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  1. I'd say Shepard. It's his 2nd concussion this year and its only week 6...
  2. I'm starting the stash over wire guys like rivers, Jimmy G. But if Murray is in the picture then I'd roll him out there. Help?
  3. You'd be selling low on Evans and buying high on Fuller and Gallup. That being said I really like Gallup. Fuller is going to be hit and miss and he is known to get injured. I feel like you could get a better haul for Evans. Try and swing something bigger.
  4. It's close but I think I'd pill the trigger. Edelman is Mr. Consistent in PPR and it looks like Gurley is rounding to form. Evans is gonna boom but has lots of bust potential and Coleman just lost his pro bowl FB for 6 weeks ish. Go for it. Help?
  5. Yeah I would take this as well. I would keep Montgomery but it's a coin flip with Gordon and McLaurin for me. Send Dissly and scary Terry. Less competition for Terry but WAS is a mess right now.
  6. I would pull the trigger here. Jones Carson is close but Golladay is in a different tier than Scary Terry. Help? Another Kenny G question
  7. I would see if you can get Ingram instead. Still don't fully trust the PHI running back corps. I agreed with the narrative that Nagy ruined Howard, he's still a capable back but there's a lot of options on PHI. Help here?
  8. 8 team 0.5 PPR league. Looking for an upgrade at WR and have my eyes on Kenny G. I'm thinking of Offering: Allen Robinson II and Hyde for Kenny Golladay What are your thoughts? Overpay? Even? My other WR are K.Allen, Fitz, G.Tate, M.Hardman. RBs are Cook, Chubb, Coleman, Freeman, Montgomery. Any help is always appreciated. Leave a link and I'll return the favor!
  9. In my 8 team 0.5 PPR league I'm seeing a window of opportunity here with Juju and Kittle. I was thinking of offering: Watkins, Olsen, and David Montgomery for Juju and Kittle Now is this too much of a low ball? What else would you want to make this trade? His RBs are Gurley and Gore with not much behind that. Leave a link!
  10. Brown for the floor. Ross/Robinson for the ceiling but beware his floor could be a zero, Robinson that is. Actually Ross is the best of both worlds. Ross, final answer.
  11. No way. Both players are a burn in your bench right now but MGIII had instant RB1 value when he comes back. Just a question of when.
  12. Thanks with mine. If it makes you feel any better I agree with the trade. Evans was missed by Winston a few times so he'll get his. Good luck
  13. Your team does look good. I'm pretty high on Mack this year but if you wanted to try and send him and Cooks maybe for Gurley? You have Brown to cuff him with. It's a huge risk obviously but we've seen what Gurley can do and he's on the better team. Maybe the Gurley owner wants off the ride. Or see what RBs the Cook owner has and try and package Cooks & Mattison?
  14. What's your record? I think your team is pretty good at it is. You're trading a lot of RB depth for shares in one back field, assuming MGIII doesn't get traded.
  15. Well, in my 8 team 0.5 PPR league I'm stuck on which old guy to start at TE this week. Who you like better? Walker @ JAX Olsen @ ARI Olsen looked good last week but he now has a backup QB throwing him the ball, which could actually be an upgrade. Where Walker has Mariota at JAX on a Thursday. Who you like and why? Don't forget to leave a link!