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  1. Add him just after his break out last game...It´s interesting to bet some pennies for him, specially to all Portis owner like me..Probably a nice stash combo..Plus, awsome playoff schedule. Give him few more games without Porter and we will see what happens.. With at least 30min on the floor, he is a DD machine with some goodies like 3´s or BLK or Ast..with good % Plus, I have to bet something tonight...🏀
  2. I have a dream... Boston trade Rozier to Orlando against Draft Pick + DJ Augustin (Back up Uncle Drew) Orlando give him few months before to take the right decision concerning their next starter PG. Boston will not « match » any big contrat this summer for him..Specially with AD target..They only need to take all Draft pick available for this summer...
  3. Take a flier If he can hold his 30min for the next 2-4 weeks (Hutchison).
  4. Whatever.... He will probably receive around 30min. Plus, Mitch can’t stay on the court with his foul trouble..😉
  5. Same here.... I just swap my Booker for his Doncic... I don’t know If I took the right decision but I am too tired to cross my fingers each game...😉
  6. I don’t know..lol But with Dedmon on the trading block...He will only have to fight with Len for the minutes. He can play PF/C...If he can subtain around 30mins, he will be nice for few pennies..
  7. Upside here... - Dedmon on the trading block & the Hawks only want a draft pick in return. - Perfect fit with Collins. - Hawks goes nowhere and it’s probably time to build their paint for the next year. - Upside 3’s / 6-8 Reb / BLK Probably some up & down the next couple of weeks but nice stash for the final run..🚂🚂
  8. Take the deal and RUN!!!! Millsap is high injury prone too..
  9. It will be awesome but impossible...arfffff ( K-Love contract)
  10. Agree, Houston need to buy a Center asap...They can’t wait the Capela return and they have no trust with Chriss or Nene (probably timeshare there) for the playoff ticket race.. I will not surprise If any trade will be sign before next week..😉
  11. Take a flyer and see If he can produce Stl + 3´s