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  1. Unfortunately it wasn't just Washington screwing him over. Chicago also shut him down final 11 games last season and a decent chance to happen again when they inevitably start tanking. Not a great gamble in h2h. Roto especially with games-played limits is obviously a different story.
  2. Much better for roto, in h2h will probably be load-managed or shut down for fantasy playoffs.
  3. Hopefully he will have a c-section and the recovery time will only be a few weeks. Natural birth might mean he goes on IR.
  4. Again, he was a rookie who missed TC last season. If he looked awful it was due to inexperience and lack of practice reps, not lack of innate receiving ability. They had White so they simplified the playbook for him and didn't need to give him a role in the passing game.
  5. The shelf life is extremely brief for RBs and they are quickly expendable. Today's jettisoning of McCoy is proof of that. Buffalo didn't waste a valuable draft pick (#74 overall) for Singletary to be a 3rd-stringer.
  6. Not sure if you're being sarcastic lol, but yeah at this point of their careers. Aging RBs are the definition of expendable in the NFL. It's a harsh world out there.
  7. It didn't take too much reading of the tea leaves to realize that 2 aging JAGs ahead of him on the "depth chart" didn't mean much. But maybe that's just me being bizarre.
  8. You should charge for it. Go ahead and send me a link to your pay pal account.
  9. OK, thanks for your analysis. I will go ahead and drop him in all leagues.
  10. I don't think it would affect Duke if McCoy goes to Houston. McCoy is a shade of himself (pun intended) and Duke gonna get his regardless. Duke is not the kind of guy you want to slam it into the back of a bad offensive line over and over again for 2 yards and a cloud of dust. Let someone else take those body blows that so Duke can get his touches in space.
  11. In any decent leagues Singleletary was likely already "nabbed" lol.
  12. Just a hunch, but they wouldn't have traded a 3rd rounder for him if they didn't intend to utilize his skill set. Maybe they didn't use their RBs in the passing game much because they didn't have a player with his skill set?
  13. Excellent post, too often we compare players simply based on physical stature or appearance. Similar to comparing all white players only to other white players, etc.
  14. Why is that shocking? Duke is much more talented than a fading JAG Miller, and not remotely close. Houston saw the writing on the wall pre- Miller injury by giving up a 3rd rounder.