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  1. I think everyone here is expecting 28+ minutes per game, playing at the 4 and 5. they need all the minutes he can give them
  2. The groin injury was from practice not the game, he did have 3 fouls in the first half that limited his minutes I believe.
  3. This guy started today but had foul trouble in the first half and barely got any run in the second half. For a total of 10 mins. But the fact he started over Kanter is interesting nonetheless. Is this something that will be matchup based or I personally feel like Kanter is better coming off the bench for scoring purposes because Williams is a better defensive anchor. If he can keep his fouls in check that is.
  4. steals will be closer to 1.5 and he should be able to at least get 1.1-1.4 3's per game similar to what he was doing last couple months of the season and with the added of experience of practicing next to cp3 should only help his defense and improve stocks while also helping his offensive along with his a court vision which over the season we may see improved assist numbers
  5. Collins will be playing minutes at the 4 and 5 this year, he'll be getting at least 30 mins a game no doubt about that. He worked on his offense this offseason you can expect him to break out this year potential brolo type line 2 3's and 1.8 blocks along with 6-8 rebounds and maybe 14-15 points per game on decent percentages.
  6. I feel like he's not aggressive on the rebounds and somewhat slow, may that has to to do with it, but not sure. However, fantasy wise he's a gold mine given minutes
  7. Not necessarily, he plays with the second unit. It will definitely take usage away from everyone, but the nice thing about oubre is his able to chip in defensive stats as well. May even open the floor up with defences focusing on booker now. That's how I see it. As long as oubre continues to get 30 mins.
  8. Dude needs to call it a loss and have surgery, so I can go pick up tyus and call it a day. This is just ridiculous at this point. jk, with all seriousness can someone properly manage this dudes ankle for god sakes.
  9. way to jinx him dude hasn't scored since you guys posted about him
  10. didn't play the whole second half and against gobert? Am I missing something?
  11. Last game he was in foul trouble and never got it going. This game I guess mahinmi was playing better than him based on the +/-. But, looks like they'll be playing the hot hand