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  1. I hope you're on board... Bjelica coming through big time. Might still stream his position next week. Don't trust his consistency, but we'll see
  2. Fricking Pierre... delivering for the faithful. Much appreciated my man. Opponent's Valanciunas negated, and I'm back in business. Someone who watched the game, any particular reason behind this, e.g. matchup specifics?
  3. Yeah, probably a stream for me. 3 games remaining was enticing + the multi-cat upside. Very close battle at the moment for me in nearly every category. Percentages are possibly the only ones already settled, but a bricklaying fest out of the blue could change even those. Thought Bjelica could hopefully chip in with 3pt, REB, ST and BLK with low TO.
  4. Have to give a shout out to Rudy... Dude has been essential in keeping me still in the hunt this week. Solid multi-cat lines.
  5. Former Mirotic owner here, on board this one. So far delivered decently in the 1st game. Can get something in several cats, in that sense hopeful, but can go cold in an instant.
  6. E. Gordon sitting out; Brogdon injured, Love can't catch a break. On top of that had to drop Allen (only 1 game remaining this week) to get Mirotic (had 3 games) in the lineup from the INJ stash... Yep, that went well. Combo of 3pt shooting big men were perfect against my opponent, but the plan is falling apart quickly.
  7. edit. nevermind (thought he'd have one B2B lined up this week, which would've been a disaster; but he doesn't)
  8. Opponent has Jokic dressed as Sabonis, and Westbrook dressed as Redick... Point gods out of the blue. smh
  9. The bolded part. As inconceivable as his tweet from the past, "Westbrook needing to go back where he came from" coupled with a MAGA hashtag, being a racist reference to Africa. I.e. not inconceivable at all. Westbrook comes from Long Beach. Sure it's possible the guy could've meant that as more like "go home", and the MAGA was just his general hashtag of that time "to show support for the cause", but could've just as well been a general "blacks need to go back to Africa" ignorant and racist POV. I mean everyone should go back to Africa if we're talking history. The latter (= racist meaning) does sound more believable (or the first one more far fetched), but I haven't personally researched the guy/that case. In any case my point is that of course such sentiments and phrases aren't fully extinct from the racist mind and lingo, and don't have to have anything to do with reality, no matter what the actual circumstances/facts are even in 2019.
  10. Jazz also already banned the dude after conducting their own investigation (video and eyewitness accounts, per their press release)
  11. Forgot about Vucci Mane. If Orlando can make the PO's, maybe... AD also still in the running. Was 1st Team C last year. Agree with the poster who had Joker in 1st and Embiid 2nd. 3rd up for grabs. Last year's selections had no player from a non-PO teams. Year before that only AD from a non-PO team. So KAT would probably need to continue balling out of his mind if Timberwolves don't make it (which looks likely).
  12. Joker ought to be All-NBA this season considering Nuggets' record. Embiid likely as well with his production and Philly's performance (barring he won't have further health issues). It will come down to AD and KAT. If KAT would get shut down or get DNP-CD's, then it would be tough. If he can keep on playing, the NO s--- show could help him clinch the spot over AD. Both teams have putrid records.
  13. Waterboarding with the news... Godspeed for KAT in real life though. As for my fantasy hopes, no way to replace the anchor of my team. Built my punt AST squad around KAT, and there's no way to replace him considering my main rivals. Even have Love still stashed in INJ, so have a fairly decent replacement, but I'll be battling very hard in FG and blocks will be pretty much a lost cause. KAT such a versatile/well rounded fantasy player. CSB.
  14. When playing, from a fantasy POV LBJ is (was?) solid for a punt FT% build. Ranked #5 for the season (per game; in total less for the season (#23) due to the injury). Decent bump from #16. Giannis gets a somewhat similar bump in value. In rankings, from #8 up to #2. Drummond from #21 to #7, and Gobert from #18 to #8. Per game top 10 are AD #1, Giannis #2, Harden #3, PG13 #4, LBJ #5, KAT #6, Drummond #7, Gober #8t, Curry #9, Vucevic #10. Looking at total punt FT% value, Giannis rises on top. Harden #2 (even with punt FT...), PG13 #3, AD still #4, then Gobert #5, KAT #6, Vucevic #7, Drummond #8, Jokic #9 and Durant #10. BBM rankings.
  15. Brick Middleton Underwhelming this season. Decent few games lately though. Riding 'til the bitter end.