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  1. I mean no he's not gonna take passes 90 yards to the house every game but he's been solid since the trade outside of last week. Most important thing is he's involved...with the type of roll Dallas is on right now I think Coopers just getting started.
  2. Tampa’s a dumpster fire but it’s looking pretty good for OJ fantasy wise.
  3. Traded Chubb and Mack for Zeke before the Philly game last week. Kamaras my RB1. I knew it was only a matter of time before Zeke came around.
  4. Because he’s 3rd priority behind Zeke and the Dallas defense.
  5. Wasn’t the first drive 5 rushes for 46 yards without a pass. That’s crazy..
  6. I personally think you should stand pat with Adams. The guys killing it. Maybe wait and see if another offer that’s better comes up.
  7. I love that schedule for Ben but I also love Rivers consistency. So Rivers for me.