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  1. Dynasty Bowl

    Don't worry, you will drop Cordarrelle again soon enough.
  2. Dynasty Bowl

    Sorry guys, I thought draft was over and I picked up a bunch of guys on yahoo. Dropped them all back. So it looks like we still have 1 more pick remaining before players go on waivers: 3rd Round 25. Winky -Antonio Calloway, WR, CLE26. Ironcock - DJ Chark, WR, JAX27. Sportsguy (to Misfit Toys) - Chase Edmonds RB ARI28. Southern Steeler - Deon Cain29. El Chingon - DaeSean Hamilton30. Jmadtown - Trenton Cannon RB NYJ31. Texan AD - OTC, skipped as of 2:18 PM Central 7/1332. Hard1 - John Kelly RB LAR33.Misfit Toys (to sportsguy) - Mark Walton RB CIN34. Kingfish - Baker Mayfield35. Very Bad Man - Boston Scott36. Luck Dynasty - @mbroo5880i OTC
  3. Dynasty Bowl

    Draft needs to finish first, then players will be placed on waivers.
  4. Dynasty Bowl

    You were skipped but you can still pick right now.
  5. Dynasty Bowl

    Good pick! Off topic, but check your team page on Yahoo. I made an offer several days ago, feel free to accept , decline, counter offer etc 👍
  6. Dynasty Bowl

    Looks like @hard1 otc
  7. Trae Young 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    not a trae young fan, but uh, no.
  8. Dynasty Bowl

    DaeSean Hamilton.
  9. Dynasty Bowl

    Was hoping keke would drop to 3rd round. PPR gold.
  10. Dynasty Bowl

    Nyheim hines
  11. Dynasty Bowl

    Great trade guys! Hard1 with the trifecta coming up
  12. Brook Lopez 2018-2018 Season Outlook

    He has averaged 47% fg even after adding 3pm to his arsenal. How does this force you to punt fg% in h2h and make him unusable in roto?
  13. JJJ. Kevin Garnett upside with the ability and willingness to play D. Very fantasy-friendly game too with the blocks and 3pm.
  14. Dynasty Bowl

    If skipped guys can come back anytime to make their pick, correct?
  15. 2018 NBA Offseason and Free Agency Thread

    I don't think grant was ever going to start over Dunn lmao.