  2. Need 1 WR and 1 Flex.. Sony vs MIA Antonio vs MIA ARob vs DEN Damien vs OAK Had sony and arob in most of the week but curious on opinions, Thanks - whir
  3. Mecole, Dede, Mwill OTB. Looking to upgrade WR or for a TE
  4. Yearly averages is a benchmark all players and agents use. It's the benchmark media uses when discussing contracts. It's literally as simple as $57,500,000 ÷ 4, regardless of how it is split up yearly. A 4yr/15m a year , 40 guaranteed deal like Impreza was discussing would be a 4 year, $60,000,000, with $40 million guaranteed. Not a $100 million dollar contract. Would make him the highest paid yearly over Gurley's 14.4.
  5. Vikingapocalypse trades: Sammy Watkins, David Njoku, Sterling Shepard TexanAD trades: Mike Williams, Dede Westbrook, 2020 2nd round pick for record keeping purposes
  6. I also own @JMak's 2020 first, so I'm not sure which one was sent in the Carr/Lamar deal with @megamoviejohn
  7. Is there a reason all the FA pickups were reversed? Is it not open after waivers ran like previous years? Edit: I see 7pm now. My bad
  8. Dont worry the niners are in good hands
  9. It's about to be 20! Lol 🤣 if they are usable for a week or two, I'll consider it a win
  10. FA Draft  1. predator_05 (from Boudewijn) - Trey Quinn WR WAS 2. predator_05 (from sportsguy21792) - Trent Taylor WR SF 3. DerrickHenrysCleats - Jonathan Allen DT WAS 4. Du5t3r (from vikingapocalypse) - Jakobi Meyers WR NE 5. vikingapocalypse (from Du5t3r)- Preston Williams, WR, MIA 6. KennyWoo - @KennyWoo OTC 7. ArmchairGM (from Iron-cock) 8. ArmchairGM 9. megamoviejohn 10. JMak (from predator_05) 11. Drake  12. merkman_21   13. Mek Daddy   14. JMak 
  11. I may be open to these types of moves. Still trying to build up a team for the long haul
  12. He has to be picked up prior to the FA draft. Really, he should be picked up the second he is drafted imo. If hes still there during the FA draft i think hes fair game to be drafted.
  13. Office is still open for business 👀