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  1. I don't see a headache here, Millsap is only a 24-26 minute guy at this point, plus will miss multiple games for load management. In the games Millsap is active, Grant will get 24 minutes at PF as a floor, plus will get minutes over Plumlee backing up Jokic as a small-ball 5.
  2. Agreed. And since Collins is much more effective at the 5, I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a near 50/50 time share between the two, and not out of the realm of possibility Collins moves ahead of Whiteside.
  3. Truth, but where he lacks in blocks he makes up with out of position steals. If you can pair a blocks specialist and a steals specialist with him, you end up dominating both categories.
  4. Agreed, he won't be a volume guy, more of a glue guy sprinkling in assists/3PM/stocks with nice efficiency.
  5. I think Sato is the best complement to Lavine, high IQ player who can space the floor and hit the 3. I think preseason "competition" with Dunn was them just attempting to showcase him. Dunn is not a starting-caliber NBA PG and in particular would be a horrible fit next to Lavine. I was happy about this perceived competition because it drove down Sato's ADP. Coby White is more of a dynasty play, not ready for a starting PG gig.
  6. We can agree to disagree then. I think Pop is too smart to pigeonhole White as only a Dejounte backup. White is a combo guard and is much more versatile especially defensively relative to a one-dimensional player like Forbes.
  7. You have to think Murray will be limited to the 26-28 minute range at least initially, and I think may load-manage him also ( at least initially). So your prediction of 20 minutes for White presupposes that White will only be a backup PG behind Murray and they will never play any minutes together. I disagree. Although I do agree, reading the preseason rotations it does look like Forbes will start halves but I think it's so they can stagger Dejounte/White's minutes, and allow them to sprinkle in Mills later in halves when one of either Murray/Dejounte are on the floor. I think on average the White/Dejounte pairing end up playing at least 8-10 minutes at the same time and therefore White ends up averaging @ 28 minutes per game. As for the other guys, Mills is an 8 to 10 minute guy at this point, Forbes is a 12-15 minute guy whose role is to start halves allowing them to stagger White/Murray, Belli in the 20-22 minute range playing SG in some lineups but mainly backing up deRozan at SF. Just spit-balling, we'll see more clearly after 10 games or so.
  8. Hot take. I know message boards are made for hot sports opinions, but this is quite the knee-jerk reaction based on a couple preseason games, even by RW forum standards. Let's see if "no minutes for White" after 10 regular season games or so.
  9. To be more blunt, their bench SUCKS so the door is wide open for him to be the team's 6th man and get 24+ minutes straight from the jump.
  10. I think embiid said his goal was to play 70 games, in today's load managed nba that's very few games he will be missing. Barring injury of course.
  11. Nowhere near the elite steal rate of Smart, but might chip in .7 blocks which is plenty valuable from the guard spot in roto.
  12. no one would have to "sit." Harris and J.Rich can't play all 48 minutes.
  13. I won't be drafting him for scoring. His value will lie in stocks, boards, without hurting %s or turnovers.
  14. Yes he saw him play, and that is why he's currently experiencing remorse that he doesn't have him on any teams.
  15. Players sitting out with minor injuries, or fabricated injuries for rest, then constant blurbs saying, "bump him down a few spots in your draft" or something to that effect. Really, RW? Players' season-long values should take a hit because they are sitting out meaningless preseason games 2 weeks before the season even begins.
  16. Yeah, because in fantasy long plays like an 83 yard run don't count. Pass pro does though.
  17. Yeah I remember, thought they were really stupid when they were booing.
  18. To be fair, Isaac's value will lie in categories outside of scoring.
  19. I read Stevens was praising him for his awareness and communication skills in team defense, don't have link or exact quote but was from a couple weeks ago.
  20. As others have said, Kanter is a career 6th man off the bench because he can't defend my grandma. Not too hard to read the tea leaves here, Time Lord will start and get all the run he can handle. The only thing stopping him is himself (very foul-prone).
  21. This tired narrative has to stop. Just a quick glance at the AMERICAN busts, only looking at the top 10 picks from 1st round of 2015 draft in which KP was selected: (3) Jahlil Okafor - taken one spot ahead of KP (6) WCS (8) Stanley Johnson (9) Frank Kaminsky
  22. I wasn't laughing. I think the masses who were laughing were caught up in their own anti-euro bias.
  23. No offense, but not sure why it required preseason games to "find out" about porzingis.
  24. Just a hunch, but in addition to the names already mentioned above, I feel Houston might load manage RWB / Harden, and stagger the games they sit out. Neither are getting any younger and have played extremely high minutes the last few seasons....they both take a physical beating, and RWB in particular has been banged up a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if each of them are load managed around 8-10 games each. They have a couple of back to backs on Nov. 3-4 and Nov. 15-16, will be on my radar to see if this happens.