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  1. Warriors Legacy?

    No, it's more like when Draymond got himself suspended due to his antics in the finals series they ended up losing. People went on to speculate that "GSW weren't at full force in that game 5 and lost some momentum...", so some people possibly let the team slightly off the hook, but not Draymond, since he was the culprit for putting them into that position. This one though was more like what happened with Stoudemire. Took place outside the game. If the alleged hand injury wasn't a result of an unnecessary bonehead move (losing your cool, and like I said, basically sabotaging yourself), it would be a different case. I.e. had the injury occurred accidentally e.g. in the course of the play (the numerous ankle rolls that take place during a season... Love getting struck to his thumb by the ball.. CP3 hamstring injury... etc.), it would be a different thing, but if you go punching a wall, you could've avoided it/what do you expect would happen... LBJ being unable to control his emotions had a direct impact to their undoing. Just like with Draymond in the past. That's why I think it would've been better to not mention that at all. "Yes.. you know our team couldn't match up because I kicked the opponents in the nuts and got suspended." Looking at that clip though... the injury/it's impact is questionable.
  2. Warriors Legacy?

    Not really. Especially when you're the team leader in your 15th year in the league. If he indeed injured his hand with a Stoudemire'esque move, that won't mitigate any losses since he basically sabotaged himself and his team and thus played a part in securing those losses. Should know better by a mile. Bottled the tiniest of chances they might've had. Think about how close game 1 was when LBJ put up 50+ points. Didn't come close to those numbers again. Now was it really because of a hand injury, or something else... Might've been better off not mentioning the whole hand ordeal. Not a good look IMO.
  3. Warriors Legacy? Even Jordan was caught up in stat-padding. The last sentence in general is on point. I remember watching a video analysis on Westbrook's game, arguing that some aspects of his stat-hunting truly are less optimal in terms of team play. I think one was e.g. leaving his man early in order to anticipate/be in position for rebounds. Adams would be there to pick up many rebounds. I don't think Westbrook catching them initiated the fastbreak significantly faster e.g. edit. But yeah, still an indication of MJ's ability to create plays. But mere stats don't necessarily tell an exact picture. Even in the sense of you showing that had Bulls decided to keep MJ at the PG position, his AST would arguably be higher. Then again you might also have some stat padding. Need to look past mere stats to determine to whom does specific aspects of the game come more naturally compared with others.
  4. NBA Playoffs Talk

    I also thought at first he was targeting LBJ, but after a closer look, seems he was going at Perkins on the bench. No idea what/who triggered this. Perkins also known to mouth off a bit.
  5. NBA Playoffs Talk

    What are you talking about? Is this even verified, LBJ crafting his teams? And if so, the organization doesn't have any responsibility? LBJ should put the team together, coach and train them, and play, preferably by himself, or at least not with a good cast (2 out of 9 the favorites going into finals)? You do realize "your guy" MJ was fortunate to have a competent organization around him and a coach "who was all to him" by his own words (and who, along with Tex Winter, were spotted and hired by Krause btw). MJ also seemingly had sour grapes because Krause turned down his ideas in terms of player acquisitions/trades, but later admitted that they made the right moves. How has running organizations panned out for MJ... Wizards, Hornets... By his stance, he could just lay low and let the players handle it, take them to a championship, if it's just the players who win chips. Krause's quote btw. was that "players and coaches alone don’t win championships; organization's do". I.e. included in the organization were also the coaches and players... Was he wrong?
  6. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Well to begin with, we've long been past the Miami years. Cleveland with LBJ has been the level in the east. But looking back, even the Miami team doesn't equal this GSW team. They were only twice regarded as favorites going into the finals; once the top seed. You still had the tail end of the Boston Big 4 in 2011. And Bulls, Spurs, Lakers, OKC, Mavs. It wasn't clear cut. Going forward, at least Spurs (top seed in 2014) and OKC remained solid threats. Bulls would've also been one without Rose's injury (top seed that year). You also had Clippers who were at times derailed by injuries come playoffs. But now for a few years we've been in the CLE LBJ & GSW era. GSW have always been the favorites going into the finals. CLE miraculously scraped by the 73-9 team, trailing 3-1. Next year it was a gentlemans sweep when KD hopped onboard that record breaking team. Now CLE unloaded Kyrie, and they're supposed to take on that same team they lost 4-1 to? Had KD gone to some other team, we would've had a more similar situation than the MIA LBJ years, in my opinion. I.e. more parity, and no team as big of a standout as now. I give you HOU came close, but did not compare as far as the top end goes. Feisty effort anyway. Also, GSW also battled with many injuries of their own during the regular season. Clearly still the most stacked team. HOU with LBJ would be the closest to this GSW we have seen. They'd need to also unload some decent pieces.
  7. NBA Playoffs Talk

    I feel that move by KD was a game changer. All bets are off. GSW became so stacked, that you're warranted to counter KD's move or you'll let him get away with it and possibly stack multiple titles without a real contender. Klay even just said that "the rest of the NBA has to get better". The bar is set high.
  8. NBA Playoffs Talk

    I take issue with the "record number, 27 consecutive missed three-pointers" narrative... Yeah, because the streak was maintained by bad calls. Yes the shooting was appalling regardless, but still something to bemoan. An underdog like Houston already stretched to their limits had no room for bad calls. It is what it is... Not rigged, but definitely some inexplicable calls... How can you miss the moving screen right in front of you e.g... Or the first one, undercutting Harden..
  9. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Yeah, people taking notice of this. A possible momentum changer. GSW starts creeping closer and the shots start becoming more crucial than when you'd still be in front. Some questionmarks for sure...
  10. NBA Playoffs Talk

  11. NBA Playoffs Talk

    That Gordon vs. KD iso... GG
  12. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Did I hear correctly... 27 missed three pointers in a row for Houston? Jeez... A damn shame with the CP3 injury Both Harden and Gordon 2/12 from three... Ariza 0/8... Meanwhile, Steph 7/13 and KD 5/11.. Klay 3/7
  13. Warriors Legacy?

    I wasn't quoting Krause, but a sports historian who wrote a book about Bulls. Haven't read it myself, so can't say about the source(s) regarding that perspective, but I'd imagine it wasn't simply Krause laying it out. The author had this to say about the book (and Bulls):
  14. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Stop the press... speaking in plural when talking about a team sport. Impressive. Is that a first? Oh well, back to the old ways:
  15. Warriors Legacy?

    Additional quotes from that last article: