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  1. I’ve learned that every year there will be a WW pickup late in the season that will make a run. Beckham had one his rookie year, Tyreek had one last year and Damien Willams had one this year. Damien Williams was lights out during the fantasy run if you were luckily enough to pick him up. In my PPR league he went 17, 27, 27.
  2. I agree with Boude. Everyone had a chance to get him on the WW and if you didn’t then that means you weren’t savy enough. To me the bigger problem this year was Conner. If he didn’t get hurt, I believe he would’ve ruined FF this year. In a .5 PPR, even missing the last few weeks, he was the #6 RB and was chosen in the second to the last round. This alone was screwing up the FF world. You don’t get a RB1 in the 2nd to last pick. Instead, Conner got hurt and Samuels ruined FF this year because of his TE eligibility
  3. I'm 13-2, highest scoring team in the league and in the finals. Not bragging, giving you a background. My team is made up of: QB:Ryan RB:Gordon, White, Adams, Barber, Damien Williams, WR:Adams, JuJu, Boyd, Brown, Landry, (Had Kupp) TE:Hooper,Jaylen Samuels K:Stream D: Stream The guys that really carried my team were: Ryan, Gordon, White (first half of season), Adams, JuJu I was lucky to have a deep bench (to play matchups in flex) with players that were going off here and there on a weekly basis. I was also lucky to pick up Samuels and Williams for the playoff run.