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  1. Tyler Duffey came into the game and struck out the side in the fifth inning with the twins ahead 8-6. doesnt that qualify for a hold - yahoo? There's no requirement for pitching in a late inning, is there?
  2. I'm contemplating dropping him in a keeper league if they don't put him on the IL already I think he'll be a great player but he's so damn fragile.
  3. I guess I'm not going to get him in the 19th round again next year. What are guesses for his ADP next year?
  4. two more tonight. i'm starting to wonder if i need to keep him in a six player keeper league
  5. 6 nice innings, 8k's for Caleb. Conley quickly blew the win, but not my QS
  6. not much since coming back from suspension, but he has 4 games in colorado starting tomorrow
  7. both have been pitching well. i guess nick anderson. but the next six games are going to be against two good offenses - first houston and then cleveland
  8. He's scheduled to pitch in San Diego tomorrow. Maybe he'll finally go 6 innings
  9. sucks losing pressley. i guess he's a drop. will harris is the obvious choice but he's gone in most league. joe smith? devinski? who is the best holds guy in minnesota - seems like tyler duffey is better than May or Dyson but pitcherlist has him way lower. kevin ginkel looks good but i dont like to pick a guy up to send him to milwaukee.
  10. i guess that espn is a bit outdated by now but i see a lot bigger spreads than Senzel. Hiura is 39/166,
  11. JD Martinez took a couple of years to get going too. That said, I probably won't keep him in my 6 player keeper league.
  12. Bregman was a stud before but it seems he's really doing nicely batting right before Alvarez. Since July 30, his average has climbed from .259 to .282 and his OPS from .910 to .974. He's quite good
  13. a lot of very good pitchers have done a lot worse in Coors.
  14. make that three. he's looking better every time but i need one more out.
  15. again with the 5 2/3 for Dustin May. 1 out away from the QS for the third time in a row
  16. i think it might have worked. hopefully this is this is the start of some bountiful HR's
  17. Yordan Alvarez: What did Aristedes Aquino do? I can do that too.
  18. well, this thread has certainly quieted down. This is my post to get Olson going again.
  19. he pitched well for 5 innings. 6k's and 1 hit, but 3 walks. 85 pitches. couldnt they have left him in for 1 more inning to give me the QS
  20. #32 over the past 30 days, #653 over the last 14 days. hope he gets it going again.
  21. two starts in a row he got pulled one out away from a QS he was looking good today
  22. damn. that's me. that's two starts in a row, he went 5 2/3
  23. I'd rather have him in LF than Clint Frazier. glad the Mets didnt make that trade.
  24. Big Bat - cmon. you really seem to have a lot emtionally invested in them not doing it. They have some momentum. McNeil's added some power, Comforto and Rosario have been hitting, Rosario too. and JD Davis and of course Alonso. Their pitchers might have figured how to pitch with this new ball and their relievers have been a lot better. They arent fantastic but no reason they should have been as bad as they were. Anything can happen but they have just as good a chance of making that wild card as the other 7 teams they pretty much tied with.
  25. the Mets are going to gain some ground and make wild card. If Wheeler has a good second half, they'll give him a QO and either have him next year or get a sandwich pick.