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  1. Well this is actually a trend now. Ugh
  2. ....overreactons by all you Its called foul trouble.
  3. Yeah and plus Nets are testing out Archie Goodwin and Spencer Dinwiddie, both who have performed pretty well yesterday against the Pistons.
  4. I was actually at this game and he brought up the ball most of the quarters except the 4th, as the Nets went to Brook. Looked pretty solid out there and def fought for boards. He passes it off without holding the ball for long but it was promising that he always subbed in together With Bro-Lo
  5. He was a good prospect before his ACL injury from what I remember. He wasnt bad in his previous teams either, Pistons and Bulls. His stats would be better even he was in a more stable team, but with Lin out, he's more than a sneaky add during the playoffs. **Kilpatrick and Joe Harris out as well. Known for his size, length, combo guard skills, 3s and great ft%.
  6. Difference maker for fantasy playoffs. Congrats to us
  7. ? WCS should definitely play as he is looking promising, and GP is showing that he could contribute if given playing time. But does Koufos really deserve the PT (15 to 25) he is getting right now? This is his 9th season with career best numbers of 8pts and 7rbds. When did I ever mention of wishing to sacrifice WCS' development for Skal? We play fantasy basketball and when players who deserve more minutes do not play enough, of course it gets frustrating. Score was already lopsided as well.
  8. Skal isnt getting enough minutes. Wcs Gpapa and KUOFOS all taking huge chunks of playing time.
  9. Got benched as soon as he started picking it up
  10. Free throws and asts, definitely helping in those categories. Would be ranked much higher if he could average 1 three and 1 steal a game.
  11. Gold. Just in time
  12. Only if he was this consistent. Going to be useful until IT comes back!
  13. Nah, reports say that it was for matchup purpose to guard Dirk. Okafor sucks a** on def
  14. Ulis and Chriss are both valuable here and on. Chriss is putting up 4th round value even with his s---y free throw percentages. Fg can be off at times but overall, dudes putting up stocksss.