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  1. 10 team, 9-cat, H2H FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, AST, REB, STL, BLK, TO PG: Stephen Curry, Jeff Teague, Tyler Ulis, Kris Dunn SG: Khris Middleton, Lou Will, Allan Crabbe SF: Otto Porter, Nikola Mirotic PF: Draymond Green, Marquese Chriss C: Myles Turner, Kristaps Porzingis Basically Avery Bradley, Covington, Holmes and others were dropped to maximize the number of playoffs games. Also had players like Crowder as well but Celtics had pretty horrible schedule for my league.
  2. I knew i shouldve increased the fantasy bet. Thank you Mirotic. Playoff God.
  3. When its bog and oubre, he got no one to blame but himself. Especially when he takes 7 damn shots in a game.
  4. One last chance and you aint in my lineup on Sunday.
  5. Btw this is great
  6. Risk dropping Avery Bradley and Covington paid off. Holmes beasted on Wednesday but need those extra games. So far Mirotic Ulis Chriss Dunn Crabbe has done me good. Lou Will has not. Saturday and Sunday = Hawks players such as Ilya and Prince are great options.
  7. Mirotic definitely has himself in his fantasy squad.
  8. Take some fkin shots the fk so frustrating
  9. Yeah I understand your last point. I am relying on 5 to 6 extra games over my opponent possibly picking up avery bradley or holmes for Sunday. Sunday roster is full so its still goood.
  10. At this point, I am guessing that most of us are fighting for that championship trophy. In H2H leagues, I am maximizing the number of games for the week. Previously moved around and added players that would play this Thursday and Saturday. Those players being 1. Ulis 2. Chriss 3. Dunn 4. Lou Will (dropping after Friday night game) 5. Nets players, Blazers, Etc. 6. MIROTIC Another thing that I am making sure is that no more than 1 game night player is sitting on my bench (just incase someones out right before the game). This week being my last week, today I have dropped players like Holmes and Bradley for Mirotic and Dunn who gives me 2 extra games. (Bradley and Holmes play on the busy days where they can easily be replaced). Any other strategies or tips you want to share for this week?
  11. Kinda worried with JKidd possibly trolling and giving Middleton like 17 Min of playing time.
  12. yeah but Rynos out for 2 weeks and they need another scoring power. If he could have one of those games with 4 or more threes at least once a week, it'd be valuable, especially in H2H leagues.
  13. Damn even the knicks fans dont want him playing... tanking
  14. Well this is actually a trend now. Ugh