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  1. I could possibly know because I do know Eaton is one of the most injury-prone guys in the MLB and is on the wrong side of 30.
  2. Eaton will be injured and Robles moved to leadoff or 2nd, mark my words.
  3. It might be a blessing in disguise that he is starting the year in the bullpen. Who knows, he might be the next Josh Hader and dominate in a middle relief role.
  4. Kris Davis lead the majors last year with 48 HR but let's tap the breaks a bit. Take away those 48 swings and he would've had 0 HR and a .180 avg.
  5. Not at all a Kang apologist as a human being lol, but as far as baseball is concerned he is far from a scrub. You can't judge any player one way or another off of spring training stats, especially someone like Kang who is knocking off some rust from his extended time off. Moran is a bench bat and will never be a starting-caliber CI.
  6. He might start several times a week but there'll be a platoon situation of some sort between renfroe, Franmil, Margot, Myers, Cordero. 5 OF rotating between 3 spots. Franmil will get his though and will be fine in daily leagues if you can pay attention to sub him in and out in daily lineups.
  7. This article doesn't say anything we didn't already know.
  8. Right. And good players also have routine days off. That's what a utility player provides.
  9. Hernan is very good vs LHP, why would they not utilize that resource and keep shaw and moose fresh? If they play 3 starting LHP over a 10 day period, shaw probably sits 2 of those and Moose sits against 1 of them.
  10. Agreed, I think they will platoon Hernan with Moose at 2B, keeping in mind that Moose can sub for Shaw at 3B on occasion. Hernan has good splits against LHP allowing him to platoon with Moose/Shaw.
  11. PLAYER A (2nd NBA season, age 22) - 8 points, 10 reb, 2.3 blk, 60% fg, 62% ft in 26 minutes/game PLAYER B (2nd NBA season, age 20) - 11 points, 8 reb, 1.5 blk, 58% fg, 71% ft in 26 minutes/game ^^ One of these players is Allen "who doesn't do much." The other is Rudy Gobert (future defensive POY).
  12. Understandable since he's played very little dating back to high school, due to the injuries. The talent is immense and undeniable, but he is much greener than most sophomore college players.
  13. He was bad last year but you have to remember he was playing hurt and he re-tooled his swing mid-season. Good post-hype target for sure.