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  1. That's why I included the word "figure" and the phrase "I could see them" in there. And there's nothing wild about them at all. There was already talk coming into the season of the Wizards blowing things up if they again failed to advance in the playoffs. When you consider how poorly their season was going before Wall went down, it's a fair scenario to consider.
  2. Anyone concerned with a possible trade before the deadline? For those of us with FAAB bidding that's a real concern to consider. At 27 years of age, you figure Sato isn't in the Wizards long-term plans, and with the team as much of a mess as it was even before Wall went down, I could see them trading off some assets at the deadline and blowing this whole thing up. Wasting a big chunk of my load on a guy who would be traded in a month and proceed to lose all value would really suck.
  3. It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, the Sixers do at the deadline if Fultz is still underwhelming by then, since they certainly have the assets and the cap space to make a big move. Would they give Fultz more time to improve or would they cut bait and go for it sooner rather than later?
  4. Except it would come at the cost of an even lower chance of winning, and since I wouldn't expect another couple hundred of millions of dollars to make my life any better relatively speaking, why would I want to reduce my chances of winning? Give me 100 million and a 10x better chance of winning vs 1 billion and a worse chance of winning any day (or at least I would consider them equal at best). I get why people buy the tickets in general; I just don't understand the logic in getting frenzied over a net negative.
  5. I understand the point you're trying to make. I'm just saying that drafting Fultz with a one-to-two game window of expected performance was never going to be a good idea considering his particular situation. Hardly back-breaking, sure, but not smart, either. There were probably a dozen other superior scratch offs that impatient owners would have been better off buying on draft day, some of which may not be available for sale now. But I do understand that some owners probably drafted him because he is a former #1 overall pick and with the hope of getting immediate results, all other considerations be damned. On a slightly unrelated note, I don't understand all of the hype surrounding the current Mega Millions and Powerball Jackpots. If anything, a jackpot worth nearly a billion dollars would be a bad thing, as it would only act to decrease one's already minuscule chance of winning while not providing any additional marginal utility. I mean, is there really a difference between 100 million and 500 million dollars? I love me some fantasy and some poker, but scratch-offs, drawings and slot machines do absolutely nothing for me. If they did, I'd probably be broke and homeless by now.
  6. No, but tell me which of these scratch offs you would prefer to play: A: A scratch off with a 1 in 500 chance of winning a $100 grand prize B: A scratch off with a 1 in 2500 chance of winning a $100 grand prize Dropping Fultz two games into the season would be like going with B. If someone wanted immediate production, they could have easily drafted someone else in the same price range with similar upside, if not even more given the concern with Fultz's percentages even in a best-case scenario. I drafted Fultz on several teams because I was willing to be patient with him. Yes, the decision could do more harm than good in the end, but that's not the point. At $2, the situation is obviously different; I was talking more about the owners who took him around 100 and, more specifically, those who had unrealistic expectations for his early season performance.
  7. My thoughts exactly. Expecting Fultz to come out like gangbusters on a team like this was always a pipe dream, especially with his shooting form still not all the way back to where it needs to be. I completely understand owners dropping him for hot free agents as he wasn't likely to hold much value this season anyway, and sure, wasting a top 100-130 pick on him isn't the end of the world, but it still begs the question as to why he was drafted in the first place if he was going to be dropped two games into the season? There were plenty of other higher upside players in the same range who would have been far likelier to hold early-season value compared to Fultz. Having drafted Fultz expecting solid early-season performance despite knowing his obvious faults (FG%, FT%) seems a bit like playing the lotto.
  8. Someone cannot be considered a bust when they haven't even played one-quarter of an NBA season yet, even disregarding the shoulder injury that clearly impacted his shot, or at the very least caused him to screw it up even further. You want to try and argue against that logic? Be my guest. And no, prefacing your position with "To date" doesn't make it any more valid. Calling Fultz’s performance thus far disappointing or frustrating is perfectly fine. Calling him a bust is utter nonsense. Your point? Did any of those guys have a shoulder injury which impacted their shot? Did any of them work with a trainer who foolishly tried to get them to change said shot? And since when did this become a comparison thread? Fultz is not Simmons, nor is he Embiid. Cherrypicking a couple of irrelevant examples does nothing to prove your non-existent point. What Fultz has gone through as a #1 pick is pretty unprecedented, so yes, it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up being a bust a few years from now. Except it's not a few years from now. It's October 19th, 2018, 16 games and 2 starts into his career.
  9. For all intents and purposes, tonight was the second game of Fultz's career. Yes, he may have gotten in a few games at the end of last season, but considering those games came at a point in time in which his shooting mechanics were out of whack thanks to his shoulder injury (and perhaps his ill-advised decision to alter his shooting mechanics), we cannot take those statistics seriously. We also have to consider the situation that Fultz has been put into, as it's not like he's being asked to run the offense and make plays on a regular basis. One would think this would be a plus for someone like Fultz---less defensive pressure, more open looks---and in the long run I think it will be a positive for him, but as a guy who was used to having the ball in his hands a lot during college, it is a big adjustment. You're used to playing one style of basketball, and now you have to adjust to something very different. Not everyone can make this adjustment on the fly. I watched most of the Sixers first two games specifically to get a read on Fultz. This is what I saw: -His shooting form actually looks pretty good now. Not perfect, but good enough to not post a punt-worthy FG%. I know the expectation is that his FG% will drag down fantasy teams, but between the number of open looks he should receive, his athleticism and the improved form, I don't think it's going to be as bad as expected. Of course, it won't be great either. As for the few shots where his mechanics looked a little bit off, I thought those were more attributable to hesitation on his part than anything else. -For the most part, Fultz has taken decent shots, and shots that on release a) didn't make me cringe and b ) I felt had a chance of going in. In my opinion, that's the most important takeaway. -His free throw mechanics still look bad. I don't know what the Sixers were thinking letting him continue to shoot such awkward-looking free throws. This is my biggest concern with him this season and by far the biggest factor that will likely keep his upside in check. There's no reason why this cannot be corrected long-term, however. -Defensively, Fultz has looked good. He's been engaged, he's rotated well and he's gotten a couple of steals. The potential for solid defensive stats is a big part of his appeal this season. -There have been times when Fultz has flashed his potential offensively, but more times when he has looked unsure of what to do on offense. Often, he's looked very tentative and unwilling to drive to the basket, and his off-ball movement has been muted. Again, remember the position Fultz is in on this team: if you were a player trying to find your place on a roster with the likes of Embiid and Simmons, would you not be tentative as well? If anything, we should give kudos to Fultz for not trying to force shots in order to get himself going. He certainly needs to be more aggressive offensively moving forward, but it's understandable why he hasn't been up to this point. Anyone who drafted Fultz should have been prepared for a bumpy beginning; if you're getting cold feet now, you essentially wasted a draft pick. However, I'm not going to say anyone should hold onto Fultz if a hot free agent is available. I have him on most of my teams, but I never drafted him earlier than 95, as my projections had him in the mid-80s. With that said, there aren't many guys who can give you scoring, assists and defensive stats past 100, and that's worth something. If anything, I'd be looking to acquire Fultz for dirt cheap right now, as his second half is bound to be better than his first half. As for the starting/coming off the bench debate, I don't think his minutes would change too much in either scenario. If he continues to start, the threes will have to come, but even off the bench, I would expect him to average at least a three per game. The Sixers are obviously a very good team, but they are going to do everything in their power to bring out the best in Fultz, as they could use another ball handler and scorer. Having him play like anything close to the #1 overall pick could put them over the top, and they know it...or at least it could with a couple of Warrior injuries.
  10. Still waiting on payment from a few guys. Whoever pays first gets in.