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  1. This is misleading because there is no "consensus from writers." Only speculation. The truth is, probably no one knows for sure yet what his position will be long term, even the Oakland organization itself.
  2. Link?
  3. Another factor, with cousins in the paint, maybe he doesn't have to gamble as often for stocks? His stocks dropped off in particular coinciding with cousins' arrival. I am actually ok with a slight downward trend in stocks if it helps reduce the injury risk and fatigue which can increase said risk.
  4. OBP league?! Even more hard to understand when you say you would not touch him smh.
  5. What is your email address? Because your league invite will be arriving shortly.
  6. The shots will be there, but much more exciting in his skill set are the steals and assists potential.
  7. Mirotic with both Taj and McDermott to OKC.
  8. Very strange comment. Over the past 38 games he is also providing 3 assists, 2 3PM, 1.2 stl, 85% ft, and 50% fg to go with his scoring. Not sure what else you would expect from your waiver wire pickup?
  9. There is plenty to love in 12 team and above. Agreed his fg% is not good, but he is an 80% ft shooter this season. More important he has big upside with stocks potential and also out of position rebounds as he qualifies at SG in ESPN. Per 36 of 17 pts, 8 reb, 1.9 3PM, 1.4 stl, .8 blk. He will get plenty of run in Philadelphia.
  10. No it would be killer for Amir Johnson. Gallo wouldn't be coming to Boston to replace Crowder. Crowder and Gallo would still get their minutes because both play SF and PF. Crowder not a volume scorer anyway so his role wouldn't change much.
  11. Hield being force-fed playing time and usage is not a good thing unless you are punting fg%.
  12. AAA to begin the season and should get another chance if someone gets injured.
  13. ^^Odubel Herrera is a great comp. Laureano a great combo of HR, SB, and BB. Only concern is his K rate.
  14. Very short-sighted point of view and I am aggressively targeting all dynasty owners in my leagues who share this uniformed opinion. While this is indeed a lost season, because he will need a full offseason to get healthy, and moreover he is not a good fit with Gobert in Utah long term. However he is a great buy low opportunity for real-life NBA teams and dynasty owners looking for a franchise center, because he is still just 25 and easily a top 10 center when fully healthy and in the right situation.
  15. I hope they don't hinder the development of Peraza and Herrera by tooling around with Cozart. Let the kids play.