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  1. @mneel55....trade offer sent
  2. 3 for 3 with inside the park HR. Just sit him vs LHP as in real life if you have roster space.
  3. Confused by this post. Lopez being the #1 offensive option won't be a detriment to Ball. Ball's main value will come from assists not volume scoring. Lopez will help Ball not hurt.
  4. Which is where he belongs ATM. You bench him when he's cold and fire him up when he's hot. If you hate him, hang on to him and then trade him when he gets hot. Dropping him for nothing just means a smarter, more patient owner picks him up and then he goes nuts with his epic multi-steal weeks.
  5. If there's anything more annoying than amateur doctors on RW forums, it's amateur psychologists smh.
  6. He is just now heating up. Will be many more HRs upcoming this month.
  7. Post-hype sleeper alert! People seem to have given up on him because he took a few years to figure things out, then additionally was written off after being injured last year.
  8. Agreed. They shoulda just DL'ed him from the jump.
  9. I really don't think you're intentionally trolling me, but your original statement was that there was "no need to own him," which is an absurd statement in any format where steals are a category. Even if you are not a fan of Hamilton, that is not a rational way to view fantasy.
  10. Well of course you would need to balance out your stats with power at other positions....but that is really not hard to do because HR power is much less scarce than steals. Look at how many power bats came off the waiver wire this season. I am still waiting on a good reason why a guy like Hamilton who can own a scarce category all by himself is somehow not worth owning.
  11. Agreed, steals can be overrated in h2h. However your statement re:Hamilton was "no need to own" which is an absurd statement in any format that counts steals as a category.
  12. No need to own 50+ steals? Uh, ok.
  13. Very confused by this post. A top 25 player is plenty valuable. Hard to justify NOT rostering him at this point, with only roughly a month of suspension time remaining.
  14. Looking forward to another year.
  15. You are far too logical for these forums, sir.