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  1. I dropped for Beasly, now I kinda regret. lol
  2. He only got 3 game next week. Chances are he miss 2+. Might drop.
  3. He hasn't play well lately. Milsap's return and bench role might be affect him. What you guys think? I might drop for Terry Rozier.
  4. f--- ME. Right before playoff... please be ok....
  5. Phoenix Suns' rotation is such a mystery. He can be a top 70 guys if he get minutes by the way he is playing this year.
  6. someone gotta score... I say miller get a big bump to 12 team relevant.
  7. Rotoworld and Basketballmonster is so high on this Kid. Based on the last few games, I am unsure. Anyone that watched him play have any input?
  8. Who watched the game? I just dropped him, worth picking back up in 12 teamer?
  9. Disappointed with the minutes. Solid hold in 9 cat?
  10. I cant believe we don't have more info other than just "personal"
  11. His injury happen right after my draft. Anyone familiar with this injury and how will it affect him when he returns?
  12. I'm wondering if Collins' value would exceed Dedmons.