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  1. Stifle's team has me licking my lips like Dwight eyeing Oubre 😍 Always fun to see early mock drafts to help gear up for the season, cheers to everyone participating.
  2. it was 9 mins of a summer league game so we should overreact of course. definitely needs to drop some weight and work on his conditioning though.
  3. With his injury he's likely never going to be the same player he was so yes there's plenty he could learn in San Antonio if he's up for it. Behave, adapt his game, grow up, stop being a diva, become a team player...plenty of things to learn other then just focusing on selfishly putting up better numbers as you stated. It's not always about maximizing individual talent, especially at this stage of his career. If he wants to survive in the league he's going to have to alter his game and learn how to fit into a team and embrace a new role or he'll go down the Melo route very quickly.
  4. every player in need of help should go to the Spurs and learn something from Pop before he retires. Cousins would be a great reclamation project
  5. yeah Korver seems destined to be a Laker at this point.
  6. wouldn't reach before the 3rd for him as well.
  7. could actually be closer than you think. Jrue's been top 25 the last few season, Zion could flirt with that in his rookie year.
  8. all in on Zion! I think he'll be a top 10 fantasy player in the next 2-3 years.
  9. OP clearly on drugs for this one. Bad shooting numbers across the board with low stock potential. Wish Barrett all the luck in the world but he's going to need to make a ton of strides to become a valuable fantasy commodity.
  10. RJ going to be very frustrating to roster. Dynasty outside of Zion and Ja....I love Clarke, Thybulle, Goga, Hayes, Fernando
  11. shoot 33% all you want Rondo! 17 Assists? 1(!!!) Turnover? and 5 steals?
  12. small injury, already clinched a playoff spot but in a tight battle for seeding. He was on the court for warm-ups vs the Bucs and didn't look in discomfort so on a guess my crystal ball says he plays the back to back this weekend 🤞
  13. just need 3 more games Mr.Beverley then you can rest for the playoffs 🙏
  14. think he bounces back next season as it's a tough injury to get back from. Paul George said it took him almost 2 years to feel like he was fully back.
  15. FVV is the scoop not Lin. Injury didn't look bad but he's now hurt both ankles. Even if it's minor, they need him healthy for they playoffs so expect some time off especially now that Freddie is back.
  16. all regressed after a ball-dominant diva arrived 😆 Kuzma's basically been the same guy he was last year, no real improvement
  17. 2nd visit with a specialist...not good. Just want the bad news to be official so I can cut hah
  18. damn, what a jump in his play since December. Could be a special player, don't mess this up Knicks!