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  1. SFH, threads like this become useless because people are posting their hopes and desires and biases. As I posted before, I'm openly biased against Shady based on last year and the fact he's 30+. DW is prolly fine ROS and I think the fat man is trying to resurrect Shady to his glory days with him in Philly. Good luck with that. Shady IMO is a very weak play this week. KC will be all air this week, start all the WRs and of course the TE. The BU RBs might be a better start than Shady this week. Last year, when Shady was in this position I got nothing. Done with that. I expect Shady to sit and the BUs to play. Or, if they push Shady this week, look for an aggravation of the injury or a new one, and the ROS for him will be just like last year ... Questionable week to week where you get screwed if u start him. DW is safely out so you can put in a replacement.
  2. It's way too early to make a move to drop DW. As I posted before but seems the overlords deleted, Shady was my RB #2 last year in my most important league and some have wondered why people think he is injury prone. The reason is last year he was often nicked/injured but got in a practice and was active but gave you nothing more times than we would like to recall. The fact that Shady owners last year kept starting him and getting burned was because he was effective in the years prior. This is important info for both Shady and DW owners. If shady is going to repeat his hurt/I'm ok/Active and do nothing patterns from last year than DW will obviously become quite relevant again very soon.
  3. But, this is how it started last year. He got dinged, missed a practice, then got in a limited practice or two and was active only to do nothing. I think people can dismiss a player's age and running style (30+ and shake and bake, which puts max stress on all the leg's connective tissues) and can miss the player's down curve. This is way too reminiscent of last year. My fear for Shady owners is that he gets in a few limited practices and is active for game day. Then you start him and he does nothing, just like last year. Latest update on DW (8mins ago does not look good for him. Get him out of your line ups unless something changes dramatically Friday. Good luck to all!
  4. Not laughable to me brother. I owned him last year, drafted him as RB #2 and all I got for the entire season was about 500 yards, missed games and played hurt in games. So, after last year he is injury prone to me! That's my openly biased opinion of him and it won't change after enduring him last year.
  5. SFH, Shady is not taking over this backfield he is too old and injury prone. I appreciate the number crunching you did and it shows DW has much potential. His receiving skills are excellent. I have watched him play a bit this year and he is awesome on the wheel routes and can break any short pass into some FF point goodness. That said, we need to know who is hurt or not. Still waiting for more info on both DW and Shady.
  6. LOL ... what thread is this? All I see above are posts about Charger RBs. Mod Squad, do your magic and free us KC folk of these transgressors! :) Anyway, the interwebs have no useful updates tonight on either DW or Shady. The only intel that leaked was that Shady was going to try and practice today and the coaches earlier said he has a "shot" at playing this week. There was also info out earlier that DW just had a knee bruise. Now that we know neither practiced today and the fact they put out potential playing info on Shady but nothing more on DW deepens the mystery. My guess? Shady is hurt/limited and DW will be a go. Check back on Thursday!
  7. My heart hurts as I have been a Dolphin fan since age 12. Don Shula would never have done what Miami has done this year. Never. You can't build by tearing down. As noted above, even if all the 1st round picks pay off they have traded away the foundation that is needed to have the handful of high picks payoff. You to need a solid OL, DL and secondary ... well, all that is gone now. So, draft the next Marino, except he won't be that because he has no help. 3 or 4 first round studs running around with no help will not make a winning team. No idea what Miami is doing here and as far as I'm concerned they should be sold to a new owner and the entire coaching staff fired. This team ownership and management is a disgrace.
  8. It's quite simple if you have a screenshot or picture of your pre-draft self/computer screen at that time. You look at the pic real intense and then things start to shake and get fuzzy, and shazam! You're back in time and can redo. Downside is you get a bloody nose and traveling back in time tends to make things worse and the girl you always liked seems to get the worst of the timeline changes. On a serious note, McCoy is expected to be limited or miss time. No update on DW as of right now. My guess is he's ok and will start without McCoy. May change Tuesday, we will have to wait and see.
  9. I think 2018 still weighs heavy on my memory where he missed a few games, played hurt in others and ended up with about 500 yards for the entire season and averaged about 36 yards per game. Not top 10 RB performance as people drafted him that year. Those are the facts, jack. Agree with others DW should have a decent game this week. Still starting ...
  10. I think the bottom line is how long Shady can last. DW is a good RB, not elite, but could be the RB#1 in this offense. No question he is now in a time share that favors Shady getting more run play. But, Shady has been oft injured and ineffective the last few years so I completely dismissed his signing. That's my personal bias as I have owned Shady the last two seasons where he was essentially useless. That said, if Shady thinks being around AR teleports him back to the good ol' Shady shake and bake days his body will have a rude awakening for him. Older running backs that like the spin and juke style don't last long. Straight ahead older RBs that hit the hole like AP are still effective. It's just life, those pesky connective tissues in the knees and ankles can't take his old running style for a full season. This KC RB situation is going to be in flux for quite some time. If I could redo my draft, I would have avoided it completely.
  11. Wake your wife/GF and say "I hate TNF." Perhaps she will give you a hug. This game sucks!
  12. Time to rage drop TB RB Jones? All the FF "experts" were all in on him. I think he has 1 FF point.
  13. It's Thur night football. It's cursed, always has been always will be. I think it was a pissed off NO Cajun swamp grand ma that started the curse. Thur night football is to be avoided.
  14. Looks like Cam may be going the Marino way out, starter but can't recover from an injury and lost the downfield arm. WTF happened to RB Jones! supposed to be getting extra touches and is sporting a doughnut!
  15. I have Cam in another league and I'm sitting him this week for Matty Ice. I think the Panthers will roll with the run game and the game flow will be pretty slow. My prediction is that Cam's floor is 10 points and ceiling is 18, Winston's floor will be 15 and ceiling will be 30. Those points for Winston may come late but I'm confident Winston will rebound this week.