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  1. Surprising that there’s no forum for him. i know NY is completely decimated and the one their looking towards to is RJ. But anyone take in that he averaged 21 points 8+ rebs last year and nearly one 3? Those are solid, and someone who is sorta similar, John Collins, imo is getting drafted a round or 2 early. yeah no stocks, but it wouldn’t be unheard of for him to possibly get at at least 1 stock, which I wouldn’t mind. Anyone else thinking of picking him up? Am I crazy to consider him in the 5th round, maybe a round early?
  2. i dont think you need to punt FT/3s, just make sure the rest of the picks can anchor your FT and offset Giannis. 3s as well are easier to get in later end of the draft so you shouldnt have to worry.
  3. Vuc then ayton as a close second. As of right now, i would put collins ahead of JJJ due to his performance last year, but JJJ is a 1/1/1 kind of guy which collins lacks. I wouldnt be surprised to see JJJ outperform Collins by year end.
  4. What's everyone's thought with the new dynamics to the Pels. Blurb's are touting him as a top 15 player, but do we see his assists number spiking down a little with Lonzo handling the ball more now and points going up since he'll be in charge of scoring more alongside Zion?
  5. i think you'd want to shed some light on your overall strategy because you can be advised to draft any player really. but 8 cat no TO, i'd definelty go for a PG/Center pairing. since you're first, you dont have to worry much about getting the players you want but at the tail end of the second, a lot of the premier point guards are usually gone, if you can get any one of them (Luka, Trae, Kemba, Jrue) id try to go for them or even reach for Fox, then pair that up with a big, maybe like Collins, or even JJJ to get you a 1/1/1 type of big.
  6. especially with how your team is built, i think it would make sense. You have enough bigs that you wouldnt really miss Collins, and once PG is up to speed, he'll be the dominant clipper since Kawhi will be facing a lot of load management to keep him ready for the playoffs.
  7. Surprised there isn’t much forum talk about this pick at #7. Lillard is the ovbious safe pick but embiid has the more enticing lines. With embiid stating his efforts to play for 70 games(obviously taken with a grain of salt), who would you choose between the two? Could we expect lillards assists numbers to go up?
  8. Zubac hands down. bryant wont last with porter playing behind him.
  9. agree with the bulls tanking, yes lavine plays well but cant say we can expect that for too long. they are on the hunt for zion.
  10. Current outlook, id say rose. You need an injury to kyrie for rozier to really make it worth it
  11. id say mitch in the long term. Zubac may be the starting center but that team loves montrezl.
  12. got both but who has better outlook, dario is starting too
  13. Just dropped Knox for him, and had Robinson before that. im sick of these knicks players being roller coasters -.-
  14. Anyone still holding on? It’s so hard to stay with this bum. considering dropping him for winslow
  15. Outside of turnovers and a lack of points the last game, I don’t understand why no one is going crazy for this kid right now. tonights game against the heat shows what he is capable of and I think he finds his groove more when he starts distributing the ball early. tonights line is crazy good, 2 3s 24 points 6 rebounds 15 assists and 1 block, with good percentages. I’ll take his turnovers for lines like these #TRAEWAY
  16. Now the starting pf. box score makes it look like a blow out but a line of 2 3s 22 p with 4 assists and 3 steals does not look bad at all. his last few games prior look good too now that he’s capable to hit a three.
  17. probably long term Bazemore unless he gets traded, you should be aware of it just in case. Mcgruder is playing out of his mind right now but james johnson an winslow arent back yet. Mcgruder may deserve the job due to his play but its not locked in yet unlike bazemore.
  18. Dion “I am a starter in this league” waiters ... then goes 1-10 with 2 points ... wtf
  19. Sounds like you’re a Ricky/Rudy owner. Rudy will get his, he’s just coming off an injury right now. Why would any team trade away their first round pick especially when that pick is already showing dividends? This kid is their future and could be the new face of the franchise. ricky was never meant to be the face of this team when Hayward left, a prime facilitator at best but we are now witnessing the Donovan show.
  20. I’m a big fan of kat so I️ would consider it though, but your team as it is, is good. if it’s because it’s tough to stomach Drummond’s free throw, it’s understandable to make the move.
  21. I️ have Harris, avoid for now till it settles.
  22. I️ would prefer trade 1 but doubt the other person would forego quick. I’m assuming you got Blake and melo? let Brogdon play a few good games then see if he’ll pull the trigger on it. trade 2, if you really need pg stats maybe, but it depends if Harris can hold his value year long.