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  1. 40.8% pre-ASB 47.7% post-ASB lack of steals and assists are really holding him back from being good.
  2. Manhandled the Bulls inside so was interested to see him go against a stud like Gobert. Impressive https://youtu.be/ZrWjrEx6WVM?t=27 Blocks aren't there yet but he can hit a 3 per game with steals and elite finishing, damn. Excited to see him play.
  3. don't think he gets anywhere close to 25 mins unless there's a bunch of injuries, 18-20 is more likely.
  4. he's a monster with the minutes, big season ahead!
  5. Zion, Ja, Garland for my top 3 rookies this year for fantasy. Clarke, Hunter, Rui next group Zion will be the only one to finish in the top 100 from the rookie class this season.
  6. status is the same prior to the news, he's not worth drafting.
  7. well the GM said it, "This year we have — from Frank Kaminsky, Dario Saric, Cheick Diallo — we can play Deandre at power forward if we need to with Aron Baynes as our center,” Jones said. “We have a lot of depth at that position.” then Ayton signed off on it, "Ahh! I heard the word! That's college back all over again. That's my born-and-raised position is the power forward. It's a great look. It's a big lineup too so I'm excited to start if that happens." so I'll take the over zero minutes at PF. Would be an absolutely horrible move but it's the Suns so totally expecting it.
  8. good fg%, solid point potential, solid reb potential, sneaky assists, great stock potential, will even hit some 3s...there's a lot to like from Zion. Top 75 should be his floor this season if he lays off the beignets. Obviously taking him way too high in a redraft league is straight drinking the Zion kool-aid but he could be a fantasy monster very quickly on a team that will feature him from the start.
  9. He'll get plenty of burn this year on a horrible Wizards team thus putting up fluffy stats with the minutes. I'm not seeing the upside on him going forward though. Poor assist rate, subpar defender, stock rate is meh, all that coupled with a low bball iq and slow decision making skills at the college level. Maybe he can develop a reliable outside shot and maybe his decision skills and reaction time will improve in an exponentially faster league? Just an opinion, but I don't think he'll amount to anything more than a bench player. So yes, hot take is his rookie season is his best year
  10. His rookie season will probably be the best year of his entire career stat wise. Not a good fantasy player going forward
  11. Stifle's team has me licking my lips like Dwight eyeing Oubre 😍 Always fun to see early mock drafts to help gear up for the season, cheers to everyone participating.
  12. it was 9 mins of a summer league game so we should overreact of course. definitely needs to drop some weight and work on his conditioning though.
  13. With his injury he's likely never going to be the same player he was so yes there's plenty he could learn in San Antonio if he's up for it. Behave, adapt his game, grow up, stop being a diva, become a team player...plenty of things to learn other then just focusing on selfishly putting up better numbers as you stated. It's not always about maximizing individual talent, especially at this stage of his career. If he wants to survive in the league he's going to have to alter his game and learn how to fit into a team and embrace a new role or he'll go down the Melo route very quickly.