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  1. Is this the week that I go with the 2-7 Cardinals?!?!?!?!?!
  2. oh man I last minute changed from the Jets to the Rams. One guy got knocked out with Eagles, one with the Jets, and another with the Bucs. 6 left. Next week scares me.
  3. I'm really, really nervous about picking the Jets this week.
  4. I hop I hope you didn't take the cowboys. always pick against the bills. that's why I may go with the Jets this week.
  5. why couldn't this have happened before I traded for the guy?
  6. you're all welcome, of course his breakout comes when I sit him, for Jordy no less.
  7. there's no such thing as a jinx!!! (trying to antijinx my jinx)
  8. Chris Thompson out. Atl gives up 7th most yards to RBs. This has the potential to be a big game for AP
  9. I'm debating between Jordy and Duke Johnson (0.5 PPR). Something tells me that now with Amari gone, Jordy will get some bombs thrown his way against the niners. Let us see.
  10. Traded my Tyler Boyd for AP in a 0.5 PPR league. Have Thielen and Michael Thomas in that league and am short on RBs.
  11. I traded Boyd for AP...hard to do, but my team is weak on RBs and I've got Michael Thomas and Thielen. Just in case people were trying to move him, maybe this will help you with value. My big question for Boyd is can he maintain his TD rate??
  12. just traded Tyler Boyd for this dude. do we think he can stay healthy? from what I've seen of the Skins games the past few weeks he looks pretty fresh.
  13. oh boy is this a tough week. Already took KC, so I'm thinking Chicago is the best move here. Week 11 is the week I'm looking at to knock a lot of peeps out
  14. also thinking of saving the pats for later, Steelers should beat the Browns at home
  15. wow, what a week to go with TB. thank the gods. funny cause last week I won with Carolina on that 62 yarder... Patriots the easy pick next week?