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  1. Just paid the Champion of my league in all ones ($645). He's also my boss, so thankfully he has a great sense of humor and took this very well.
  2. Both QBs are risky but I'd go Jackson as I think that game is higher scoring than Pats-Bills. Reynolds & Williams Thanks for the help w/ mine
  3. Hilton. He should be fine as he played last week and was in basically same situation health-wise. Thanks for the help w/ mine
  4. They're all solid plays this week, but I think I'd sit Gordon based on a brutal matchup and he may not be at 100%. Thanks for the help w/ mine
  5. It's always risky to rely on Belichick RBs, but I still think Michel is the safer play. Thanks for the help w/ mine
  6. This is for a standard scoring league (team 1 in sig). Something of an unusual choice since I have Samuels whom I'm definitely starting and has TE eligibility. I can either start him at TE and use Barber as my Flex or start Kittle at TE and use Samuels as my flex. Leaning Kittle, since he's the main passing weapon for 49ers, but I almost got burned week 14 when I sat Kittle for Samuels. Kittle (vs CHI) or P. Barber (@DAL) Thanks very much, as always. Best of luck to everyone else still alive. Leave link for WHIR.
  7. Was fortunate enough to make it into 2 championships this year (out of 3 leagues). That said, the odds of me winning either of them this year aren't great. My team is "Just The Tip"
  8. No thank you. Also, I LOVE your avatar. I miss the little guy. Ack ack...
  9. Already clinched a spot in the Championship in 2 of 3 leagues. Will need 45 b/w Brees & CMC tonight to make it 3 for 3. It's possible, but I'm not holding my breath either. Good luck to anyone else still alive.
  10. Yeah. He had to be helped off field by teammates.
  11. Lol. I dread this thread every Sunday. But it is a necessary evil.
  12. Normally Winston would be the guy from those options, but he has a brutal matchup vs Baltimore. I'd also roll with Carr. Thanks for the help w/ mine
  13. Assuming you didn't start McGuire, I would go Adams. I think Philly will lean on the run game a bit more than usual with Wentz out. Thanks for the help w/ mine.