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  1. I hope these rookie / sophomore player evaluations in this thread are not based on SL. Not aimed at you in particular, but I think SL is way overrated in player evaluations, becauase SL games are nothing like real NBA games. I am guilty of doing the same. I think because since we as basketball junkies have nothing better to do in July, we read way too much into a tiny sample size of glorified pickup games against scrubs.
  2. Surprised Taurean Prince is nowhere on these lists. Starting SF for a rebuilding Atlanta organization, and very fantasy-friendly game.
  3. Where art thou?
  4. I don't see anything laughable or funny about someone else's misfortune. Obviously this is an issue he didn't want or wish on himself. It's very unfortunate for a kid who had (still has?) a bright future.
  5. Not sure why this matters, and not sure that depth charts really mean much in today's positionless NBA.
  6. This tired narrative is starting to wear thin. He has played 72+ games in 3 straight seasons and 4 of the past 5 seasons.
  7. No one is saying 15 in 2nd half lol.
  8. Agreed, HORRIBLE trade for Boston. Marcus Morris is trash, don't insult Horford by comparing the two of them.
  9. I understand this sentiment especially in H2H or shallow formats, but he is the classic roto glue guy who doesn't hurt you anywhere and doesn't rely on scoring for value. Even with scoring only 10 ppg last season he was a top 50 guy in standard 9 cats. So even if his scoring dips to say 8 ppg, he should still easily be a top 80 guy worst-case scenario.
  10. Really? Because I didn't see that part. I saw Mitchell step on his foot lol.
  11. Leaving him parked in my DL. When Houston gets done with him, I be like:
  12. Discussions of AB to Knicks for Willy Hernangomez? Interesting.
  13. Good list, I don't think belongs Zubac on that list though. B.Lo he has played 72+ games 3 straight seasons
  14. One motive might be for locker room chemistry, Crowder has been very salty / sensitive during the whole Hayward recruitment. Smart and AB are both also on the block, they could still get a big by moving one or both of those guys. I saw yesterday that there might be interest in Marc Gasol for AB.
  15. My post was in response to previous posters not seeming to understand why he is not playing every day. What is obvious to you and I may not be obvious to all