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  1. To be fair it's against a lefty....look at his splits. Agreed he should move up against righties though.
  2. Not a believer in what? No one is projecting him as a lead RB, including Carolina and McCaffrey himself. It is pretty obvious he is not a between the tackles guy, rather a hybrid slot WR / 3rd down back. He has the versatility and upside of Darren Sproles to make a huge impact both in special teams and on offense, with the potential to be immensely valuable in real life football (and in fantasy depending on league settings).
  3. Producing what I was hoping from broxton. HR + SB.
  4. I don't think Blake would be a good fit at all for the Celtics, even if healthy. He is too much like Horford. They need a true defensive presence and rim protector, which would be a better complement to Horford.
  5. He has aleady been starting the majority of this season. That said, I think you mean he might be getting starter's minutes beginning next season. That i agree with. Watching him go against Toronto, I see a young Ibaka with the elite 3PM / BLK combo.
  6. Still no respect for some reason. I have had some horrible offers for him in my main dynasty league.
  7. Why are you yelling?
  8. ^^ See part in bold.
  9. And why is that?
  10. #sample size. Waaay too early to fixate on numbers after 38 ABs Last season he had a 94 K to 36 BB over 479 ABs. He strikes me as an aggressive hitter so I don't expect gaudy walk numbers.
  11. It never ceases to amaze me when seeing the hyperbole and panic on these threads based on sub 2 week sample sizes. You used the word "outrageous" 3 times in your initial post based on his appearance in 7 games. 37 plate appearances would barely measure a blip on the radar if they were in mid-July.
  12. TBH I coulda stopped reading your post after the part in bold. He has played in 7 games and we are not even 2 weeks into the season bruh.
  13. Not sure the relevance of grilled steaks, but the basketball footage shows his freak athleticism....and he looks pretty good so far as a pitcher in the big leagues.
  14. There are no safe players in fantasy football. Every guy is one play away from a blown ACL. In fact I would suggest you delete this thread before you jinx every guy mentioned!
  15. I would prefer that you learn the English language before posting