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  1. I'd be happy to see them give you the chance. Your insights have been outstanding the last few years I've been reading them. The Cano Trade seemed really foolish to me also. 120 million for Cano for 5 years is at least 80+ million more than he's worth, Diaz is 30 million less than he's worth. That's -50million. Net out Bruce's contract, ok. I personally dont think Swarzak is a total waste of the $8million coming to him, maybe -$2 million. Seattle is lucky to have made this trade without getting anything else back, let alone Kelenic. In 4 and 5 years, Cano's 24 million will be seriously hampering the Mets, and Kelenic could well be one of the most promising rookies playing. At that point, BVW will be back to making lots of money being an agent, and people will point to how well he did with the Mets in his two years of running the organization (yes, I expect the Mets to have a good year next year) when in fact, they should be blaming him for the problems he wound up causing.
  2. sorry, i picked him up last night. the ride may well be over
  3. evidently not.. wheeler has been great lately. best trade the mets didnt make.
  4. it's true. i don't think the Yankees consider Andujar the future at 3B. He has a very good arm but otherwise his defense is poor, and exactly right - he doesnt get on base enough. He got off to a great start, but the league has caught up with him and he's hitting .240 with a 700 OPS the past 30 days. The Yankees would be smart to trade him when his value is still high, and I hope it's not to the Mets. And Sheffield and Florial are ranked around 40. The return on Sale was Moncada, the number one prospect plus Kopech, who was ranked higher than any of the Yankee prospects, plus two more. and for Quintana, the white sox got Eloy, also a top 5 prospect, plus Dylan Cease and two more prospects. The Mets should be looking at guys like Guerrero or Bichette from Toronto but Toronto is rebuilding and the same with San Diego with Tatis. Whitley and Tucker would be solid from Houston but Houston is already stacked and doesnt need another ace. So if the Yankees are the top suitors and the yankees have a couple of solid but not elite prospects that they arent even willing to give up. the Mets would be dumb to trade him to the Yankees. As for the Yankees, they would be heavily favored to win the next three world series if they got deGrom.
  5. The Yankees dont have the prospects for DeGrom and they arent even offering the ones that would make it any where near close. Andujar started off well but has really faded, as a guy with poor pitch selection is likely to do in the majors. The league has caught up with him. The last 30 days, he is batting .231 with a .680 OPS He's also a lousy fielder. The Yankees know he's not the 3bman of the future I think a Clint Walker, Florial or Abreu, along with Cody Carroll , should get a Wheeler - but not a DeGrom.
  6. Lee Mazzilli for two prospects - Ron Darling and Walt Terrell in 1982 was a pretty great trade It was great in itself, but even more so when you add in Terrell being traded two years later for HoJo. I am reading that the Mets sent a scout to watch Justus Sheffield's start. Sheffield looks good but walks a ton of batters and he's small --> unlikely to be a top pitcher in the majors. I also dont like Andujar. He is a lousy fielder and he doesnt walk. The Yankees would be smart to trade him while the hype is on.
  7. it doesnt seem like anyone is offering an elite prospect. The white sox got an elite in Eloy Jimenez for Quintana and Dylan Cease was a good prospect. the yankees got Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier for expiring contract relief studs. DeGrom is worth more than any of those guys. If Toronto was one SP away from being a contender, then we'd be talking Guerrero or Bichette plus but no one who would be the favorite with the addition of an elite SP even has an elite prospect (except the Astros) Hopefully the Mets arent going to trade DeGrom for Pat Zachry, Dan Norman, Steven Henderson and Doug Flynn
  8. not sure what to do with him tonight between a bad last start and arizona's hitters. probably going to leave him on the bench.
  9. maybe he'll be on the yankees by then
  10. yes sir. wish i grabbed him yesterday.
  11. Colorado should trade for him. He just hit .615 with a 2.1 OPS at Coors in 3 games, with 3 HR's, 2 doubles, 4 R, 4 RBI. Last year, he was 4 for 7 with two doubles
  12. DeGrom at his worst is still a QS.
  13. i think he didnt have particularly good aprils in 2015 and 2016 even after spring training. so it wouldnt be that surprising if he repeated that pattern. It's not so worrisome at this point
  14. Gsellman with the save tonight, flipped with familia. I doubt that means he's closing, but maybe on occasion. He was dropped in my league and i just swapped Peacock for him.
  15. Apr16 - Bryce Harper hits a first inning HR. only run through 7. Mets ahead 6-1. DeGrom gives up 2 singles (with a K in between) and comes out of the game. Lugo, Blevins, Ramos, Familia allow those two runners to score plus 4 more and lose the game Apr 21 - DeGrom pitches 7 shutout inning, Mets score in the top of the 8th to make DeGrom the winning pitcher, Mets. Familia loses the game in the 9th May 23 - DeGrom pitches 7 shutout inning, Familia blows the lead again. It's insane how well he has pitched this year and how hard the Mets have worked to blow his games.
  16. i dont see that i should like him any better in a wins league
  17. and he's been hitting them off good pitchers. May 2 - HR off Kluber May 4 - HR off Porcello - only run off him, one of 3 hits May 7 - HR off Fullmer
  18. And it turns out, most of those guys that seemed so promising havent been particularly valuable. Gsellman hasn't been so good lately, and even Peacock hasn't done much
  19. why? i'm not watching the game but from the boxscores, he seems like a stud. The Fangraphs article made me hesitate. I should have listened to Tao now i have to grab him before someone else does and i just have to figure out who to drop. I wish i dropped Castillo for him a month ago.
  20. 10 day DL retroactive means he skips one start which is probably a good idea. Plus it means we can pick up a guy in the meantime to see how he works out. They never take our needs into consideration. I'm joking but I just hope he's ok.
  21. Caleb Smith and Nova are both on the wire in my 11 team league. i have been thinking who i could drop to pick up Smith. I have had no such discussion with myself regarding Nova
  22. a HR in the first and another one robbed in the 2nd. great leaping catch by Lagares.
  23. what a stud and the bullpen keeps blowing it for him.
  24. watching the game. i do wonder how he's doing it, but i'm glad i picked him up and started him
  25. Sorry, that's Michael Fulmer, of the Detroit Tigers.