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  1. 2018 Roto Dynasty Dozen Devy League

    Im down for that. Will we open it up to faab and then leave it wide open till preseason?
  2. 2018 Roto Dynasty Dozen Devy League

    Opening it once after the draft isnt too bad an idea - like priority udfas? Then maybe locked till preseason week 1 and ran weekly?
  3. 2018 Roto Dynasty Dozen Devy League

    I believe it will go to a FAAB period
  4. 2018 Roto Dynasty Dozen Devy League

    Brennan Eagles WR Texas @Lord_Varys
  5. 2018 Roto Dynasty Dozen Devy League

    Ill take Kelvin "Odell" Harmon Jr, NC @Packdog
  6. 2018 Roto Dynasty Dozen Devy League

    Great picks boys. Very jealous of those two
  7. 2018 Roto Dynasty Dozen Devy League

    Didnt see that one But on a side note, you gotta add ridley to your roster. If not, hes eligible to be drafted.
  8. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    Ill hop in later if it doesn't fill up
  9. Where Legends Are Born

    @sportsguy21792 Please cut Jabaal Sheard LB, re-add trent taylor.
  10. Nick Chubb 2018 Season Outlook

    Chubb had 18 for 213 his freshman year, before giving way to others while he was injured. I think it was more a product of a healthy stable of RBs then his inability to catch. It even happened to michel this year, with swift leading for most rb receptions. Just the way Georgia seems to use their rbs. Constantly getting the next guy involved. Hes been touted as a better pass catcher then hes given credit for. I dont really think it will matter as long as duke is around anyways. Then again, crowell has caught 68 for 500+ the past two years. Another guy who showed very little in college receiving the ball. There may be some room for receptions.
  11. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    I think it has less to do with money and more to do with location and qb. Hes already stated publicly that he wants a 1 year prove it deal. Thats what turned him off of the ravens deal. Best way to do that is to team up with a good qb on a good offense, especially with his posession type of play. Will one of those teams come calling? Maybe a team like the niners, or the colts with luck, i even thought dez to Carolina might have worked out well. But in reality - none may call, and he may have to settle for a worse situation. I think he holding out hope tho. Cowboys did him wrong releasing him when they did, teams already targetted wrs in FA or had their minds on the draft. I think we could see things ramp up in the coming days.
  12. 2018 Dallas Cowboys Season Outlook

    Watching the all or nothing i had a few quick takeaways - -Wonder where the leadership will come from with witten and dez leaving. Sean lee is kind of a quiet leader, and thats about it. - All the offseason drama and outside noise really weighed on zeke; late for practices, no sleep, rumors of weight gain, effort questions. Kind going through the motions at practice. And he was still pretty damn good on the field. Can imagine what a nice clean slate will do for him. - Dallas was a tough team early with zeke, high scoring offense in it till the last play with the good teams, beat up on bad teams. The injuries on the oline, the defense and the suspension of zeke were the absolute downfall of this team. Its amazing how much it changed, and how brutal the guys standing in for tyron were. -Dez and dak arent without blame, but i still think dak does some great things. I still think dez has some gas in the tank too. The drops were concerning, but he is damn physical and still makes some great high point catches. Just about to watch the last episode but its a pretty good series. Recommended watch.
  13. Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Season Outlook

    You think a Matt Jones signing is an indictment on Ajayi? While i understand the reports on ajayis knee, it would surprise me if they were this concerned. If they think his knee is "shot" i think they wouldve made a stronger effort to aquire a better rb via FA or draft, or at least bring in someone better then terrance west or matt jones. To ajayis credit, Ive barely seen the knee effect him besides some practice time off with his knee cited. I think the workload is just how the eagles will always rotate while under pederson. The knee issue is worrysome and hes probably not someone the eagles view as a long term answer, but i think he might come at a value this year. Sneaky offseason winner with all the rumors floating around.
  14. Nick Chubb 2018 Season Outlook

    To you and @Rolling Thunder's credit i must have had a different view of hydes senior season in my mind. Discussion forced me to look back on it, and your right - he was pretty darn good.
  15. Nick Chubb 2018 Season Outlook

    Absoloutely. We will have to agree to disagree, tho i think at times were arguing different points. Like i said, production in the NFL has major value and its definatley in hydes favor. If Chubb can continue to grow, the type of athlete he is possesses a much higher ceiling IMO. Im not expecting chubb to overtake the reigns year 1. But it wouldnt not surprise me in the least to see them move on from hyde next year if chubb shows something.